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# Copyright (c) 2006 Yann Dirson
test_description='Check cloning in a repo subdir
Check that "stg clone" works in a subdir of a git tree.
This ensures (to some point) that a clone within a tree does
not corrupt the enclosing repo.
This test must be run before any tests making use of clone.
. ./
# Here we are in a repo, we have a ./.git
# Do not get rid of it, or a bug may bite out stgit repo hard
# Need a repo to clone
test_create_repo foo
test_expect_success \
'stg clone right inside a git tree' \
"stg clone foo bar"
# now work in a subdir
mkdir sub
mv foo sub
cd sub
test_expect_success \
'stg clone deeper under a git tree' \
"stg clone foo bar"