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set -e
# stg-k - execute given StGIT command while preserving local changes
# Uses a temporary patch to save local changes, then execute the given
# command, and restore local changes from the saved patch. In
# essence, "stg-k pop" is a "stg pop -k" that works better, hence its
# name.
# - this script relies on the operation to run ignoring hidden
# patches, so in 0.12 (where "stg push" can push an hidden patch)
# "stg-k push" will fail midway, albeit with no information loss -
# you'll just have to finish manually. This is fixed in 0.13
# - running this script to pop all patches in the stack fails, since
# stg-unnew does not support this case.
# Copyright (c) 2007 Yann Dirson <>
# Subject to the GNU GPL, version 2.
stg new __local -m " - local changes (internal patch)"
stg refresh
stg pop
# avoid bad interactions like "stg-k push" not behaving as expected
stg hide __local
stg "$@"
stg unhide __local
stg push __local