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libv4l todo:
-don't automatically enable the software effects (awb, gamma) on cameras
which need flipping, most of these only produce yuv data and software
effects are very expensive on yuv data
-move pixart rotate 90 hack to v4lconvert_decode_jpeg_tinyjpeg, since it
is only needed on select pixart cameras, which use this function for
decoding, this will nicely cleanup the main conversion routine
-move usb info gathering code from libv4lcontrol into a new
libv4l deviceinfo (devicequirks?) sublib, since it really does not have
all that much to do with the emulated controls
-make dmi + usb matching more generic, with wildcards support, etc. To allow
for a more flexible upside down table where one entry can match multiple
models, hopefully lowering maintainance costs of the upside down device
list a bit
-some sort of generic rotation framework (for tablets)?
-rewrite video effects code to be even more plugin based
-add code for software auto focus
-libv4lconvert: v4lconvert_do_try_format should always prefer smaller then
requested resolutions over bigger then requested ones
-add support for setting / getting the number of read buffers
-add code to v4l2_read to not return frames more then say 5 seconds old
-take the possibility of pitch != width into account everywhere
-make updating of parameters happen based on time elapsed rather then
-get standardized CID for AUTOGAIN_TARGET upstream and switch to that
Nice to have:
-support packed yuv as output format so that we aren't forced to do
conversion on upside down uvc cams
-add a software rotation control (0 / 90 / 180 / 270 degrees) for tablets.
utils todo: