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Alexandre Courbot (1):
v4l2-compliance: test for vb2/m2m poll kernel bug
Bastien Nocera (1):
keytable: Add source information in generated keymaps
Dafna Hirschfeld (7):
utils: v4l2-ctl: support V4L2_CAP_IO_MC in v4l2-ctl '--list-formats-*' commands
v4l2-ctl: vidcap: Add support for the CSC API
v4l2: common: add the flags V4L2_FMT_FLAG_CSC* to the list that maps flags to str
v4l2-ctl: subdev: Add support for the CSC API in the subdevices
v4l2-ctl: subdev: Add the flags to the list of supported mbus formats
v4l2-ctl: print specific error upon failure
v4l2-ctl: fix bugs found in streaming_set_cap2out
Daniel W. S. Almeida (1):
test-media: add support for vidtv
Deborah Brouwer (18):
cec-compliance: add Audio System mask to Set Audio Rate
cec: add active sensing test for Audio Rate Control messages
cec: add invalid operand test for Audio Rate Control messages
cec-follower: increase precision of Audio Rate Control active sensing
cec-follower: detect the cessation of Audio Rate Control messages
cec-follower: emulate features for CEC versions < CEC 2.0
cec: add tests for Give Deck Status message
cec: add tests for Deck Control message
cec: add tests for Deck Play message
cec-compliance: remove Deck Status test
cec: add Deck Control wake-up handling tests
cec: remove redundant struct cec_msg initializations
cec-compliance: remove One Touch Record Status test
cec-follower: use log_addr_type to get local device type
cec: expand One Touch Record tests
cec: add One Touch Record Standby tests
cec: expand Timer Programming tests
cec-follower: emulate programmed timer recordings
Gregor Jasny (4):
buildsystem: Start v4l-utils 1.21.0 development cycle
qv4l2: Also fall back to old method for querying resolution
libdvbv5: hide my_strlcpy symbol
libdvbv5: hide stack_dump symbols and provide soname compatibility
Hans Petter Selasky (3):
Fix print formatting warning for clang.
v4l-utils: FreeBSD already defines packed
Use standard integer types
Hans Verkuil (154):
v4l-utils: sync with latest media kernel
cec-ctl: improve --list-devices
test-media: also keep vivid cec devices open
test-media: add 'tee /dev/kmsg'
v4l-utils: sync with latest media kernel
v4l-utils: sync with latest media kernel
v4l2-info.cpp: add new flag V4L2_FMT_FLAG_ENC_CAP_FRAME_INTERVAL
v4l2-compliance: fix cache hint regressions
test-media: enable cache_hints for the first vivid instance
cec-compliance: add 'reason' sanity check.
qvidcap: set GL_UNPACK_ROW_LENGTH for Bayer formats
qvidcap: fix GL_UNPACK_ROW_LENGTH for Bayer > 8 bits
v4l2-compliance: relax testBasicSelection check.
v4l2-compliance: fix stateful encoder tests
qv4l2: fix use of deprecated byteCount method
qv4l2: add -Wno-psabi to avoid ABI warning on ARM
qv4l2: fix more 'deprecated Qt functions' warnings
v4l2-compliance: drop kernel_version
v4l2-compliance: disable cache flag test for kernels < 5.9
cec-compliance: clarify a power transition test
v4l2-compliance: remove spurious \n in message
qv4l2: QGuiApplication::screenAt() appeared in Qt 5.10
v4l2/cec-compliance: use new GIT_SHA variable
cec-compliance: don't skip tests if phys addr is invalid
v4l2-ctl: set total number of native DTDs to 1
cec-compliance: the SHA needs to be shown in different ways
v4l2-compliance: fix colorspace checks for JPEG codecs
v4l2-compliance: improve frequency range checks
cec-follower: fix logging the SHA
v4l-utils: update v4l2-tpg.patch
v4l-utils: sync with latest media kernel
v4l-utils: use V4L2_TYPE_IS_CAPTURE
v4l2-ctl: fix INTEGER64 support, add common_print_control()
v4l2-ctl: rename vivid_uvc_meta_buf to uvc_meta_buf
cv4l-helpers.h: fix the cv4l_buffer assignment operator
v4l2-ctl: fix broken fd.qbuf error check
v4l2-compliance: some fails were ignored
cec-follower: CEC_MSG_STANDBY can just call enter_standby()
v4l2-tpg.patch: add clamp_t define
sync with latest media kernel
cec-follower: add --standby and --toggle-power-status
cec-ctl: improve the --phys-addr-from-edid-poll option
v4l-utils: sync with media_tree master
cec-ctl: don't spam log with PA changes unless paused
v4l-utils: sync with media_tree master
libcecutil: make license consistent
media-ctl: fix compiler warnings
cec-compliance: options -n and -N were swapped in --help
cec-ctl/cec-compliance: add pulse8-cec kernel version check
cec utils and v4l2-compliance: improve version info
cec-follower: drop physical address check
cec-ctl: really wait for 2 seconds when the HPD is low fix awkward language
cec-ctl: detect if Standby etc. messages are Nacked
v4l2-compliance-32: use v4l2_compliance_CPPFLAGS
v4l2-ctl-32: use v4l2_ctl_CPPFLAGS, fix wrong check
common/media-info.cpp: 'Flags' was not aligned
v4l2-compliance: improve comment for CROPCAP/G_SELECTION fail
v4l2-ctl: clean up control value printing
v4l2-ctl: break on VIDIOC_DQEVENT error
v4l-utils: sync with media_tree master
qv4l2: fix CaptureWin::setWindowSize() if there are multiple screens
v4l2-compliance: fix two S_EDID tests
v4l2-compliance: test polling and disconnecting
v4l2-compliance: skip sequence tests for vivid
v4l-utils: sync with latest media_tree master repo
v4l2-subdev.h: replace BIT(0) by 0x00000001
v4l2-info: add v4l2_info_subdev_capability
v4l2-ctl: add support for VIDIOC_SUBDEV_QUERYCAP
v4l2-compliance: add support for VIDIOC_SUBDEV_QUERYCAP
v4l2-compliance: improve VIDIOC_TRY_DE/ENCODER_CMD tests
v4l2-compliance: improve VIDIOC_(TRY_)EN/DECODER_CMD tests
v4l2-compliance: check correct buffer length after CREATE_BUFS
v4l2-ctl: fix incorrect check for last_ts
media-info: MEDIA_ENT_F_IO_DTV doesn't need an interface
test-media: improve vidtv tests
cec-ctl: showTopology(): fix level wraparound bug
v4l2-compliance: add missing V4L2_PIX_FMT_H264_SLICE
cec-compliance: improve current latency checks revert AM_GNU_GETTEXT_VERSION change improve gettext compatibility support
v4l-utils: sync with latest media kernel
v4l2-compliance: improve fmtdesc.description check
v4l2-compliance: improve compound control checks
v4l2-tpg.patch: rename min/max defines to tpg_min/max
v4l2-compliance: don't warn about seq counter for metadata
v4l2-ctl: add --show-edid, add new test EDIDs
v4l2-ctl: don't squash setting multiple identical controls.
v4l2-ctl: fix hdmi and hdmi-4k-170mhz EDIDs
v4l2-ctl: improve --help-edid
v4l2-ctl: update EDIDs
qv4l2: fallback if window()->windowHandle() == NULL
v4l2-ctl: recognize compound h264 and fwht control types
cec: improve vendor ID logging
v4l2-compliance: rename stvec to vec_remote_subtests
v4l2-ctl: add missing const, use {} instead of memset
v4l2-ctl: remove unused struct flag_def
v4l2-dbg: fix control flow problem
v4l2-compliance: move all vivid controls to v4l2-compliance.h
utils/libcecutil/cec-log.cpp: report 6 digits of Vendor ID
utils/cec: fix inconsistent Vendor ID reporting
v4l2-ctl: add '--set-edid type=list' support
cec-compliance: clarify a warning
cec-compliance: use the actual audio_out_delay value
cec-compliance: improve error message
cec-compliance: hardcode audio_out_delay to 1 if not set
v4l2-compliance: V4L2_PIX_FMT_VP8_FRAME is for stateless decoder
v4l-utils: sync with upstream media_tree master
v4l2-ctl: add new control types
cec-compliance: skip warning if audio_out_delay is 1
v4l-utils: sync with media_tree/master
cec-compliance: move audio helper functions to cec-test-audio.cpp
cec-compliance: move CDC helper functions to cec-test.cpp
cec-ctl: improve 'Sleep' message in stress test
cec-ctl: min/max-sleep arguments should be double, not unsigned
v4l-utils: patch v4l2-controls.h
v4l-utils: sync with media_tree master
v4l2-compliance: improve request tests
contrib/test/test-media: add -setup option
v4l2-compliance: fix bad indentation
v4l2-compliance: fix g++-7 compile error
cec-compliance/follower: fix type comparison warnings
libcecutil/cec-info.cpp: rename Reserved to Backup
cec-follower: fix incorrect fallthrough
cec-ctl: report low drive without --verbose
test-media: add vidtv to the mc target
test-media: drop vidtv from mc, but warn if MC is disabled for DVB
cec-ctl: free signal time -> signal free time
cec-ctl: log signal free time when (show && !verbose)
cec-follower: refactoring: split up overly long functions
cec-compliance: use send_timer_error for one more test
cec-compliance: add cec-test-tuner-record-timer.cpp
cec-compliance: improve warning about late reply
cec-compliance: improve testLostMsgs test drop printf for GIT_COMMIT_DATE
cec-compliance: wait up to 10s for Inactive Source reply
cec-compliance: fix broken timer tests
v4l-utils: libdvbv5: fix broken my_strlcpy calls
v4l2-ctl: update test EDIDs
v4l2-compliance: add 0 check for v4l2_event reserved field
v4l2-compliance: add new test for 32/64 bit time handling
v4l-utils: sync with latest media staging tree
v4l2-compliance: use fail_on_test_val for better fail reports
test-media: add -E and -W options
test-media: configure vimc scaler correctly
test-media: missed one scaler config line
test-media: add 'date' at beginning and end, show versions
test-media: mc should include vidtv
test-media: drop vidtv from the 'mc' target
test-media: show version info earlier and show cmd args
cec-compliance: fix 'unresponsive' detection
cec-compliance: improve confusing message
cec-compliance: fix confusing 'Transient state' message
v4l2-compliance: check entity function for codecs
Ismael Luceno (1):
keytable: Fix missing inclusion of argp.h
James Le Cuirot (1): Add --without-libudev option to avoid automagic dep
Luca Boccassi (1):
Build with libbpf, remove local sources
Marian Cichy (2):
media-ctl: fix ycbcr property in help description
media-ctl: add v4l2-ycbcr-enc field in help description
Marvin Schmidt (1):
mc_nextgen_test: Link against argp library
Mauro Carvalho Chehab (41):
v4l2grab: fix block mode handling
v4l2grab: add querycap basic support
libv4l2: add newer caps to v4l2_driver.c
v4l2grab: prepare it for adding support for other methods
v4l2grab: add command line args for other capture methods
v4l2grab: some code reorg
v4l2grab: add read and userptr capture methods
v4l2grab: remove an unused var
libdvbv5: add support for the registration descriptor
libdvbv5: detect SMTPE 302m audio format
libdvbv5: use an array for the fourcc type
dvb-file: reimplement get_pmt_descriptors()
dvbv5-zap: add a warning when not recording PMT data
dvbv5-zap: allow recording also the SDT table
dvbv5-zap: don't use start time initialized
libdvbv5: initialize v3 params
libdvbv5: fix the quality detection logic
libdvbv5: fix init of the ATSC service location
libdvbv5: avoid a potential access out of an array
dvb-fe-tool: better check the event type
libdvbv5: don't leak memory at dvb-dev-remote
dvbv5-daemon: do some cleanups at the daemon
libdvbv5: dvb-dev-remote: don't leak resources at send_buf()
libdvbv5: dvb-dev-local: fix error handling for device addition
libdvbv5: dvb-dev-local: better handle realloc()
libdvb: fix ATSC service location parser
libdvbv5: add a warning if a descriptor's init doesn't went fine
libdvbv5: desc_network_name: simplify the init code
libdvbv5: validate cable descriptor's size
libdvbv5: desc_ca: cleanup the routine
libdvbv5: desc_language: check if the size is correct
libdvbv5: fix a typo
dvb-file: fix one-line output with default values
dvb-zap: copy_to_file doesn't return any value
dvbv5-zap: add a check for dvb_fe_retrieve_status() errors
dvbv5-zap: remove an unused logic
dvbv5-zap: fix a cut-and paste error
libdvbv5: dvb-dev-remote: better handle cmd size
dvb-dev-remote: check if setsockopt() fails
dvbv5-daemon: don't dereference a null pointer turn the build less verbose by default
Max Schulze (1):
v4l2-ctl: print delta to current clock in verbose mode
Niklas Söderlund (2): Resolve GIT_* even if repository is a submodule Fix building without libudev
Paul Elder (10):
v4l2-ctl: Fix test_ioctl cmd type
v4l2-compliance: Convert testBlockingDQBuf to pthreads
v4l2-compliance: Add libcamera to businfo prefixes Export git commit count
media-ctl: Add version command
v4l2-compliance: Add version command
v4l2-ctl: Add version command
cec-compliance: Add version command
cec-ctl: Add version command
cec-follower: Add version command
Rosen Penev (27):
convert to range based loops
use auto
use using instead of typedef
use emplace_back
convert files to reference
use explicit for single argument constructors
fix mismatching declaration
add missing include for uClibc-ng
clean up includes and convert C includes to C++
v4l-helpers: don't mix enum type with int
cppcheck: turn several references to const
cppcheck: use const references
clang-tidy: use nullptr
clang-tidy: add a bunch of const
v4l-utils: switch remote_subtest arrays to vector
v4l-utils: convert board_list to vector
clang-tidy: use using instead of typedef
clang-tidy: use auto
clang-tidy: use nullptr
remove unused ARRAY_SIZE
cec-tuner: std::array conversions
v4l2-utils: turn fb_formats to constexpr array
mass constexpr conversions
v4l-utils: add missing static
v4l-utils: add missing fallthrough
remove pointless constructor
utils: replace push_back with emplace_back
Sean Young (8):
lircd2toml: add option to keep lirc codes as they are
Move sync-with-kernel into dedicated shell script ./
v4l-utils: sync with latest media kernel
ir-ctl: include timeout in raw IR and parse timeout in pulse-space file
keytable: ensure BPF IR decoders use correct section name
ir-ctl: print correct transmitter count
ir-ctl: Revert "ir-ctl: print correct transmitter count"
ir-ctl: increase the size of the buffer used to read raw files
Sebastian Fricke (1):
README: Update build requirements for debian
Sergey Senozhatsky (3):
v4l2-utils: test cache_hints for MMAP queues
v4l-compliance: remove NON_CONSISTENT hint test
v4l-compliance: re-introduce NON_COHERENT and cache hints tests
Trenton Schulz (1):
Rudimentary support for mi_media_detect_type on FreeBSD.
Ulrich Ölmann (3):
keytable: fix typo autodetect availability of systemd
keytable: restrict installation of 50-rc_keymap.conf
Akinobu Mita (1):
v4l2-ctl: add sizeimage suboption for set-fmt-video options
Bård Eirik Winther (1):
qvidcap: Add stride option to command line
Chris Leick (1):
Update German translation
David Seifert (1):
Fix GCC 10 / -fno-common
Gregor Jasny (8):
buildsystem: Start v4l-utils 1.19.0 development cycle
dvbv5-zap: Fix typo
v4l2-ctl: include C++ cmath header
ubuntu1604: add missing headers for std::exit
libcecutil: Remove vanished TODO file from ditribution list
v4l2-ctl: Do not distribute generated 32bit source
v4l2-compliance: Do not distribute generated 32bit source
libcecutil: Distribute
Hans Petter Selasky (2):
Fix broken for loop in libv4l
Fix for mismatched class/struct tags
Hans Verkuil (133):
v4l2-compliance: improve metadata capture support
test-media: remove left-over debug lines
v4l2-compliance: fail if selection is present for compressed video
cec-compliance: rename 'ok' to 'unknown'
cec-ctl/ don't add HTNG commands to msgtable
cec-compliance: add --test-fuzzing option
test-media: update vimc tests
v4l-utils: sync with latest media_tree master
keytable: add new generated keymaps add newline after log_msg
cec-follower: drop the hardcoded UI commands list
cec-ctl/cec-log: use new CEC_OP_UI_CMD defines
cec utils: support CEC_ADAP_G_CONNECTOR_INFO
cec-compliance/follower: use new CEC_OP_UI_CMD defines
utils/libcecutil: add CEC utility library
cec-follower: switch to the new CEC utilities library
cec-compliance: use the new CEC utilities library
cec-ctl: use the new CEC utilities library
utils/common/cec*: remove unused cec files
cec-htng(-funcs).h: move to libcecutil
libcecutil: do not assume building in source tree.
libcecutil: remove empty generated headers on failure
libcecutil: now generates all headers in one go
v4l-utils: sync to latest cec-funcs.h
libcecutil: spaces should be replaced by - for help_features
cec-compliance: move util_receive to cec-compliance.cpp
cec-compliance: add timeout to util_receive
cec-compliance: fix a bug in util_receive
cec-compliance: Improve the INACTIVE_SOURCE test
cec-follower: add INACTIVE_SOURCE support.
v4l2-compliance: fix read/write tests
cec-compliance: improve Inactive Source test
cec-compliance: Set OSD Name is not TV specific copy v4l2-tpg.h, not v4l2-tpg*
v4l-utils: sync with latest media_tree master
v4l2-info.cpp: support the new hold capture flags
cec-compliance: remove old tuner tests
cec-follower: add support for Status Request
cec-compliance: improve failure reporting
cec-follower: fix index handling
v4l-utils: sync with latest media_tree master
cec-compliance: improve the Inactive Source test
v4l-utils: sync with latest media_tree master
v4l2-compliance: better scaler detection for M2M devices
cec-ctl: add a --phys-addr-from-edid option
cec: fix to get the right library dependencies
libcecutil: convert latency values to ms
cec-ctl: finish --stress-test-power-cycle with active display
cec-compliance: make the subtest names unique
cec-compliance: add -e and -l options
cec-compliance: make test names easier to type
qvidcap: fix typo: fnt -> fmt
qvidcap: switch to RGB24 if format is unsupported
v4l2-ctl: support -k (concise) when showing touch data
v4l2-compliance: relax a 'is the DONE flag set' test
v4l-utils: fix sync-with-kernel: it missed pixelformats
qvidcap: make texts consistent
cec-follower: add --ignore option
cec-follower: support CEC 2.0 power status reporting
cec-compliance: test CEC 2.0 power transitions
cec-ctl: add --phys-addr-from-edid-poll
cec-compliance: return OK_PRESUMED in the power transition test
cec-compliance: update patch link
cec-compliance: change a fail to a warn
qvidcap: use --pixelformat instead of --pixel-format
cec-ctl: show PA changes with --phys-addr-from-edid-poll
cec-ctl: sleep 5s before retry, use cec_phys_addr_exp
cec: remove duplicate cec_phys_addr_exp defines
cec-ctl: improve --test-power-cycle test
cec-ctl: fix --phys-addr-from-edid-poll support
cec: show OSD Name with quotes around the name
v4l2-compliance: log the size of time_t
v4l2-compliance: use %zd with sizeof(time_t)
v4l2-ctl/compliance: fix 32-bit g_topology casts
v4l2-ctl/compliance: fix 32-bit compiler warnings
v4l2-compliance: use a better invalid address
v4l2-compliance: fix uninitialized have_sel variable
v4l2-compliance: return ENOTTY if selection is not supported
cec-compliance: add invalid ioctls test
v4l2-compliance: add tests for invalid ioctls
cec-ctl/compliance: call srandom()
cec-compliance: '-e' alias for --expect was missing
cec-compliance.h: add warn_on_test, clean ups
cec-compliance: fail/warn if reported latency > 50ms
cec-compliance: add --expect-with-no-warnings
cec-compliance: swap -n/-N options
v4l-utils: remove trailing spaces
qvidcap: properly initialize m_curSize/Data
Revert "qvidcap: properly initialize m_curSize/Data"
qvidcap: properly initialize m_curSize/Data
v4l2-compliance: check source and sink pad types of a link
cec-compliance: clarify obscure error message
cec-ctl: remove trailing space in output
cec-ctl: add timestamps to the power-cycle tests
cec-ctl: improve --stress-test-power-cycle option
libcecutil: translate abort_msg to a message string
libcecutil: drop CEC_MSG_ prefix when logging messages
v4l2-compliance: improve USERPTR streaming tests
v4l2-compliance: fix bug/improve testing filler
v4l2-compliance: fix userptr buffer checks
cec-compliance: improve system_info_give_features()
sync with latest media_tree master
v4l-utils: add --enable-v4l2-compliance/ctl-32 option
v4l-utils: fix autoconf/automake errors
test-media: add -32 option
v4l2-compliance: fix 32 bit warnings
v4l2-ctl/compliance-32: fix when configuring from another dir
v4l2-compliance: fix typo: v4l2-ctl -> v4l2-compliance
cec-ctl: add 'repeats' suboption to --stress-test-power-cycle
cec-ctl: added polls suboption to --stress-test-power-cycle
cec-ctl: handle ENONET errors
Revert "cec-ctl: handle ENONET errors"
cec-ctl: set wakeup_la correctly and handle ENONET & EINVAL in stress tests
v4l2-compliance: fix weird formatting with -f
cec-ctl: don't transmit IMAGE_VIEW_ON every second
cec-ctl: introduce and use transmit_msg_retry()
cec-compliance: check for invalid transient power states
cec-ctl: check for incorrect state transitions
cec-ctl: add min-sleep suboption
cec-ctl: show timeouts vs Nacks
cec-ctl: show | instead of e or E
test-media: postpone the dmesg command
cec-follower: check both CEC_CAP_PHYS_ADDR and _CONNECTOR_INFO
cec-ctl: improve wait_for_pwr_state
cec-ctl: add physical address sanity checks
v4l-utils: sync with latest media_tree master
v4l2-compliance: fix step < 0 control check
v4l-utils: sync with latest media kernel
v4l2-compliance: zero mbus_code
v4l2-compliance: add tests for V4L2_CAP_IO_MC
v4l2-ctl: zero v4l2_fmtdesc
v4l-utils: sync with latest media kernel
gconv: fix compiler warning
Helen Koike (1):
v4l2-ctl: add missing subdev usage in --help-all
Jiunn Chang (12):
cec-follower: create analog channel frequencies
cec-follower: add tuner analog service emulation
cec-follower: fix bugs for tuner emulation
cec-follower: add tuner step increment/decrement
cec-follower: fix analog tuner device info update
cec-follower: rename freq_idx to service_idx
cec-follower: create digital ARIB channels
cec-follower: create digital ATSC channels
cec-follower: create digital DVB channels
cec-follower: add tuner digital service emulation
cec-follower: fix tuner step increment/decrement
cec-compliance: add tuner control test
Lars Wendler (1):
v4l-utils: Avoid bashisms
Laurent Pinchart (1):
qv4l2: Use C library file operations with v4lconvert for raw mode devices
Mauro Carvalho Chehab (3):
cec: fix cec-log.h dependency issues
v4l2grab: allow using direct calls instead of libv4l
v4l2grab: add support for setting the fourcc code
Peter Seiderer (1):
keymap.h needs sys/types.h and argp.h with musl
Philipp Zabel (1):
v4l2-compliance: fix assert on only read/write-only controls
Ricardo Ribalda Delgado (4):
v4l2-ctl: Support query V4L2_CTRL_TYPE_AREA controls
v4l2-ctl: Support getting V4L2_CTRL_TYPE_AREA controls
v4l2-ctl: Support setting V4L2_CTRL_TYPE_AREA controls
v4l2-compliance: Allow all the selection targets for subdevs
Rosen Penev (31):
keytable: use input_event properly
keytable: add compatibility for input_event_sec
treewide: remove bzero
treewide: fix redundant expressions
treewide: remove pointless c_str
dvb-sat: remove pointless abs call
utils: checks for empty instead of size in if
treewide: add extra {} to initialization
treewide: do not use return after else
treewide: fix wrong identation
utils: simplify bool returns
treewide: fix math problems
treewide: replace C casts with C++
treewide: apply performance fixes
utils: use bool literals
utils: do not use empty void with C++
utils: remove extra commas
utils: fix float equal warning
utils: add copy assignment operator
utils: initialize variable
utils: fix wrong format
utils: fix compilation with C++98
utils: add noreturn attribute and remove dead code
utils: fix implicit float conversions
utils: fix fallthrough warnings
utils: fix double promotions
utils: replace exit with std variant
cec-compliance: add missing header for clang
compiler.h: fix compilation with libcxx
compiler.h: fix compilation with clang + std=c++98 + glibcxx
utils: replace chr functions with std variants
Sean Young (17):
ir-ctl: report timeout when it cannot be modified
keytable: do not warn if keymap not found in IR_KEYTABLE_USER_DIR
ir-keytable: bpf: improve rsc imon pointer decoder
sync v4l-utils.spec with the fedora repo
keytable: cannot load BPF decoders from udevd
50-rc_keymap.conf prevents debian testing from booting
lircd2toml: warn when scancode has duplicate definitions
keytable: keymap without protocol is invalid
rc_keymap.5: improve wording around using rc_keymaps for sending
keytable: a bpf protocol can have parameters and no scancodes
Fix build failure on s390x
keytable: support 64 bit scancodes
keytable: new samsung36 bpf decoder
Add keymap for Samsung AK59-00125A remote
ir-ctl: removed nested functions to support building with clang
ir-ctl: allow unmodulated signal to be sent
keytable: "-p all" should not attempt BPF decodes that don't exist
Vandana BN (5):
v4l2-ctl: Print UVC meta info
v4l2-compliance: fix metadata output support
v4l2-compliance: Verify metadata formats
v4l2-ctl: support for metadata output
v4l2-ctl: Add Support for Touch
André Almeida (1):
v4l2-compliance: split node at testNode() in two nodes
André Roth (6):
libdvbv5: fix double free in dvb_fe_open_fname
libdvbv5: fix parsing EIT extended event descriptor
libdvbv5: fix parsing section gaps
libdvbv5: do not adjust DVB time daylight saving
libdvbv5: enable newlines in dvb strings
libdvbv5: fix array size in desc_logical_channel
Antonio Ospite (2):
v4l2-ctl: list controls with menus when OptAll is specified
v4l2-ctl: list once when both OptListCtrls and OptListCtrlsMenus are there
Bård Eirik Winther (4):
common: utils: Add last 3 16-bit bayer formats
qvidcap: Add 16-bit bayer rendering
qv4l2: Add 16-bit bayer rendering
utils: Add qvidcap to configure status report
Dafna Hirschfeld (17):
v4l2-ctl: Move some code from do_handle_cap to a new function
v4l2-ctl: Add support for crop and compose selection in streaming
v4l2-ctl: Add function get_codec_type
v4l2-ctl: Introduce capture_setup
v4l2-ctl: Add support for source change event for m2m decoder
v4l2-ctl: add function vidcap_get_and_update_fmt
v4l2-ctl: rename variable 'vic_fmt' to 'info'
v4l2-ctl: bugfix: correctly read/write V4L2_PIX_FMT_NV24 padded buffer
v4l2-ctl: test if do_setup_out_buffers returns -1 instead of non zero
v4l2-ctl: move stateful m2m decode code to a separate function
v4l2-ctl: in streaming_set_m2m, close file pointers upon error
v4l2-ctl: check that the size read/write fit the buffer size
v4l2-ctl: set the in/out fmt variables in streaming_set_m2m
v4l2-ctl: Add functions and variables to support fwht stateless decoder
v4l2-ctl: Add implementation for the stateless fwht decoder.
v4l2-ctl: declare hdr variable as const
v4l2-ctl: fix debug prints
Daniel Gomez (2):
libv4lconvert: add support for BAYER10
libv4lconvert: add support for BAYER16
Ezequiel Garcia (1):
v4l2-compliance: Remove spurious error messages
Fabrice Fontaine (2):
Build sdlcam only if jpeg is enabled
v4l2-compliance needs fork
Gregor Jasny (11):
buildsystem: Start v4l-utils 1.17.0 development cycle
qv4l: Drop support for Qt4
v4l2-compliance: Use only C++98 language features
qt5: Force usage of Desktop OpenGL
Revert "qt5: Force usage of Desktop OpenGL"
Qt5: test for Desktop OpenGL presence
Qt5: fixup Qt OpenGL automake conditionals
libdvbv5: Fix typo in warning message
keytable: distribute bitmap.h
test-media: distribute test scripts
keytable: distribute
Guillaume Tucker (1):
v4l2-compliance: flush stdout before calling fork()
Hans Verkuil (239):
qvidcap: add parent when creating QAction objects.
cec-compliance: abort when no remote devices were found
cec-compliance: retry poll in case of Arbitration Lost
cec-ctl: show non-OK status in verbose monitor mode
cec-compliance: improve fail info for CEC_EVENT_LOST_MSGS test
cec-compliance: more improvements to fail info of CEC_EVENT_LOST_MSGS
cec-compliance: further improvements to CEC_EVENT_LOST_MSGS fail info
cec-info.cpp: add TCL vendor ID
cec-compliance: check core messages when remote is in standby
cec-compliance: improve tracing of CEC_TRANSMIT/RECEIVE
cec-compliance: calculate and show Signal Free Time
cec-compliance: show human readable Vendor ID
cec-compliance: give proper fail msg for FAIL_CRITICAL
cec-ctl: -W option should enable follower mode at the start fix qv4l2/qvidcap build
cec-compliance: some standby tests should be a warning
cec-compliance: fix inconsistent warn text
cec-compliance: wake-up on Active Source is warn for <2.0
v4l-utils: sync-with-kernel
v4l2-compliance: replace CROPCAP fail by warn
v4l2 common: add support for buffer capabilities
v4l2-ctl: add new options to obtain buffer capabilities
v4l2-compliance: check bufffer capabilities
v4l2-ctl: improve buffer caps code
utils/common: add support for requests
v4l-utils: sync-with-kernel
v4l-utils: fix SHA detection
v4l2-compliance: relax SUPPORTS_DMABUF check
v4l2-ctl: add space before "dropped" message
v4l2-ctl: fix set raw/sliced vbi format
v4l2-ctl: support VBI and META streaming
v4l2-compliance: add --stream-from and --stream-from-hdr options
v4l-stream.c: check FWHT macroblock alignment
qvidcap: split up capture-win-gl.cpp into capture.cpp and paint.cpp
qvidcap: rename CaptureGLWin to CaptureWin
v4l2-compliance: add Request API tests
v4l-utils: sync with latest kernel
media-info: add bus_info arg to mi_get_media_fd()
v4l2-compliance: select the right mediaX for vivid
media-info: use hex to log IDs, fix radio interface check
v4l2-info: show ts mask values in bufferflags2s
v4l2-compliance: fixes output request handling
v4l2-compliance: work around vivid error injection controls
v4l2-compliance: test 'start streaming' error injection
v4l2-compliance: add test to close the request after queueing
v4l2-compliance: test failure during req_validate
v4l2-compliance: add inject_error helper method
v4l2-compliance: use inject_error and improve MEDIA_REQUEST_IOC_QUEUE tests
cec-compliance: fix wrong test for no HPD in testRemote()
media-info: fix more checks around radio interfaces
v4l2-compliance: fix multiple issues when testing vivid
v4l2-compliance: better field and prepbuf/qbuf tests
v4l2-compliance: verify QBUF restores length and bytesused
cec-compliance: check if SET_OSD_NAME gives valid OSD name
cec-ctl: fix Remote Control Passthrough Feature
v4l2-compliance: reopen if buffers might have been allocated
v4l2-compliance: add filehandles class
v4l-utils: sync with latest kernel code
v4l2-compliance: test 'invalid request' error injection
v4l2-ctl: make meta handling more generic
cec-ctl: improve the man page
v4l-stream.c: add support for alpha planes
cec-compliance: really fix wrong test for no HPD in testRemote()
v4l-utils: sync with kernel
v4l2-compliance: fix vimc failures
v4l2-compliance: show the driver name
v4l2-compliance: show Grand Total
cec-compliance: show driver and device name
v4l2-compliance: set fastest fps
v4l2-compliance: fix g_bytesused test in setupUserPtr/DmaBuf
v4l2-compliance: add epoll() tests
v4l2-compliance: verify that prepare_buf never returns FIELD_ANY
v4l-utils: sync with kernel
cec-compliance: add 3 sec delay after Inactive Source
libmedia_dev: add swradio and v4l-touch support
v4l2-ctl: add v4l-touch support to --list-devices
v4l-utils: sync with latest media master
v4l-utils: add test-media regression tests
v4l2-compliance: fix broken test if the Request API is disabled
v4l2-ctl: fix support for non-codec m2m devices
v4l2-ctl: alloc --stream-to or --stream-to-host for m2m devices
(c)v4l-helpers.h: add v4l_queue_buffer_update()
v4l2-ctl: add --export-device option add some example commands
v4l2-ctl: document the new --export-device option
v4l2-ctl: check for presence of the SOURCE_CHANGE event
v4l2-ctl: fix codec type detection for multiplanar drivers
v4l-stream: adapt to latest fwht codec changes
v4l2-ctl: include media devices in --list-devices
v4l2-ctl: --list-devices: generate bus_info if missing
v4l2-compliance: determine the codec type
v4l2-ctl: call s_trace after opening the device, not before
v4l2-compliance: validate codec_mask
v4l2-compliance: add V4L2_EVENT_SOURCE_CHANGE/EOS checks
v4l2-compliance: check for valid media bus_info
v4l2-ctl: add -z option to make it possible to use entity names
v4l2-compliance: add -z option to make it possible to use entity names
v4l2-compliance: -e didn't use make_devname
test-media: use new bus info/entity name to identify devices
test-media: fix regexp to include cec tests in the Final Summary
cec-info: add cec_device_find function
cec-ctl: add -D and -a support
cec-compliance: add -D and -a support
cec-follower: add -D and -a support
test-media: use -D and -a for the cec commands
test-media: improve the formatting of the summary
v4l2-ctl: add --epoll-for-event option
test-media: use bus_info for vim2m and vimc tests
v4l2-compliance: support m2m devices with -f
v4l2-compliance: -f bug fixes
v4l2-compliance: remove duplicate MEDIA_IOC_DEVICE_INFO ioctl call
media-ctl: support a bus-info string as argument to -d
test-media: replace the last hardcoded device name
test-media: only modprobe drivers that are being tested
test-media: only unload media modules if -unload was given
test-media: add -kmemleak option
test-media: add -dmesg option
test-media: update year of the copyright.
test-media: reset console debug level for each test
test-media: run memleak per driver test
v4l2-compliance: add --no-progress option
test-media: use the new -P (no progress) option
test-media: replace rmmod by separate unbind and rmmod
cec-ctl: show/parse latency in ms
cec-ctl: fix transmitting broadcast commands
cec-compliance: show latencies in ms and check values
v4l-utils: sync with media master
v4l2 utils: support V4L2_PIX_FMT_AYUV32 et al
cec-ctl: add a new --stress-test-power-cycle option
test-media: remove '-s' from cec-ctl commands
test-media: add sleeps after configuring CEC
test-media: fix DEBUG_KOBJECT_RELEASE detection, test rebind
cec-compliance: fix audio output delay check
v4l2-compliance: enable epoll test
v4l2-ctl: remove unused label
test-media: add 'date' commands
v4l2-ctl: --list-devices can now be combined with -z
test-media: open devices before second unbind.
v4l2-ctl: also list media device with --list-devices
test-media: replace v4l2-ctl --sleep by sleep
test-media: randomize sleep values
test-media: rmmod all vimc modules
test-media: improve vimc configuration and add more unbind tests
v4l2-compliance: fix check for entity names
v4l-utils: then -> than
jpgl.c: fix typo
v4l2-ctl: improve selection output
v4l2-ctl: show cap/out in print_concise_buffer()
v4l2-info.cpp: fix bufferflags2s: could end with ', '
v4l2-ctl: show timestamp flags as well in print_concise_buffer
v4l2-ctl: improve logging of events and the stop en/decoder cmds.
cec-ctl: fix --stress-test-power-cycle
codec-fwht.patch: add empty noinline_for_stack define
v4l-utils: sync with latest media master
dvbv5-zap.c: fix compile warning
v4l2-ctl: improve stream-count handling for m2m
v4l2-ctl: fix small do_handle_cap bug
v4l-utils: sync with latest media master
v4l2-compliance: test for EBADR instead of EACCES
v4l2-compliance: fix error code check
v4l2-compliance: fix broken MEDIA_LNK_FL_IMMUTABLE test
v4l2-ctl: fix multiplanar handling
cec-compliance: suppress some warnings for vivid
test-media: drop -A to cec-compliance
Revert "cec-compliance: suppress some warnings for vivid"
v4l2-ctl: support -BE handling for list framesize/ivals
v4l2-ctl: print an error for invalid pixelformats
v4l2-ctl: fix compiler warning
cv4l-helpers.h: add g_timestamp_ns()
v4l2-ctl: add missing cleanup to stateless_m2m()
v4l2-ctl: bytesused was reported as 0 when logging the buffer
v4l2-ctl: reset internal counters after a source change
v4l2-ctl: ignore empty and error frames w.r.t. --stream-count
v4l2-ctl: fixes relating to frame counting and draining
v4l2-ctl: use defines instead of -1 and -2
v4l2-compliance: for m2m devices fix frame counting
v4l2-compliance: fill first output buffer
v4l2-compliance: check if en/decoder commands are present
v4l2-compliance: check presence of enum_framesizes for enc
v4l2-compliance: check for the presence of MIN_BUFFERS_OUTPUT
v4l2-compliance: check for EVENT_EOS for stateful encoder
v4l2-compliance: add stateful encoder stream testing
v4l2-compliance: fix request API test
v4l2-ctl: fix broken stateless decoding
v4l2-ctl: get fmt after source change
v4l2-ctl: suppress warning messages when decoding
v4l2-compliance: fix and comment out qbuf test
v4l2-ctl: disable_trace disabled too much
v4l2-compliance: re-enable fail_on_test(!buf.qbuf(node)) test
v4l2-ctl: disable tracing in get_codec_type and do_setup_out_buffers
qvidcap: toLatin1 -> toUtf8
v4l2-compliance: if G_FMT returns 0, mark buftype as valid
lib/libdvdv5: add #if __GNUC__ >= 9 before #pragma add active source example
cec-compliance: fix wrong event test
v4l-utils: sync with latest kernel
v4l-utils: sync with latest kernel
cec-ctl: add --raw-msg option
v4l2-compliance: the DV_RX/TX control checks are not for vbi
cec-compliance: mask CEC_MSG_FL_RAW as well skip V4L2_PIX_FMT_H264_SLICE_RAW
v4l-utils: sync with latest kernel
v4l2-compliance: use fcc2s to show the pixelformat
v4l2-compliance: skip V4L2_CID_MPEG_VIDEO_FWHT_PARAMS
v4l2-compliance: fix stateless check for vicodec
v4l2-compliance: skip streaming tests for stateless codecs
v4l2-compliance: show correct device name
(c)v4l-helpers.h: consistently use the 'from' argument
v4l2-compliance: check stateful encoder format handling
v4l2-compliance: improve codec command tests
v4l2-compliance: test two stateful encoder corner cases
v4l2-compliance: add stateful decoder tests
test-media: add vicodec tests
v4l-stream.c: add missing copy_cap_to_ref() and fix state
v4l2-compliance: fix S_SELECTION tests
v4l-utils: Fix shifting signed 32-bit value by 31 bits problem
v4l2-compliance: add timeout when waiting for event
v4l2-compliance: check V4L2_BUF_FLAG_TIMECODE as well
cec-ctl: add --test-power-cycle option
v4l2-compliance: fix m2m field check
cec-ctl: fix stress test, add warnings
v4l2-ctl: let capture_setup return the updated format
v4l2-compliance: show v4l2_window diffs
v4l2-compliance: fix output type checks
v4l-utils: sync-with-kernel
test-media: check if the modules load successfully
test-media: check if vivid created a cec device
test-media: add "Final Summary" when missing modules
cec-ctl/compliance: transmit Active Source before Standby
v4l2-ctl: min/max wasn't shown for V4L2_FRMSIZE_TYPE_CONTINUOUS
v4l2-compliance: fix USERPTR test if PREPARE_BUF is not supported
v4l-utils: sync with latest kernel
qvidcap/v4l2-compliance: add support for new pixelformats
v4l2-ctl: print newline on timeout
v4l2-ctl: fix double decrementing of stream_count
v4l-utils: sync with media_tree master
v4l-utils: sync to latest media_tree master
cec-ctl: improve --test-power-cycle and --stress-test-power-cycle
v4l2-ctl: fix compile warning
Hans de Goede (1): Add AM_GNU_GETTEXT_VERSION([0.19.8])
Ingo Feinerer (1):
Conditional sys/sysmacros.h inclusion
Jiunn Chang (6):
cec-compliance: system audio control tests
cec-compliance: rename has_arc_rx, has_arc_tx
cec-compliance: system information give features
cec-compliance: system audio control
cec-follower: create cec-tuner.cpp
cec-follower: fix cec-tuner.cpp
Mauro Carvalho Chehab (15):
dvb-sat: rename Astra 1E to Astra 19.2 E and move it to beginning don't use relative paths for include
dvbv5-tools: be sure to zero struct arguments
dvbv5-zap: improve program exit code
Update my e-mail on all places add a vim2m test script add a test script for vim2m and qvidcap use tabs instead of whitespaces Improve comments better validate arguments
vim2m_test_with_qvidcap: fix formats selection
vim2m_test_with_qvidcap: fix output format
Revert "libdvbv5: leaks and double free in dvb_fe_open_fname()"
libdvbv5: shut up gcc 9 "-Waddress-of-packed-member" noise
libdvbv5: Don't assume that NIT table was parsed
Peter Korsgaard (1):
libv4l: fixup lfs mismatch in preload libraries
Peter Seiderer (1):
Add missing linux/bpf_common.h
Philipp Zabel (7):
v4l2-compliance: limit acceptable width/height to 65536 in VIDIOC_SUBDEV_G/S_FMT test
v4l2-compliance: test orphaned buffer support
v4l2-compliance: use warn() in warn_once()
v4l2-compliance: add colors
cec-compliance: use warn() in warn_once()
cec-compliance: add colors
v4l-helpers.h: count mappings separately from buffers
Ricardo Ribalda (1):
libv4l: Add support for BAYER10P format conversion
Ricardo Ribalda Delgado (3):
libv4lconvert: Fix support for compressed bayer formats
libv4lconvert: Port supported_src_formats to bit-ops
libv4lconvert: Add support for V4L2_PIX_FMT_NV12
Robert Paciorek (1):
basic support for videoX and audioX devices
Rosen Penev (1):
treewide: Fix compilation with uClibc++
Sakari Ailus (4):
Update static build instructions
v4l2-ctl: Print metadata capture formats on --all
Fix static build instructions
v4l2-ctl: Add support for META_OUTPUT buffer type
Sean Young (53):
configure: build without BPF support in ir-keytable
keytable: fix compilation warning
keytable: fix BPF protocol compilation on mips
keytable: match every entry in rc_maps.cfg, don't stop at the first match
keytable: bpf decoder and keymap for XBox DVD Remote
sync with kernel
keytable: do not install bpf protocols decoders with execute permission
keytable: add support for iMON RSC remote pointer
ir-ctl: Rename no-wideband to narrowband
ir-ctl: imon protocol can be encoded too
ir-ctl: Print receiver timeout
ir-ctl/keytable: add see also to reference to man pages
ir-ctl/keytable: rc-mm protocol support
ir-ctl: various typos
keytable: Add man page describing rc_keymap toml file
lircd2toml: toggle_bit is offset from bits including pre-data
lircd2toml: honour pre_data for rc-mm remote definitions
lircd2toml: detect NEC if bit 0 and 1 are inverted
lircd2toml: convert lircd.conf rc6 remote definitions
libdvbv5: leaks and double free in dvb_fe_open_fname()
keytable: minor rewording from TABLE to KEYMAP
keytable: remove misleading --device argument
keytable: no need to explain -s option separately
keytable: improve description of ir-keytable
keytable: load bpf protocol for unsupported protocols
keytable: add xbox-dvd protocol to match kernel
ir-ctl: increase limit to match kernel strip comments from C files remove duplicate scancodes from keymap
ir-ctl: show user how scancodes should be presented
keytable: check keymaps
keytable: generate missing keys like KEY_ZOOM
keytable: add support for keymap with raw literals
lircd2toml: do not fail on unexpected input
keytable: fix building without HAVE_BPF
keytable: fix build on ubuntu
v4l-utils: sync with media_tree master
keytable: move keymap parsing into its own file
ir-ctl: send keys based on keymap
rc_keymap: change raw format to much more common raw string
toml: update to tomlc99 commit f12c8f00b457defaae1495773d76dfb9ff1bf4c8
ir-ctl: support raw format by default
ir-ctl: fix build on 32-bit
ir-ctl: warn if keycode has multiple definitions
keytable fix warning when building without BPF enabled
lircd2toml: strip trailing space from input
keytable: ensure we have enough memlock pages
ir-ctl: fix memory leaks
ir-ctl: support sending protocols decoded by BPF decoders
keytable: improve error message if bpf loading fails
keytable: kernel v5.2 does not like - in BPF name
ir-ctl: print error message if file cannot be opened
ir-ctl: fix memory leaks and incorrect messages
Tasos Sahanidis (3):
qv4l2: Fix UTF8 error message strings
qv4l2: Fix GL Capture not redrawing after close
qv4l2: Prevent high CPU usage on device disconnect
Yong Zhi (2):
libv4l2subdev: Add MEDIA_BUS_FMT_FIXED to mbus_formats[]
v4l2-compliance: Add support for metadata output
Alexandre Courbot (1):
v4l2-compliance/v4l2-test-formats: fix typo
Gregor Jasny (5):
buildsystem: Start v4l-utils 1.15.0 development cycle
libdvbv5: re-add dvb_dev_seek_by_sysname symbol for SONAME compatibility
cec-compliance: Fix typo
ir-keytable: fix spelling-error-in-manpage
qvidcap: Depend on qtgl, not just qt
buildsystem: Add all required files to dist target
Hans Verkuil (247):
cec-ctl: print number of lost messages
cec-ctl: fix bit period calculations in the logging
cec-ctl: improve handling of incorrect bit periods & EOM
cec-ctl: improve low drive detection, use 'warn:'
cec-ctl: add options to show logical addresses
v4l2-ctl/compliance: fix QUERYCTRL compat code for strings
v4l2-compliance: fix vivid test failure
v4l2-ctl: add support for several VIDIOC_SUBDEV_ ioctls
v4l2-ctl: add support for SUBDEV_S_FMT/SELECTION
v4l2-ctl: added --try-subdev-fmt/selection
v4l2-ctl: add support for SUBDEV_G/S_FRAME_INTERVAL
v4l2-ctl: mention that --set-subdev-fps is for testing only
v4l2-ctl: add the missing --help-subdev to the usage
v4l2-ctl: show media/entity info if available
v4l2-compliance: remove confusing "not using libv4l2" message
rds-ctl: drop pointless wrapper library support
(c)v4l-helpers: add v4l-subdev support
v4l2-compliance: add initial support for v4l-subdevX devices
v4l2-ctl: add --help-subdev to manual page
v4l2-compliance: add --touch-device and --subdev-device to the manpage
v4l2-compliance: test VIDIOC_SUBDEV_ENUM_MBUS_CODE
(c)v4l-helpers: add media support.
v4l2-compliance: add initial support for testing the MC
v4l2-compliance: store entity/pad/link data in node
v4l2-compliance: do the subdev tests for all pads
v4l2-compliance: added tests for SUBDEV_ENUM_FRAME_SIZE/INTERVAL
v4l2-compliance: more VIDIOC_SUBDEV_ENUM_ tests
v4l2-compliance: add subdev tests for G/S_EDID and DV_TIMINGS_CAP
v4l2-compliance: add VIDIOC_SUBDEV_G/S_FRAME_INTERVAL tests
v4l2-compliance: add VIDIOC_SUBDEV_G/S_FMT tests
v4l2-compliance: add tests for VIDIOC_SUBDEV_G/S_SELECTION
v4l2-compliance: add VIDIOC_SUBDEV_G/S_CROP tests
v4l2-compliance: add subdev G/S/ENUM/QUERY_DV_TIMINGS tests
v4l2-compliance: add tests for MEDIA_IOC_ENUM_ENTITIES
v4l2-compliance: add tests for MEDIA_IOC_ENUM_LINKS
v4l2-compliance: improve MEDIA_IOC_ENUM_LINKS tests
v4l2-compliance: initial MEDIA_IOC_G_TOPOLOGY test
v4l2-compliance: more reserved checks
v4l2-compliance: add MEDIA_IOC_SETUP_LINK test
v4l2-compliance: improve MEDIA_IOC_SETUP_LINK test
v4l2-compliance: verify the topology
v4l2-compliance: verify the topology for pads and links
cec-ctl: add new --wait-for-msgs option
v4l2-ctl/v4l2-compliance: reuse media info code
v4l2-ctl/v4l2-compliance: reuse v4l2 info code
v4l2-info: move flag/type descriptions here
v4l2-ctl/v4l2-compliance: delete softlinks
cec: renamed cec-common to cec-info
v4l2-compliance: refactor device handling
v4l2-info: move mi_is_subdevice() to v4l2-info.cpp
v4l2-compliance: move the main test code into a separate function
v4l2-compliance/v4l2-ctl: more device detection improvements
v4l2-compliance: add -M option to test all /dev/mediaX interfaces
v4l2-compliance: improve G/S_EDID test
v4l2-compliance: improve pad flags tests
v4l2-compliance: add type/function/intf_type checks
v4l2-ctl: improve the fps calculation when streaming
v4l2-compliance: fix subdev EDID check
media-info: use .c_str for ifstream constructor
v4l2-compliance: improve VIDIOC_SUBDEV_S_FMT test
v4l2-compliance: the v2_entities_set test requires G_TOPOLOGY
v4l2-compliance: improve media_version test
v4l2-compliance: test media information
v4l-utils: add SPDX license tags
v4l2-compliance: more stringent type/function tests
v4l2-compliance: if -v then show MC object info
v4l2-compliance: improve media info test
v4l2-compliance: clearly separate the -M device tests
v4l2-compliance: show object counts after MEDIA_IOC_G_TOPOLOGY
v4l2-compliance: don't rely on node->topology
v4l2-compliance: show entity functions and interface types
v4l2-compliance: switch id and name order for entities
v4l2-compliance: -m walks all ifaces, -M only the media device
v4l2-compliance: show entity type when verbose
v4l2-compliance: improve checkFunction
v4l2-compliance: add extra initial \n for error messages
v4l2-compliance: improve checkFunction
v4l2-compliance: check that G_DV_TIMINGS matches S_DV_TIMINGS
v4l2-compliance: test if changing timings changes formats
v4l2-compliance: also test for width/height > 1.5 * timings
media-info: don't add 'FAIL'/'WARNING' if is_invalid == NULL
v4l2-compliance: test struct media_links_enum reserved field
cec-ctl: improve the low drive max length check
v4l2-ctl/compliance: update
v4l2-ctl: improve logging for --stream-mmap --verbose
v4l2-compliance: ignore colorspace tests for passthu subdevs
v4l-utils: sync-with-kernel
v4l2-compliance: improve frameinterval tests, fix sel tests
v4l2-compliance: relax g/s_parm type check
v4l-utils: sync-with-kernel
media-info: add MEDIA_ENT_F_DTV_DECODER support
v4l2-compliance: VIDIOC_S_EDID and invalid pointers
v4l-utils: sync-with-kernel
cec-ctl: honor -w option for pin timestamps
cec-ctl: ACK vs NACK was inverted for broadcast msgs
cec-follower: add -w option
cec: improve usage messages
v4l2-ctl/compliance: improve usage messages
rds-ctl: improve usage messages
v4l2-dbg: improve usage messages
v4l2-ctl/compliance: improve parsing of optional arguments
cec-follower/compliance: improve parsing of optional arguments
cec-ctl: show in the usage message if an op is bcast
cec-compliance: don't poll, just send Image View On
cec-ctl: monitor_pin: parse message payload
cec-ctl: s/warn/info/ for 'start bit: low time too short'
cec-ctl: improve handling of dropped events
cec-ctl: improve analysis while waiting for start bit
cec-compliance: remove outdated comment
cec-ctl: add warning against using --monitor-pin when configured
v4l-utils: sync-with-kernel
cec-info: LA 9 is a recording device, not a playback device
libv4lconvert: fix compiler warning
cec-ctl: skip warning if -s option was used.
v4l2-compliance: show SHA first, minor fix in 'Unknown argument'
v4l2-ctl: fix event argument handling
cec-compliance: improve standby_resume_active_source_nowake
v4l-utils: sync with media master branch
cec-ctl: better --custom-command usage message
v4l2-compliance: test stream locking
v4l2-compliance: improve s_parm test
cec-compliance: add --skip-info option
qv4l2: fix segfault
v4l2-compliance: check reserved array for g/s_parm
v4l2-compliance: add --exit-on-fail/warn options
cec-compliance: add --exit-on-fail/warn options
v4l2-compliance: fix logic bug in testParm
cec-ctl: the osd name of the adapter was never shown
cec: move vendor2s to cec-info.cpp
cec-ctl: don't show topology if there are no LAs
cec-compliance: document -s option in manpage
cec-compliance: improve tx_status checks
cec-compliance: add tests for Wake up TV on Image/Text View On
v4l2-compliance: allow entities without pads
cec-info: add NEC vendor ID
cec-ctl: show printable characters when logging the msg payload
v4l2-compliance: make media topology easier to read
v4l2-compliance: add missing ( in string
media-info: add new helper functions
v4l2-compliance: show device paths
v4l2-compliance: enable 'reserved' checks for media
v4l2-ctl: add --stream-to/from-hdr options
cec-compliance: add warning if a standby was ignored
v4l2-compliance: remove wrong test
(c)v4l-helpers: add s_fd() functions, improve g/s_trace
v4l2-ctl: use cv4l-helpers.h to open/close the devices
v4l2-ctl: add short-cut options -X and -x for --get/set-fmt-video-out
v4l2-ctl: use cv4l-helpers for list-buffers
cv4l-helpers: add querybuf without index arg
v4l2-ctl.h: add cv4l_disable_trace
(c)v4l-helpers: fix v4l_queue_export_bufs()
v4l2-ctl-streaming.cpp: use cv4l-helpers.h
v4l2-ctl: do_setup_out_buffers() didn't set bytesused
cec-compliance: send ACTIVE_SOURCE after IMAGE/TEXT_VIEW_ON
v4l2-ctl: fix streaming of m2m codec device
v4l2-ctl: fix wrong G_FMT type
v4l2-ctl: add sanity check for --stream-from-hdr
cec utils: -w implies -v
v4l2-ctl: fix stupid bug in control enumeration
v4l-helpers.h: fix direct initialization for subdev/media
cv4l-helpers: add assignment operator
v4l-helpers: set fd to -1 after close.
v4l2-compliance: use correct buf type for export_bufs
cec-ctl: improve print_bytes()
v4l2-ctl: if V4L2_CTRL_FLAG_UPDATE is set, use G/S_EXT_CTRLS
v4l2-compliance: check that entity names are unique
v4l-helpers.h: set fd to -1 in v4l_wrap_close()
v4l2-compliance: improve the output of unknown legacy types
v4l2-compliance: show data link flags
media-info: various improvements
v4l2-ctl: show pixelformat name
v4l2-ctl: make format enumeration output more compact
v4l2-ctl: fix printfmtname()
v4l2-ctl: log EOS event
v4l2-compliance: fix subdev selection test
v4l-helpers.h: remove stray line in v4l_subdev_s_fd()
v4l2-ctl: check the fopen() result.
cec-compliance: if MAX_RETRIES and OK were set, clear OK
cec-compliance: if MAX_RETRIES and OK were set, mark as RX timeout
cec-compliance: OK & MAX_RETRIES: report that workaround was applied
v4l-utils: sync with media_tree master branch
v4l2-tpg.patch: add array_size and array3_size defines
cec-ctl: add 5V event support
media-info.cpp: support new functions
media-info.cpp: show new pad index and entity flags fields
v4l2-compliance: show new flags and index fields
v4l2-compliance: add pad index checks
v4l2-ctl: use poll for m2m devices, fix final buffer
rds-saa6588: fix broken tests
libdvbv5/v4l2-compliance: fix select() gcc-8.1 warnings
v4l-helpers.h: fix gcc-8.1 strncpy warning
cv4l-helpers.h: fix gcc-8.1 warning
sliced-vbi-test: fix gcc-8.1 warning
stress-buffer/libmedia_dev/rds-ctl: fix gcc-8.1 warnings
cv4l-helpers.h: enum_fmt: set type at init
v4l2-ctl: add --list-formats-out-ext
v4l-utils: sync with media_tree master repo
cec-compliance: measure pings per second
v4l2-ctl: add HSV encoding support copy cec headers from usr/include
v4l-utils: sync-with-kernel
v4l2-info.cpp: add function to give pixfmt description
(c)v4l-helpers: add g_hsv_enc() support
cec-compliance: adapter test fixes
qvidcap: add Qt video viewer
qvidcap: improve 'Unsupported format' messages
qvidcap: support -P for video devices
qvidcap: show keys you can use in the menu item descriptions
qvidcap: fix 32-bit compiler warning
v4l-utils: sync with latest media-git master.
qvidcap: always allow overriding field revert weird spurious change
contrib/gconv/ remove space after -R
contrib/ gconv was added twice
v4l-utils: sync with media master
v4l2-ctl/qvidcap: add initial fwht support
v4l2-ctl: support the new fwht codec
qvidcap: support the new FWHT codec.
v4l2-compliance: improve VIDIOC_CREATE_BUFS checks
v4l2-compliance: allow EILSEQ as well as error
v4l2-compliance: add test for V4L2_CTRL_WHICH_DEF_VAL
v4l2-ctl: fix meta type issues
v4l2-compliance: allow both regular and mplane variants for crop API
v4l2-ctl: cut out more code if NO_STREAM_TO is defined
v4l2-compliance: improve S_PARM test
cec-compliance: fix set_osd_string test
cec-compliance: improve adapter test
v4l-utils: sync with media master
v4l2-ctl/media-ctl: support V4L2_DV_FL_CAN_DETECT_REDUCED_FPS
cec/media/v4l2-info+v4l-stream: GPL-2.0 -> LGPL-2.1
qvidcap: allocate worst case memory if canOverrideResolution is set
cec-compliance: split up combines tests
v4l-utils: sync with media master repository
v4l-utils: replace all AdobeRGB/YCC references by opRGB/YCC references.
cec-compliance: improve CEC_EVENT_LOST_MSGS test
cec-compliance: improve fail message
v4l2-compliance: drop COLORSPACE_JPEG test
cec-compliance: fix bad check for transmitted vs pending msgs
cec-ctl: don't let -w enable verbose when combined with pin monitoring/analysis
cec-ctl: turn -n into a toggle
cec-ctl: allow changing destination for each message
cec-ctl: add --non-blocking option
cec-ctl: fix destination for non-standard messages
cec: move status2s functions to cec-info.cpp
v4l-utils: sync-with-kernel
cec-info.cpp: support new tx/rx_status flags.
cec-compliance: check for new status flags
Mauro Carvalho Chehab (50):
dvbv5-zap: reset timeout at copy_to_file()
dvbv5-zap: add missing "first" var
v4l2-ctl-streaming: fix type of a time_t value
dvbv5-zap: better report buffer underrun errors
dvbv5-zap: increase buffer size to avoid buffer overruns
cec: fix warnings when building on arm 32 bits
dvbv5-daemon: ignore invalid warning
mc_nextgen_test: get rid of casting warnings
dvbv5-zap: add a logic to detect continuity errors on monitor mode
dvbv5-zap: allow adjusting the low-traffic parameter
dvbv5-zap: fix discontinuity detection logic
dvbv5-zap: don't start showing inexistent continuity errors
dvbv5-zap: allow writing a file while monitoring the DVB stream
dvbv5-zap: update comments about adaptation_field_control
dvbv5-zap: prevent going past per-pid arrays
dvbv5-zap: fix the continuity check logic
dvbv5-zap: write PID numbers in decimal
dvbv5-scan: print frontend stats on stdout on traffic monitor
dvbv5-zap: print per-pid continuity errors
dvbv5-zap: print stats for low-traffic PIDs as well on monitor mode
dvbv5-zap: round sizes to their closest value at dvb monitor mode
dvbv5-zap: change the initial discontinuity logic
dvbv5-zap: print timestamps on error logs
dvbv5-zap: some cleanups
dvbv5-zap: use clock monotonic on DVB monitoring
dvbv5-zap: fix handling of tv_nsec when printing messages
dvbv5-zap: reduce number of syscalls on monitor mode
dvbv5-zap: improve buffer sizes
dvbv5-zap: better display traffic thoughput
update make sync-with-kernel target
sync it with Kernel headers, as will be found on 4.16-rc1 also update dvb-frontend.h
v4l2-tpg.patch: Fix other issues when applying upstream v4l2-tpg.h
sync v4l2-tpg with upstream
v4l2-compliance: identify if compiled with 32 or 64 bits
dvb-fe: display frontend frequency range of current delsys
dvb-fe: print frequencies using metric multiplying symbol
dvb-fe: print symbol rate range for Satellite and Cable
dvb-fe: be clearer when diplaying ENOTSUP
arib-std-b24: remove duplicated #define check gconv on Debian/Ubuntu-specific directories disable gconv if it can't find its location improve check for gconv build
v4l2-test-input-output: improve warning message
Refresh translation files
Add Ukranian translation made by Zanata people
Add Catalan translation made by Zanata people
Add a French translation made by Zanata people
Cherry-pick an update to Brazilian Portuguese translation
Revert "Cherry-pick an update to Brazilian Portuguese translation"
Peter Seiderer (2):
keytable: fix EVIOCSCLOCKID related compile failure
libdvbv5: fix musl compile
Philipp Zabel (1):
media-ctl: add --get-dv option
Sakari Ailus (3):
cec-ctl: Prepare for __inline__ instead of inline
Add instructions for building static binaries
libdvb5: Fix unused local variable warnings
Sean Young (18):
keytable: abi no longer set LIRC_CAN_REC_SCANCODE for raw devices
ir-ctl: abi no longer set LIRC_CAN_SEND_SCANCODE for raw devices
keytable: add support for imon protocol
keytable: add support for BPF based protocols
keytable: add bpf protocols
keytable: add toml keymap reader
keytable: convert keymaps to new toml format
ir-keytable: add tool to aid migration from lircd
keytable: improve man page wording
ir-ctl: make nec32 scancode encoding match kernel
Remove unnecessary if
ir-ctl: different drivers have different default timeouts
Rewrite to avoid void pointer arithmetic warnings
keytable: fix build without libelf
keytable: keymap for Network Dish
keytable: keymap for Windows Remote Keyboard for MCE fix NEC32 generation
v4l-utils: sync-with-kernel
Chris Leick (1):
Add German translation by Chris Leick
Clemens Ladisch (1):
libdvbv5: T2 delivery descriptor: fix wrong size of bandwidth field
Gregor Jasny (9):
buildsystem: Start v4l-utils 1.13.0 development cycle
buildsystem: Add all files to dist target
qv4l2: Fix typo detected by lintian
libdvbv5: Link against libudev
Apply FreeBSD header search paths also to kFreeBSD
Fix some more typos
Fix typos detected by Chris Leick
i18n: Update translations
i18n: Use correct plural localization
ir-keytable: Distribute ir-encode.h file
Hans Verkuil (114):
cec-ctl/cec-follower: call fflush after processing a message
cec-ctl: add support to skip tests
v4l2-ctl: query input timings before streaming
v4l2/cec-compliance, cec-follower: use git rev-parse HEAD
v4l2-ctl: don't use doioctl to query timings, use test_ioctl
media-ctl/v4l2-ctl: show the new pixelaspect and VIC fields/flags
v4l2-ctl: show what the default colorspace values map to
cec-ctl: map invalid log_addr to 0xf
cec-ctl: add --show-raw option
cec-compliance: add test broadcast unknown message
cec-follower: fix incorrect initiator for two messages
cec-ctl: add --poll option to send a poll message
cec-ctl: drop the phys_addr check
cec-compliance: fix broken --test-standby-resume
cec-compliance: add --timeout option
cec-compliance: fix Request Active Source test
v4l-utils: sync with 4.10 kernel headers
cec: fix wrong initiator of poll messages
cec-follower: don't Feature Abort msgs from Unregistered
v4l2-ctl: handle V4L2_EVENT_SOURCE_CHANGED
v4l2-ctl: update
v4l2-ctl: drop $(LOCAL_PATH)/../common prefix
cec-ctl: add support for wall-clock timestamps
cec-ctl: add missing -lrt ld flag
v4l2-ctl: waiting for a valid timings only depends on no-query option
v4l2-compliance: return better fail message in testExpBuf()
v4l-utils: sync with kernel
qv4l2: update comment regarding XV601/709 quantization handling
v4l2-ctl: add --disable-v4l2-ctl-stream-to configure option
v4l-utils: sync-with-kernel
v4l-utils: sync-with-kernel
v4l2-compliance/v4l2-ctl: support V4L2_CTRL_FLAG_MODIFY_LAYOUT and metadata
v4l2-compliance: fix control tests for compound controls
cec-follower: make sure we never poll ourselves
cec-ctl: fix logging: status should come last
cec-compliance: add -w option, improve logging
cec-ctl: add -s option to skip the Driver Info output
v4l2-compliance: improve EDID ioctl tests clarify configure summary add USE_LIBV4L to summary
cec-ctl: always show the CEC status results with --verbose
cec-compliance: show status if retransmits were detected
v4l-utils: sync with latest kernel
cec-*: add support for CEC_CAP_NEEDS_HPD
cec-ctl: add --monitor-time option
cec-ctl: warn is -p is given but CEC_CAP_PHYS_ADDR isn't set update the manual page update the manual page
cec-compliance: improve --verbose
cec-compliance: don't set app_result to -1 if the ioctl fails
v4l-utils: sync with latest kernel
cec-ctl: add support for CEC pin monitoring document the new --monitor-pin option
cec-ctl: fix typo
v4l2-ctl: don't return an error with --all
cec-ctl: change structure init to cope with g++ 4.6
qv4l2: fix SMPTE-2084 processing
qv4l2: support vimc
cec-ctl: refactor: split the monitor code off into its own function
cec-ctl: get the monotonic start time and wallclock time only once
cec-ctl: add --record-pin and --playback-pin options
cec-ctl: rename --record-pin and --playback-pin
cec-ctl: make pin recording easier to read
cec-ctl: improve pin timestamps
cec-ctl: fix pin analysis bug clarify --no-rc-passthrough
utils/cec-ctl/.gitignore: add cec-pin-gen.h
keytable.c: add support for the CEC protocol
cec-follower: use ev.state_change.log_addr_mask
cec-compliance: try to reconnect if the HPD is gone
cec-compliance: send IMAGE_VIEW_ON when no HPD
cec-compliance: move top-level adapter tests to cec-test-adapter.cpp
cec-common: move common cec code to cec-common.cpp
cec-ctl: use cec-common
cec-follower: use cec-common
cec-compliance: use cec-common
cec-compliance: fix uninitialized format ID array
cec-ctl: add --list-devices
cec-common.cpp: add missing stdio.h
v4l-utils: sync-with-kernel
v4l2-ctl: qc.nr_of_dims is 0 for strings, check this
cec-ctl: allow stdout/in for --store/analyze-pin
v4l-utils: sync with kernel
v4l-utils: sync-with-kernel
cec-ctl: fix crash when store_pin is NULL
cec: add support for the Hospitality Profile add --help-htng option description
cec-ctl: fix topology tree view
v4l2-ctl: support new EDID toggles
v4l2-ctl: rename CEA/cea to CTA/cta
qv4l2: add Z16 depth support.
v4l-utils: improve README
v4l-utils: sync-with-kernel
libdvbv5: fix compiler warning
utils/dvb: fix compiler warnings
qv4l2: support Y10 and Y12
qv4l2: add support for V4L2_PIX_FMT_INZI
v4l-utils: fix two compiler warnings
cec-compliance: various improvements for no-HPD-in-standby
v4l-utils: sync-with-kernel
cec-ctl/cec-follower: support new HPD pin events
cec-ctl: store HPD events in pin log
v4l2-compliance: allow control ioctls without any controls
cec-compliance: use correct initiator in Image View On
cec/rds/v4l2-ctl: fix --list-devices option
cec-ctl: improve cec pin analyzer code
cec-ctl: add --ignore option
cec-ctl: improve pin analyzer code
cec: show human readable name of a logical address in driver info
qv4l2: fix crash when two QAction pointers are uninitialized
cec-utils: show hex value of vendor message
cec-ctl: improve cec pin analyzer
cec-ctl: fix bad end-of-bit handling
Hans de Goede (1):
libv4lconvert: We support more then 32 bit src fmts now, so use 64 bit bitmasks
Harald Dankworth (1):
v4l-utils: do not query capabilities of sub-devices.
Hugues Fruchet (6):
v4l2/cec-compliance, cec-follower: use git -C $(srcdir) rev-parse HEAD fix wrong summary if --disable-v4l2-ctl-stream-to revisit v4l2-ctl/compliance using libv4l variable naming revisit --disable-libv4l to --disable-dyn-libv4l add --disable-libv4l option fix build of v4l-utils on uclinux
Ingo Feinerer (1):
Conditional sys/sysmacros.h inclusion
Ismo Puustinen (1):
buildsystem: do not assume building in source tree.
Kieran Kunhya (1):
libdvbv5: Add libudev to pkg-config file
Maksym Veremeyenko (1):
dvbv5-zap: improve sat_number handling
Mauro Carvalho Chehab (53):
dvb-sat: fix rangeswitch logic
dvb-sat: add verbose options for LNBf settings
dvb-sat: add support for Invacom QPH-031 LNBf
pt_BR: update translation file to reflect latest changes
dvb-sat: fix translation issues at LNBf settings
libdvbv5: add support for more PMT descriptors
dvb-dev: get rid of config.h from the header file
dvb-dev: allow passing an optional void pointer parameter to dvb_dev_find()
dvb-utils: add missing parameter
dvb-dev: rename the function that gets the sysname of a device
dvb-dev: add a method to get device info from sysname
libv4lconvert: make it clear about the criteria for needs_conversion
libv4lconvert: expose bayer formats
keytable: fix print of event code number fix RC-5-SZ name don't warn about missing name on legacy RC
Add a logic to detect when a file doesn't have any tables
Update the list of drivers that still has a RC map inside fix two warnings
desc_t2_delivery: consider valid to have a short T2 descriptor
desc_t2_delivery: properly handle cell and subcell tables
desc_t2_delivery: improve print dumps of T2 delivery
desc_t2_delivery: resize frequency array for subcel freqs
desc_t2_delivery: store cell/subcell IDs and tables
desc_t2_delivery: display frequencies in MHz
desc_t2_delivery: display bandwidth also in MHz
desc_t2_delivery: improve printed output
descriptors: add service_list_descriptor to descriptor's table
Update pt_BR translation
pt_BR: fix plural translation
dvb-scan: fix the logic for multi-section handling
dvb-dev-local: fix pthread checks
libdvbv5: be sure to add pthread libary if need
contrib: move parsers to a separate directory
dvb: add pthread dependencies where needed
README: update IR utils
Move decode_tm6000 and xc3028-firmware to contrib
contrib: better adjust directory contents
utils: move rds out of it, placing at contrib
decode_tm6000: fix build
Makefile: re-add xc3028-firmware sync_with_kernel target
dvb-sat: fix bugs at Satellite frequency retrieve logic
dvb-file: don't write (unsigned)-1 for DTV_PILOT
dvb-sat: Use the right values for LNB setting
dvb-sat: better handle out-of-range Satellite frequencies
dvb-sat: fix settings to support DiSEqC with more than 2 satellites
dvb: better cope with dvbloopback
dvbv5-scan: add Network and TS ID for VDR channel output
libdvbv5: accept DVBv5 calls from dvbloopback again
dvb-sat: warn if DiSEqC is not enabled when it should be
dvbv5-zap: don't ignore -S parameter
dvb-sat: do the best to tune if DiSEqC is disabled
libdvbv5: be sure that interruped reads will be handled
Niklas Söderlund (1):
v4l2-compliance: fix warning in buffer::check
Pavel Machek (4):
libv4l2: Fix integer overflow
libv4l2: Fix typos
libv4l: Add support for GRBG10 format conversion
libv4l2: SDL test application
Peter Seiderer (3):
qv4l2: fix qmake project file
ir-ctl: use strndup instead of strndupa (fixes musl compile)
ir-ctl: add optional copy of TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY macro (fix musl compile)
Philipp Zabel (4):
media-ctl: add pad support to set/get_frame_interval
media-ctl: print the configured frame interval
media-ctl: propagate frame interval
media-ctl: add colorimetry support
Rafaël Carré (8):
dvb_local_open(): strdup fname before calling dvb_fe_open_fname()
dvbv5-daemon: 0 is a valid fd
dvb_dev_get_fd(): return fd of local devices
dvb_logfunc: add a user private parameter
dvb_local_read: ignore EAGAIN
sdlcam: fix linking
sdlcam: ignore binary
Statically linking libdvbv5 must include -ludev
Reinhard Speyerer (1):
libdvbv5: fix T2 delivery descriptor parsing in dvb_desc_t2_delivery_init()
Sean Young (27):
ir-keytable: be more permissive on protocol name
ir-keytable: do not fail at the first transmit-only device
ir-ctl: "ir-ctl -S rc6_mce:0x800f0410" does not work on 32-bit
ir-ctl: lirc resolution is in microseconds
ir-ctl: report LIRCCODE drivers even if we don't supported them
ir-keytable: null deref if kernel compiled without CONFIG_INPUT_EVDEV
ir-keytable: ensure udev rule fires on rc input device
ir-keytable: "ir-keytable -s rc1" should only describe rc1, not all
keytable: use DEV_NAME if available
keytable: if the protocols cannot be changed, don't try
Update the list of drivers that still has a RC map inside and sync-with-kernel
sync with kernel git media_tree/master.
keytable: fail more gracefully when commandline cannot be parsed
keytable: allow a period or delay of 0 to be set
ir-ctl: fix multiple scancodes in one file
ir-ctl: set the gap between scancodes or files
ir-ctl: rename record to receive
ir-ctl: always enable timeout reports
sync-with-kernel and fixup RC_PROTO_*
ir-keytable: show lirc device and make test show lirc scancodes
ir-keytable: improve error reporting
ir-ctl: show scancode lirc features
ir-ctl: use lirc scancode sending
keytable: add missing protocols
ir-ctl: improve man page
keytable: add missing protocol names
ir-ctl: rename remaining instances of "record" to "receive"
Soren Brinkmann (1):
v4l2-ctl: Print numerical control ID
Thomas Petazzoni (2):
Build libv4lconvert helper support only when fork() is available drop --disable-libv4l, disable plugin support instead
bill murphy (1):
dvb-sat: add support for North American Standard Ku LNB
Andrey Utkin (1):
v4l2-ctl: Fix unneeded dot in "no hsync lock"
Chris Mayo (2):
man: Fix typos in dvbv5-scan dvbv5-zap pages
libdvbv5: Improve vdr format output for DVB-T(2)
Dietmar Spingler (1):
dvb-fe-tool: add an option to set maximum number of stat samples
Edward Sheldrake (1):
libdvbv5: Fix dvb-format-convert segfault
Greg Whiteley (1):
ir-ctl: `strndupa' undefined with --disable-nls
Gregor Jasny (8):
Start v4l-utils 1.11.0 development cycle
V4L: Fix typos reported by lintian
libdvbv5: Fix decsriptors typo
libv4lconvert: Exclude memsrc implementation for libjpeg-turbo
Embed copy of ax_pthread.m4
libdvbv5: Fix format string errors
v4l2-ctl: Remove vanished v4l2-tpg.h.patch
Update gitignore
Hans Verkuil (142):
v4l2-ctl: improve handling of physical address in edid.
v4l2-compliance: improve pixelformat reporting
v4l-utils: sync with kernel
v4l2-compliance: support new multiplanar YUV formats.
qv4l2: support new multiplanar YUV formats.
qv4l2: signal that we don't want GLES
v4l2-compliance: fix broken test for V4L2_SEL_TGT_COMPOSE_PADDED
v4l2-ctl: only toggle field for FIELD_ALTERNATE
qv4l2: fix power-of-negative-number
v4l2-ctl: fix broken --list-devices
v4l2-ctl: fix overflow in fps calculation
v4l2-dbg: autodetect stride
v4l2-ctl/compliance: pad field wasn't zeroed for dv_timings ioctls
v4l2-compliance: include android-config.h
v4l2-compliance: add new checks for DV_TIMINGS controls & events
v4l2-ctl: fix broken --clear-edid
v4l2-ctl: use physical address in the HDMI EDID
Revert "v4l2-ctl: use physical address in the HDMI EDID"
v4l2-compliance: improve selection tests
v4l2-compliance: add type checks for VIDIOC_CROPCAP
v4l-utils: sync-with-kernel
v4l-utils: move commonly used headers and sources to 'common'
v4l-utils: sync-with-kernel
v4l2-ctl: fix fps reporting for video output
cv4l-helpers.h: fix constructor
v4l2-ctl: add streaming support
v4l2-ctl: fix syntax problem with older gcc
v4l2-ctl: add support for EDIDs for 4k displays
v4l2-ctl: utils/common: add missing copyright and license statements
v4l2-compliance: explain the vivid no_error_inj=1 module option
v4l2-compliance: fix broken video output test
cv4l-helpers: zero reserved field
v4l2-compliance: improve dv_timings checks
v4l2-compliance: if ENUM_FRAMEINTERVALS is supported, so should S_PARM
v4l2-compliance: improve S_PARM/ENUM_FRAMEINTERVALS interaction checks
v4l2-compliance: show SHA from which it was built.
v4l2-compliance: fix a check for the DONE flag
v4l2-compliance: add version.h to .gitignore
v4l-utils: sync-with-kernel
cec-ctl: add CEC control utility
cec-ctl: add missing OptMonitorAll check
cec-ctl: sync to master, update timestamp code
v4l2-ctl: fix --set-dv-bt-timings=index=12,reduced-fps=1
cec-ctl: drop trailing : if there are no arguments
cec-ctl: only print seq and ts when --verbose
cec-ctl: add option to set the OSD Name
cec-ctl: improve usage message
cec-ctl: be smarter about all_dev_types and prim_type
v4l2-compliance: only print the "cannot handle an invalid pixelformat" once
v4l-helpers.h: add v4l_type_invert, fix has_vid_cap/out for m2m
v4l2-compliance: improve colorspace checks for m2m devices
v4l2-compliance: check for unlimited (well, 100) opens
cec-ctl: add missing feature bits to dev_feat2s()
cec-ctl: implement features
cec-ctl: add check for --feat- and --rc- options
qv4l2/v4l2-ctl: remove obsolete SYCC encoding fix typo
cec-ctl: add manpage
cec-ctl: generate opcode name tables
cec-ctl: show topology and menu/powerstatus
cec: add common cec-log source
cec-compliance: add man page
cec-follower: add man page
cec-compliance: show SHA
cec-follower: show SHA
cec-follower/cec-compliance: fix ubuntu build error
cec-compliance: fix bogus compiler warning
v4l2-ctl: add format support to --set-edid
v4l2-ctl: rework CEA-861 block of the 4k sample EDIDs
v4l2-ctl: remove spurious character in usage text
v4l2-ctl: more EDID corrections
cec-ctl: add support for vendor commands
v4l2-ctl: support limited EDID modifications
v4l2-ctl: support Speaker Allocation DB, more EDID improvements
v4l2-ctl: Add YCbCr 4:4:4 Deep Color, fix HDMI VSDB
v4l2-ctl: report EDID audio and video latencies
v4l2-ctl: fix monitor names in EDIDs
v4l2-ctl: update EDIDs to 1.4, fix sRGB chromaticities
v4l2-ctl: make EDID video blocks consistent
v4l2-ctl: fix sRGB chromaticities for hdmi/hdmi-170
v4l2-ctl: EDIDs: fill in display sizes, enable CVT support
v4l2-ctl: HDMI only supports EDID 1.3
v4l-utils: sync-with-kernel
v4l-utils: improve touch support
v4l2-ctl: drop GTF from HDMI EDIDs
v4l2-compliance: add S_PARM warning, fix SELECTION test
v4l2-compliance: verify that you can't set read-only selection targets.
v4l2-ctl: fix Feature Support EDID bits.
cec-compliance: only test MONITOR_ALL if cap is set
cec-compliance: add missing \n
cec-compliance: improve man page
cec-follower: improve ARC: check for upstream/adjacency
v4l-utils: sync-with-kernel 4.8
cec utils: print the cec_log_addrs flags field
cec-ctl: allow setting the new CEC_LOG_ADDRS_FL_ALLOW_UNREG_FALLBACK
v4l2-ctl: support new standard and flags
media-ctl: support the new standard and flag
cec-compliance: remove obsolete cec_msg_record_on/off workaround + fix typo
cec-follower: remove obsolete cec_msg_record_on workaround.
cec-compliance: don't test yourself
v4l-utils: sync-with-kernel
cec-follower: check CEC_OP_FEAT_DEV_HAS_SET_OSD_STRING
cec-compliance: don't combine RECORD and PLAYBACK
cec-ctl: don't show received CEC message if CEC_TX_STATUS_OK is 0
v4l2-ctl: fix HDMI VSDB block in the EDID
v4l-utils: sync-with-kernel
cec: support new features
cec: log the new cec_log_addrs flags
cec-compliance: fix tests that affect msg.flags
cec-ctl: support 'General Protocol Messages' feature
cec-ctl: show the correct timestamps for transmitted msgs
cec-follower: always allow SET_OSD_NAME
cec-ctl: add support for a --custom-command option
ivtv-ctl: drop dvb/audio.h and dvb/video.h
Drop audio.h/video.h: they are no longer needed.
v4l-utils: sync with latest kernel
v4l2-compliance: allow S_SELECTION to return ENOTTY
cec-compliance: --test-adapter needs a valid PA
cec-ctl: add --timeout option to override the default timeout.
cec-ctl: only show the reply if there was a reply
cec-compliance: become temporarily a follower in the lost-msgs test
cec-compliance: fix typo in usage message
cec-ctl: show the CEC 2.0 features
cec-compliance: add missing newlines
cec-compliance: only test for has_deck_ctl for playback and record devices
cec-ctl: fix copy-and-paste error for --timeout
cec-follower: double the time_to_transient/stable values
cec-compliance: remove bogus Menu Status test
cec-compliance: fix recognized/unrecognized_op logic
cec-compliance: fail if initiate-arc times out, but is supported
cec-compliance: report which message took too long
cec-compliance: add option to set reply time threshold
cec-ctl: report approximate response time
cec-ctl/cec-compliance: the transmit time for a byte is 24 ms, not 25
cec-ctl: print vendor string if known
cec-compliance: warn instead of fail when unresponsive
cec-follower: improve two confusing warnings
cec-ctl: the PA should be set before configuring the LAs
cec-ctl: when setting both the PA and LAs, clear the LAs first
v4l2-ctl: fix wrong Vsync in HDMI EDID detailed timings
v4l2-ctl: add --stream-sleep option
Hans de Goede (1):
v4lconvert: Add "PEGATRON CORPORATION" to asus_board_vendor
Helen Fornazier (1):
v4l2-compliance: Improve test readability when fail
Ingo Feinerer (1):
libv4l on OpenBSD
Jemma Denson (4):
dvbv5-zap.c: fix setting signal handlers
dvbv5-zap.c: allow timeout with -x
dvbv5-zap.c: fix wrong signal
dvbv5-zap.c: Move common signals code into function
Johan Fjeldtvedt (12):
cec-compliance: add CEC compliance utility
cec-follower: add cec-follower utility
cec-compliance/follower: fix opcode printing
cec-follower/cec-compliance: fix bug in string conversion
cec-follower: check for Routing Information from TV
cec-compliance: improve One Touch Play tests wrt. CTS 1.4b
cec-compliance: fix Device OSD Transfer tests
cec-ctl: print correct destination address for broadcast msgs
cec-compliance: recognize PRESUMED_OK and REFUSED as ok
cec-compliance: extend man page
cec-follower: extend man page
cec tools: exit if device is disconnected
Laurent Pinchart (2):
media-ctl: Initialize ioctl arguments to 0
libdvb5: Fix multiple definition of dvb_dev_remote_init linking error
Markus Heiser (2):
v4l-utils: add comments to the build instructions
v4l-utils: fixed dvbv5 vdr format
Mauro Carvalho Chehab (150):
README: update instructions to sync with Kernel
Sync with Kernel (4.5-rc1)
contrib: Add a tool to allow test the G_TOPOLOGY MC ioctl
mc_nextgen_test: allow to configure what'll be displayed
mc_nextgen_test: better work with ansi colors
mc_nextgen_test: add number of sink/source pads
mc_nextgen_test: Handle the link flags
mc_nextgen_test: Some cleanups and printk adjustments
mc_nextgen_test: Fix object fill logic
mc_nextgen_test: move find_gobj() function
mc_nextgen_test: add an option to print a graphviz graph
mc_nextgen_test: avoid accessing NULL pointers
mc_nextgen_test: fix pad sink/source logic
mc_nextgen_test: improve entities display on graph
mc_nextgen_test: Make it work with the current API
mc_nextgen_test: Update to print the entity functions
mc_nextgen_test: add devnode translation via udev/sysfs Use libudev by default at MC utils
mc_nextgen_test: use devname instead of major,minor at dot
mc_nextgen_test: Better describe unknown interfaces/entities
mc_nextgen_test: port it to use the new G_TOPOLOGY ioctl
mc_nextgen_test: limit by default the graph size for DTV
mc_nextgen_test: Add parser for max_tsout parameter
mc_nextgen_test: add support for IF decoders
dvb-sat: Fix identation
mc_nextgen_test: get and print MC info
README: add needed dependencies to build under Fedora
mc_nextgen_test: improve .dot output adding driver and bus
README: add a missing qt5 dependency on Fedora
media.h: synchronize the devices with their new values
Fix Debian/Ubuntu list of packages Add a summary of the compile options Improve output about Qt optional features
Sync with latest Kernel version
mc_nextgen_test: Rearrange the order of entity function translation table
mc_nextgen_test: enable ALSA interfaces and add new alsa types
libmediactl: don't show devnodes if NULL
libmediactl: Don't try to parse empty major,minor
Sync with upstream
mc_nextgen_test: comment out the connectors entity
README: instruct about the need of glibc devel libraries for 32 bits
libdvbv5: Change license to LGPL v2.1
dvb-sat: add a function to get translated LNBf names
libdvbv5-po: update pt_BR translation
dvb-sat: remove an unused var
descriptors: add initializers for other NIT/other SDT tables
dvb-file: add entries for "hidden" channels too
dvb: better describe the Table ID extension
dvb-scan: Fix the multi-section check logic
dvb-scan: suppress frequency shift warning
dvb-fe: improve SEC voltage message
dvb-sat: add a debug message to show L-Band frequency
dvb-sat: be more verbose when setting for Satellite
dvb-scan: add space for separate other NIT/SDT tables
descriptors: fix parsing for other IDs for the EIT table
dvbv5-zap: add an option for "non-human" stat prints
dvbv5-zap: relax the rule of requiring a channel file
dvbv5-zap: wait until timeout if not recording
dvbv5-tools: exit if parsing arguments failed sync lirc hearder with make sync
ir-ctl: move lirc include to include/linux/lirc.h
Sync with the Kernel
ir-ctl: add locale support for ir-ctl.c
ir-ctl.c: Don't use non-ascii chars at strings
Update translations with ir-ctl additions
ir-ctl: one string is missing gettext
ir-ctl: Add Brazilian Portuguese translation show what apps/libraries will be built report alsa via yes/no
sn9c20x: remove an unused table
libdvbv5: add functions to detect DVB devices
dvb: use the new udev-based logic to get device names
dvb-dev: standardize the namespace
libdvbv5: embeed dvb_v5_fe_parms at struct dvb_device
dvb-dev: better handle DVB device type
dvb-dev: better handle error conditions
dvb-fe: create an internal DVB FE open function
dvb-dev: also store the sysfs path
dvb-dev: add debug messages for device found/select
dvb-fe: fix the error condition return logic
dvb-dev: implement a way to open the frontend via sysname
dvb-fe-tool: don't crash with invalid arguments
dvbv5 utils: use the new dvb_device API
dvb-sat.h: Fix two documentation warnings
libdvbv5: create a new API for dvb-demux
dvbv5-scan: fix a regression introduced by da56d6f1578a
libdvbv5: add a dvb_device variant for the scan routine
libdvbv5: rename dvb-dev.c to dvb-dev-local.c
libdvbv5: abstract the dvb_dev functions Show "no" if GL or GLU is not found make libjpeg optional libdvbv5 now require libudev
README: update dependencies list
dvb-demux: fix a warning Check for pthread
libdvbv5: add a macro to output logs+loglevel
libdvbv5: prepare to add remote support for dvb_dev* functions
libdvbv5: add support for using a remote DVB device
libdvbv5: allow overriding the main FE functions
dvbv5-daemon: split buffer filling from buffer sending
libdvbv5: add support for 64 bits integer for the remote protocol
dvbv5-daemon: add support for FE get/set stuff
dvb-dev-remote: add support for FE get/set/set_delsys/stats
libdvbv5: fix dev_read protocol handling
dvb-fe-tool: add support for calling a remote dvb device
dvbv5-zap: add support to access a remote device
libdvbv5: Fix remote read()
dvbv5-daemon: add a note that the remote support is still experimental
libdvbv5: don't crash if the ISDB-T delsys descriptor is corrupted
libdvbv5: prevent craches at the *foreach macro helpers
libdvbv5: Fix some allocation issues
COPYING.libdvbv5: added missing file
Add some generated files to .gitignore
libdvbv5: better handle errors at the remote protocol
libdvbv5: better handle local errors
dvbv5-tools: avoid relying on errno
dvbv5-daemon: handle failures on dvb_dev_open()
dvbv5-zap: fix a regression when opening the DVR device
dvb-dev-remote: handle server disconnects
dvbv5-zap: don't generate fp exception if aborted too early
dvbv5-daemon: Don't let a read() use more space than the buf
dvbv5-zap: add support to create a local pipe for DVR
libdvbv5: while not too late, change dvb_dev_find() api
libdvbv5: add local logic for device detection notifier
libdvbv5: fix device changes notification
libdvbv5: add support for remote device change events
libdvbv5: fix an inverted logic check
dvb-dev-remote: do a call stack dump on msg format errors
libdvbv5: Ensure that it will read all package
libdvbv5: better handle overflow errors fix logic that lists available devices add support to capture from multiple devs
add a parser for tda18271/mb86a20s with cx231xx improve and fix GPIO handling
dvbv5-daemon.c: don't hang on NULL strings
dvbv5-daemon: use TCP_NODELAY
dvbv5: use asynchronous read for dvbv5-daemon
media-ctl: Fix a compilation bug introduced by changeset 7a21d66983f7
dvb-dev-remote: improve the data receive logic don't enable pthread with static libraries report what kind of libraries will be built libdvbv5 is not experimental
libdvbv5: add a header with the library version
libdvbv5: install libdvb-version.h header
dvb-sat: embeed most stuff internally at struct LNBf
dvb-sat: change the LNBf logic to make it more generic
dvb-sat: add support for several BrasilSat LNBf models
dvb-sat: reinsert legacy fields to avoid API breakages
dvb-sat: fix logic that sets the satellite number
libdvbv5: fix handling of satellite number
Mike Frysinger (1):
include sys/sysmacros.h for major() & minor()
Nick Dyer (1):
v4l2-compliance: Changes to support touch sensors
Niklas Söderlund (1):
libv4lconvert: Add support for V4L2_PIX_FMT_{NV16, NV61}
Ricardo Ribalda (5):
v4l2-compliance: Check V4L2_BUF_FLAG_DONE
libv4lconvert: Add support for V4L2_PIX_FMT_{HSV24, HSV32}
qv4l: support for HSV formats via OpenGL.
qv4l2: Support for HSV encodings
v4l2-ctl: Show HSV encodings names
Sakari Ailus (14):
[v4l-utils, 1/2] v4l: libv4l1, libv4l2: Use $(mkdir_p) instead of deprecated $(MKDIR_P)
[v4l-utils,2/2] Fix configure script errors
v4l: libv4l2subdev: Precisely convert media bus string to code
v4l: libv4lsubdev: Make mbus_formats array const
libv4l2subdev: Use generated format definitions in libv4l2subdev
libv4l2subdev: Add a function to list library supported pixel codes
media-ctl: List supported media bus formats
v4l: libv4l2subdev: Drop length argument from string conversion functions
libv4l2subdev: Allow extra spaces between format strings
libmediactl: Drop length argument from media_get_entity_by_name()
mediactl: Separate entity and pad parsing
media-ctl: Split off printing information related to a single entity
media-ctl: Print information related to a single entity
Fix static linking of v4l2-compliance and v4l2-ctl
Sean Young (14):
ir-ctl: add new tool for sending & receiving raw IR
ir-ctl: deal with consecutive pulses or spaces correctly
ir-ctl: give proper error message if transmitter does not exist
ir-ctl: add ability to send scancodes in most protocols
ir-ctl: add verbose option
ir-keytable: make it possible to select the rc5 streamzap variant
ir-ctl: fix rc5x encoding
ir-ctl: 0 is valid scancode
ir-ctl: improve scancode validation
ir-keytable: "-p all" or "-p mce-kdb" does not work
ir-ctl: rename rc5x to rc5x_20
ir-ctl: rc5 command 6th bit missing
ir-ctl: uninitialised memory used
ir-ctl: ensure that device can record and that correct mode is set
Shuah Khan (3):
mc_nextgen_test: fix -d option parsing
mc_nextgen_test: fix compile warnings
mc_nextgen_test: add names for ALSA capture, playback, and mixer entities
Steven Ellis (1):
dvb-sat: add support for LNBs with LO of 11300 and 10700
Felipe Eduardo Concha Avello (1):
libdvbv5: fix the count of partial receptions
Gregor Jasny (2):
Start v4l-utils 1.9.0 development cycle
libdvbv5: link against rt library for clock_gettime
Hans Verkuil (29):
v4l-utils: sync-with-kernel
cobalt-ctl: rename cobalt directory to cobalt
cobalt-ctl: add binary to .gitignore
qv4l2/v4l2-ctl: add DCI-P3 and SMPTE 2084 colorspace support
v4l-utils: sync-with-kernel
v4l2-ctl: add SDR output support
v4l2-ctl: show tuner/modulator type
v4l2-compliance: add SDR output support
v4l2-compliance: always check for V4L2_BUF_FLAG_DONE after DQBUF
v4l2-ctl: improve accuracy of fps reporting
qv4l2: fix compiler warning
qv4l2: increase fps precision
v4l2-ctl: improve dv_timings handling
qv4l2: use GL_RED for OpenGL version >= 3 instead of GL_LUMINANCE.
qv4l2: add support for Bayer 10 and 12 bits.
v4l2-compliance: fix buffer flags check
v4l-utils: sync with the latest kernel
qv4l2/v4l2-ctl/v4l2-compliance: replace ctrl_class by which
qv4l2: updateColorspace is only valid for video capture.
qv4l2: s_pixelformat(V4L2_PIX_FMT_RGB24) failed due to wrong type
v4l-helpers.h: don't use fancy initializers
v4l-helpers.h: one more incomplete initializer.
qv4l2: add qbuf error checking
qv4l2: fix audio device selection
qv4l2: reduce the minimum allowed width/height
v4l-helpers.h: fix regression
v4l2convert.c: squash compiler warning
v4l2-ctl: fix cvt/gtf and 'clear timings' bug
qv4l2: remove duplicate hasAlpha assignment
Laurent Pinchart (3):
media-ctl: libv4l2subdev: Switch to MEDIA_BUS_FMT_*
media-ctl: libv4l2subdev: Add missing formats
media-ctl: Add field support for the media bus format
Mauro Carvalho Chehab (1):
keytable: Fix display of the key code
Nick Morrott (1):
dvb: Correct references to ISO 3166-1 in help/translations
Peter Seiderer (1):
dvb/keytable: fix missing libintl linking
Sakari Ailus (2):
media-ctl: Fix bad long option crash
libv4l2subdev: Add a forward definition for missing struct media_device
Thomas Petazzoni (5):
libv4lsyscall-priv.h: Use off_t instead of __off_t
utils: Properly use ENABLE_NLS for locale related code
utils/v4l2-compliance: Include <fcntl.h> instead of <sys/fcntl.h>
libv4lsyscall-priv.h: Only define SYS_mmap2 if needed
libv4lconvert: only expose jpeg_mem_*() protoypes when JPEG_LIB_VERSION < 80
Akihiro Tsukada (11):
libdvbv5, dvbv5-scan: generalize channel duplication check
libdvbv5: add as many channels as possible in scanning DVB-T2
libdvbv5: wrong frequency in the output of satellite delsys scans
libdvbv5: add support for ISDB-S tuning
libdvbv5: add support for ISDB-S scanning
libdvbv5: add COUNTRY property
v4l-utils/libdvbv5: restore deleted functions to keep API/ABI compatible
v4l-utils/libdvbv5: fix memory leak in dvb_guess_user_country()
v4l-utils/libdvbv5: add gconv module for the text conversions of ISDB-S/T.
contrib/gconv: fix wrong conversion to ARIB-STD-B24
v4l-utils/contrib/gconv: fix build error with glibc 2.21+
Baruch Siach (1):
v4l2grab: print function name and ioctl number on failure
Benjamin Gaignard (1):
libv4l2: Changes for compilation in Android 5.0
David Härdeman (3):
ir-keytable: clarify the meaning of ir protocols
ir-keytable: replace more sysfs if-else code with loops
ir-keytable: cleanup keytable code
Fabien Dessenne (1):
v4l2-compliance: test SELECTION only for the supported buf_type
Felix Janda (3):
contrib/test: Add missing LIB_ARGP
libv4l: Wrap LFS64 functions only if linux && __GLIBC__
libv4l: Test for ioctl() function signature
Gregor Jasny (11):
Start v4l-utils 1.7.0 development cycle
man: remove duplicate backslash from NAME section
man: Use Unicode character for ellipsis and fall back to ...
man: add generated files to .gitignore
libdvbv5: Remove stray semicolon
v4l2-compliance: Explicitely link against rt library
v4l2-ctl: Explicitely link against rt library
v4lconvert: Add ASUS A7Sn to upside down table
v4lconvert: Add ASUS A6R to upside down table
v4lconvert: Add ASUS A7J to upside down table
buildsystem: Add missing files to extra distribution list
Hans Verkuil (132):
qv4l2/v4l2-ctl: fix buffer overrun in vivid-tpg.
v4l2-ctl: fix sliced vbi mode parsing
v4l2-compliance: when streaming used at least 2 buffers.
v4l2-compliance: add initial checks for VIDIOC_QUERY_EXT_CTRL
v4l2-ctl: add support for U32 control type.
v4l2-ctl: fix array handling
v4l2-compliance: allow the V4L2_IN_ST_NO_SYNC status flag.
qv4l2: add single step support
qv4l2: don't select alsa device for video output.
v4l2-compliance: select(): split "ret <= 0" test in two
v4l-utils: sync with latest kernel
(c)v4l-helpers.h: add functions for flags, ycbcr_enc and quantization
v4l2-ctl: support the new ycbcr_enc and quantization fields.
qv4l2: add support for ycbcr_enc and quantization
v4l-utils: sync-with-kernel
v4l2-ctl: add V4L2_SEL_TGT_NATIVE_SIZE support
v4l2-compliance: add checks for V4L2_IN/OUT_CAP_NATIVE_SIZE
v4l2-compliance: add basic crop/compose/scale tests.
v4l2-compliance/fixme.txt: update
v4l2-compliance: add check for missing G_INPUT/OUTPUT
v4l2-compliance: add more ycbcr_enc and quantization checks
v4l2-compliance: fix compilation problem
v4l2-ctl: report and optionally fix EDID checksum errors
v4l2-ctl: signal support for RGB/YUV quantization
Sync with latest kernel
v4l2-compliance: don't check colorspace for m2m devices
v4l2-compliance: add missing cleanup for m2m devices
qv4l2: fix incorrect colorspace string
qv4l2: fix init and fix wrong ycbcr_enc tests
v4l2-ctl: add newline after each EDID block
qv4l2: changing the quantization didn't update the format.
qv4l2: update colorspace information
v4l2-ctl: sync colorspace names with qv4l2
qv4l2: move the colorspace fields to the general tab
v4l2-ctl: fix control listing code
v4l2-compliance: fix multiplanar colorspace check
v4l2-ctl: support pixelformats with bit 31 set
qv4l2: handle pixelformats with bit 31 set
qv4l2: add support for [AX]RGB555X formats.
qv4l2: update the movement values before starting the TPG
v4l2-compliance: store the state of the driver
v4l2-compliance: remove the -i, -o and -f options
v4l2-compliance: add new -f streaming option
v4l2-compliance: fix valgrind warnings
v4l2-compliance: restore state on Ctrl-C
v4l2-compliance: improve error checking and logging
v4l2-compliance: check if the same timings can always be set
v4l2-compliance: restore crop/compose state in the correct order
v4l2-compliance: implement warn_once
v4l2-compliance: restore format based on timings, add bpl tests
v4l2-compliance: fix inverted 'while' condition
v4l2-compliance: relax error_idx checks
v4l2-ctl: add missing newline in --help-vidcap output
v4l2-compliance: continue testing with some failures
v4l2-compliance: write newline to stdout on ctrl-C
v4l2-compliance: add 'frame-height' helpers
v4l2-compliance: use the new helpers, check for min/max fmt
v4l2-compliance: show crop/compose rectangles
v4l2-compliance: add -a option to stream all inputs/outputs
v4l2-compliance: make cv4l_fmt methods const where applicable
v4l2-compliance: test many crop/compose combinations
v4l2-compliance: add CROPCAP/G_CROP checks
v4l2-ctl: exit after showing usage()
v4l2-compliance: fix save/restore state
v4l2-compliance: add color checking tests
v4l2-compliance: add the manual page
qv4l2: update manual page and usage message
v4l2-compliance: fix typo
v4l2-compliance: add v4l2-compliance.1 to .gitignore
v4l2-ctl: add a manual page
v4l2-compliance: always skip compressed formats
v4l2-compliance: improve crop/selection legacy test.
fourcc-be: improve handling of big-endian flag
v4l-utils: sync with kernel
v4l-utils: sync with kernel, now updating headers as well
v4l2-ctl: update
v4l2-ctl: remove unused variable total_v_lines
jl2005bcd.c: use unix newlines, not dos.
sync with latest kernel
media-ctl/v4l2-ctl: support new control and timing flags.
qv4l2/v4l2-ctl: fix YUV 4:2:0 support
qv4l2: add openGL support for a large number of new formats
qv4l2: fill in bytesused for the output stream.
Sync with latest kernel
qv4l2: reorganize colorspace handling
sync to latest kernel
v4l2-ctl: add support for V4L2_BUF_FLAG_LAST
qv4l2: simplify openGL handling
qv4l2: fix incorrect initial override values.
qv4l2: fix colorspace format handling bugs
v4l2-ctl: don't use [IDX] = "foo": some compilers don't like this
qv4l2: use toLatin1 instead of toAscii
qv4l2: add missing makeCurrent() call for Qt5 support
qv4l2: fix crash if openGL is not available
v4l-utils: fix typos
v4l2-compliance: reopen the node before restoring state
v4l2-compliance: fix incorrect condition
sync-with-kernel: update to the latest kernel
v4l-utils: update to new colorspace defines
qv4l2: add missing break
v4l2-compliance: skip grayscale and other non-color formats
v4l2-compliance: m2m streaming fixes
v4l-utils: sync-with-kernel
libv4l-mplane: copy missing colorspace fields
(c)v4l-helpers.h: support the new xfer_func field.
v4l2-ctl: add support for colorspace transfer functions
qv4l2: support the new transfer function field
qv4l2: remove the display colorspace
libv4l2: also update xfer_func, ycbcr_enc and quantization
qv4l2: the cv4l_fmt type wasn't set
qv4l2: fix XV601/709 handling
qv4l2: after a reopen m_ctrlNotifier needs to be recreated
v4l2-compliance: add additional checks for zeroed reserved arrays
v4l2-ctl: fix coverity warning
v4l2-compliance: fail if check_0 returns true
v4l2-ctl: show timings you want to set if --verbose
v4l2-ctl: log whether the timings uses reduced blanking v2
qv4l2: fix copy-paste bug
qv4l2: correctly update m_isSDTV
qv4l2: fix rgb check
sync-with-kernel update
cobalt-ctl: add utility to flash the cobalt firmware
v4l2-ctl: some more bool-related cleanups/simplifications
v4l2-ctl: fix reduced fps support
v4l2-compliance: warn for non-consecutive sequence numbers
v4l2-compliance: fix prepare_buf tests, drop bytesused == 0 test
v4l2-compliance: fix userptr and dmabuf streaming check
qv4l2: replace lostFocus signal by editingFinished
v4l2-ctl: split off cx18-ctl and ivtv-ctl
v4l2-ctl/compliance: add configure option to disable libv4l use
v4l2-dbg: auto-increment should use register size
qv4l2/v4l2-ctl/v4l2-compliance: fix V4L2_CTRL_TYPE_BITMASK handling
Hans de Goede (2):
rc_keymaps: allwinner: S/KEY_HOME/KEY_HOMEPAGE/
v4lconvert: Fix decoding of jpeg data with no vertical sub-sampling
Mats Randgaard (1):
v4l2-ctl: Remove file entry from
Mauro Carvalho Chehab (91):
libdvbv5: properly represent Satellite frequencies
README: better document the package
libdvbv5: Fix some Doxygen warnings at dvb-fe.h
Doxygen: Document libdvbv5 countries.h Fix gconv compilation with 64 bits only adjust direction for control EP
contrib: add a parser for af9035 properly handle URB errors Add two other commands from ITE driver add arguments to show timestamp and debug group write/read URBs create a routine to print send/race print read/write as C lines add support for firmware commands fix firmware write size
ir-keytable: fix a regression introduced by fe2aa5f767eba Fix a regression at RC map file generation
rc: Update the protocol name at RC6 tables
rc_maps.cfg: reorder entries alphabetically
rc: sync with Kernel
rc: copy userspace-only maps to a separate dir
README: Add the steps needed to syncronize with the Kernel tree
vivid-tpg.h.patch: update to match current upstream tree
Synchronize with the Kernel proper handle when stack is not filled add support for CMD_IR_GET add options to hide part of the messages Add firmware boot message to the parser improve IR handling add support for generic I2C read/write better handle the read data allow to hide parsing errors add support for standard I2C commands some cleanups Fix decoding order at I2C read/write Fix size on rd/wr regs prints Fix some hide conditions Improve argument handling
libdvbv5: add experimental DTMB support simplify non-control data remove some leftovers
sync-with-kernel: add include/linux/media.h fix qv4l2 if QGLFunctions doesn't exist
gettextize: add support for internationalization
keytable: add internacionalization to msg strings
keytable: add translation to pt_BR
dvb: add locale support
DVB tools: add pt_BR translations
keytable: add locale messages also for argp strings
keytable: add pt_BR translations for argp strings
dvb: add locale messages also for argp strings
dvb: Add translation to pt_BR for help messages
dvbv5-zap: Add missing init code for locale
Move po files to a separate dir
gettextize: Add locale settings for libdvbv5
libdvbv5: add translation support for dvb-fe.c
Add Brazilian portuguese translation for dvb-fe.c
dvb: add translation for two static tables inside dvb-fe
dvb: Add Brazilian Portuguese translation for dvb-fe static tables
v4l-utils-po/pt_BR.po: Update meta-tags
dvb: add locale support for more files
dvb: add Brazilian Portuguese translation for the core
Update INSTALL instructions and add a script to configure remove an extra uneeded space from the script be less verbose
Remove two files that shouldn't be at the tree create a build-aux/config.rpath remove gettext version need also to create build-aux dir
po: Remove some auto-generated files from the git tree
po files: remove the remaining auto-generated files
.gitignore: update it for the last *-po changes
dvb, keytable: Workaround a glibc bug when handling locale domain
README: update the sync-with-kernel procedure
Synchronize with latest header versions
dvb-fe: avoid races when CTRL-C is used
libmediactl: make it parse the DVB devnode
libmediactl: add support for the new DVB devnodes
media-ctl: Update V4L2 subdev types
dvbv5 utils: Improve the message for the country code parameter
dvbv5 utils: Update the pt-BR translation
libdvbv5: Retry FE_GET_PROPERTY ioctl if it returns EAGAIN
libdvbv5: don't retry an ioctl forever
libdvbv5: better handle EINTR/EAGAIN
libdvbv5: use a timeout for ioctl
dvb-fe: return a negative number on error
libmediactl: Don't free an already freed address if no links
Revert "libmediactl: Don't free an already freed address if no links"
README: add the instructions about how to build v4l-utils
Revert "libmediactl: add support for the new DVB devnodes"
sync-with-kernel update
Niels Ole Salscheider (1):
qv4l2: Fix out-of-source build
Patrick Boettcher (4): skip filtered frames and remove them from pending show transfer-direction for non-ctrl-transfers add external frame_processor-option remove --all option which was not documented and not working as expected
Peter Seiderer (6): add qt5 detection support
qv4l2: fix qt5 compile
qv4l2: update qmake project file
qv4l2: fix qmake project file
qv4l2: enable qt5 opengl build
qv4l2: fix qt5 opengl runtime errors
Prashant Laddha (14):
v4l2-ctl-stds: Restructured suboption parsing code
v4l2-ctl-stds: Support cvt/gtf options in set-dv-bt-timings
v4l2-ctl: Add support for CVT, GTF modeline calculation
v4l2-ctl-modes: fix hblank, hsync rounding in gtf calculation
v4l2-utils: fix overflow in cvt, gtf calculations
v4l2-utils: handle interlace fraction correctly in gtf
v4l2-utils gtf: use round instead of roundown for v_lines_rnd
v4l2-utils: fix pixel clock calc for cvt reduced blanking
v4l2-ctl-modes: add support for reduced blanking version 2
v4l2-utils: Modify usage for set-dv-timing to support RB V2
v4l2-utils: add support for reduced fps in cvt modeline
v4l2-utils: extend set-dv-timings to support reduced fps
v4l2-utils: use boolean for interlaced flag
v4l2-ctl-modes: use reduced fps only with reduced blanking v2
Ricardo Ribalda (2):
qv4l2: gl: Add support for V4L2_PIX_FMT_Y16
qv4l2: gl: Add support for V4L2_PIX_FMT_Y16_BE
Ricardo Ribalda Delgado (2):
libv4lconvert: Fix support for Y16 pixel format
libv4lconvert: Add support for V4L2_PIX_FMT_Y16_BE
Vincent McIntyre (1):
dvb-utils: add -C to manpages
Gregor Jasny (5):
man: Fix typo in dvb-fe-tool man page
man: Replace hyphen with minus sign
man: place escape to correct position
man: Use Unicode character for ellipsis and fall back to ...
qv4l2: Add keywords to desktop file
v4l-utils-1.5.91 (Development snapshot)
Gregor Jasny (3):
Start v4l-utils 1.5.91 development cycle
libdvbv5: Remove left over include of desc_service_list.h
libdvbv5: Fix typo in doxygen index file
Mauro Carvalho Chehab (30):
dvb-file: Fix a memory leak
dvb-file: frees channel/vchannel if service id not found
dvb-file: Remove spaces at the beginning of channel name
dvb-file: Only print SDT warning if are there any channel to be stored
dvb-file: Fix channel name when SDT is not found
libdvbv5/descriptors: Fix content hexdump
libdvbv5: Fix the number of frequencies at ISDB-T delivery sys descriptor
libdvbv5: print ISDB-T frequencies in MHz
libdvbv5: add a parser for ISO-10646/UCS2 strings
libdvbv5: Fix ISDB-T TS info descriptor
dvb-file: Fix no-SDT channel name allocation
dvb-file: fix the memory deallocation on error
dvb-file: don't dereference a NULL pointer
libdvbv5: check for alloc errors at desc_ca
dvb-format-convert: make valgrind happy
libdvbv5: fix a nasty to track double-free bug
dvb-fe-tool: abort nicely on femon mode
libdvbv5: replace @include by @example
man: move dvb-scan.1 out of Doxygen
man: move dvb-fe-tool.1 out of Doxygen
dvb-format-convert: Fix help message
man: move dvb-format-convert.1 out of Doxygen
man: add a utils/dvb/dvbv5-zap.1 page and remove from doxygen
user man pages: Change report bugs to linux media ML
Revert "dvb-file: don't dereference a NULL pointer"
libdvbv5: Fix frequency table alloc size at desc_frequency_list
.gitignore: Ignore quilt patches/ dir
dvbv5-scan: add vdr format for the --help parameter
user man pages: Add version to the man pages
v4l-utils-1.5.90 (Development snapshot)
André Roth (7):
libdvbv5: cleanup logging, some memory checks
libdvbv5: fix satellite LNBf handling
libdvbv5: fix dvb_fe_dummy()
libdvbv5: MPEG ES parser documentation
libdvbv5: use hyperlinks in doxygen PDF
libdvbv5: MPEG TS parser documentation
libdvbv5: MPEG TS parser documentation and cleanups
Gregor Jasny (5):
Start v4l-utils 1.5.0 development cycle
buildsystem: Use latest ax_prog_doxygen from GNU Autoconf Archive
libdvbv5: Add todo file
libdvbv5: remove service_location descriptor
libdvbv5: remove service_list descriptor
doxygen: distribute doc/libdvbv5-index.doc in tarball
Hans Verkuil (9):
v4l2-compliance: fix buffer state test
(c)v4l-helpers: zero bytesperline, swap arg order
qv4l2: the helper now zeroes bytesperline
cv4l-helpers: add missing ioctls
v4l2-ctl: fix control support for old kernels.
v4l-helpers.h: fix control ioctls checks
qv4l2: init dest format when starting vbi/swradio streaming
v4l2-compliance: fix valgrind warnings
qv4l2: fix typo: 576 instead of 575
Hans de Goede (3):
libv4l2: Fix restoring of original dest-fmt after a VIDIOC_S_DV_TIMING
libv4l2: Set convert_mmap_frame_size as soon as we've a dest_fmt
libv4l2: Move alignment of dest_fmt resolution to v4l2_set_src_and_dest_format
Mauro Carvalho Chehab (60):
libdvbv5: add doxygen tags for header.h
libdvbv5: add doxygen tags to vct.h
libdvbv5: add doxygen tags to pat.h
doxygen_libdvbv5.cfg: add header.h, vct.h and pat.h
libdvbv5: fix some cut-and-paste errors at documentation
libdvbv5: add doxygen tags to pmt.h
libdvbv5: better comment the descriptors
libdvbv5: fix some issues at PAT documentation
libdvbv5: add documentation for sdt.h
libdvbv5: some documentation fixups for sdt.h
libdvbv5: add documentation for the NIT table parser
libdvbv5: add documentation for crc32.h
libdvbv5: Add documentation for EIT DVB parser
libdvbv5: Add a mainpage to the documentation
libdvbv5: add documentation for ATSC EIT.
libdvbv5: don't use ATSC_HEADER() macro
libdvbv5: don't use DVB_DESC_HEADER() macro
libdvbv5: add documentation for cat.h and atsc_header.h
libdvbv5: add support for mgt.h
libdvbv5 documentation review
libdvbv5: group documentation into modules
libdvbv5: add a missing macro to dvb_table group for documentation
doxygen: add dvbv5-tools to the documentation
dvb-fe-tool: Fix verbosity and comment unused option
libdvbv5: fix a typo at ASTRA 1E extended LNBf
Add support for VDR format (only for output)
libdvbv5: Add support for opening FE on read only mode
dvb-fe-tool: add support to open DVB FE in read only mode
libdvbv5: Don't double-free the file name
dvb-fe-tool: add femon parameter
libdvbv5: fix a nasty bug when printing stats
libdvbv5: Re-add the status name at the stats report
libdvbv5: export dvb_fe_retrieve_quality()
dvb-fe-tool: Colorize the status report
dvb-fe-tool: implement acoustic mode
update dvb-fe-tool Doxygen documentation
libdvbv5: revert an ABI breakage
libdvbv5: Create doxygen docs for mpeg_es.h
libdvbv5: add documentation for ATSC service location
libdvbv5: Add documentation for CA descriptor
libdvbv5: Add documentation for CA identifier descriptor
libdvbv5: add documentation for cable delivery system descriptor
libdvbv5: add documentation for the extended event descriptor
libdvbv5: add documentation for the short event descriptor
libdvbv5: add documentation for the extended descriptor
libdvbv5: add documentation for the frequency list descriptor
libdvbv5: Document the hierarchy descriptor
libdvbv5: Add documentation for ISDB-T terrestrial descriptor
libdvbv5: add documentation for the language descriptor
libdvbv5: Add description for the LCN descriptor
libdvbv5: add documentation for the network name descriptor
libdvbv5: add documentation for ISDB partial reception descriptor
libdvbv5: document the Satellite delivery system descriptor
libdvbv5: add documentation for the service descriptor
libdvbv5: Add documentation for desc_service_list.h
libdvbv5: add documentation for the T2 delivery system descriptor
libdvbv5: documents the terrestrial delivery system descriptor
libdvbv5: Documents ISDB TS information descriptor
libdvbv5: add javadoc markups for desc_service_location.h
dvb-file: Fix a core dump issue
Gregor Jasny (11):
Start v4l-utils 1.3.91 development cycle
libdvbv5: Remove dvbsat_polarization_name (same as dvb_sat_pol_name)
libdvbv5: Rename and hide charset definitions
libdvbv5: Hide unused and unexposed cnr_to_qual_s tables
libdvbv5: Make dummy_fe static
libdvbv5: Add doxygen config file to distribution list
libdvbv5: Add dvb-fe-priv.h to sources list
contrib: Add au0828 directory to extra distribution list
media-ctl: process pkgconfig files
v4l2-ctl: Distribute vivid-tpg.h.patch
ir-keytable: Genrate stable map file by sorting directory before parsing
Hans Verkuil (6):
v4l2-compliance: require G/S_PRIORITY support for m2m devices
v4l2-ctl/qv4l2: sync to latest vivid-tpg code
v4l-utils: sync-with-kernel
Add the generated lib/include/dvb-frontend.h to .gitignore
Copy the vivid-tpg* sources from the kernel
qv4l2: fix bug in setting the audio mode
Mauro Carvalho Chehab (72):
libdvbv5: be coherent with parse_string.h header
libdvbv5: Move charsets to be inside the parms struct
libdvbv5: move internal parameters to a separate structure
libdvbv5: Properly document struct dvb_v5_fe_parms
libdvbv5: Fix parameters dvb_add_parms_for_sys()
libdvbv5: Fix return values for dvb_fe_get_event()
libdvbv5: Add documentation for dvb-fe.h
libdvbv5: add the private structure to the tree
libdvbv5: Rename internally-defined poll function as dvb_poll
libdvbv5: fix a memory leak at descriptors
libdvbv5: reimplement the spaces filling logic
libdvbv5: Don't go past the size of dvb_v5_name
libdvbv5: Don't go past the size of dvb_v5_attr_names
libdvbv5: Fix changeset 04accf23
libdvbv5: Allocate channel earlier
libdvbv5: add a missing return
dvbv5-zap: close dvr_fd at the end of do_traffic_monitor()
libdvbv5: Improve parsing of dvb channel format
libdvbv5: add support for parsing scan-s2 DVB-S2 channels
libdvbv5: don't write polarization and user parms twice
libdvbv5: Fix modulation formats for legacy channel on DVB-S2
libdvbv5: only use emulated formats if the original one is not found
libdvbv5: remove some commented dead code
libdvbv5: add support for optional parameters on oneline formats
libdvbv5: add support for optional MIS parameter
libdvbv5: Add support for parsing DVB-T2 channel format
libdvbv5: Fix delivery system for channel on DVB-T2 format
Stop using the legacy name for PLP/MIS property
libdvbv5: fix parsing of the default_value
libdvbv5: Split libdvbv5 properties from stats
libdvbv5: better document dvb-v5-std.h
libdvbv5: Add MIS to DVB-S2 properties
libdvbv5: Fix the error message when a props is not found
libdvbv5: avoid checking past data
libdvbv5: use default values if an entry is missing
libdvbv5: MIS default should be zero
libdvbv5: add support for PLS code/mode for file read/write
libdvbv5: make sure that all needed properties are filled
libdvbv5: Fix the property limits check
libdvbv5: fix a corner case reported by Coverity
dvbv5-zap: keep monitoring stats at DVB record mode
dvbv5-zap: Be sure to get stats before printing
dvbv5-zap: remove an unused var
libdvbv5: add documentation for dvb-demux.h
libdvbv5: rename struct el_pid
libdvbv5: Add a description for DVB file entries
dvb-file.h: prepend parsing structs with "dvb_"
libdvbv5: rename enum file_formats to dvb_file_formats
libdvbv5: move PTABLE macro to the *.c files
libdvbv5: add documentation about format read/write functions
libdvbv5: Add documentation for other functions at dvb-file.h
libdvbv5: Document dvb-log.h and dvb-sat.h
libdvbv5: Remove an unused parameter at struct dvb_v5_descriptors
libdvbv5: remove unused parameter at dvb_scan_alloc_handler_table()
libdvbv5: add documentation for the DVB scan functions
libdvbv5: Document the libdvbv5 properties
libdvbv5: Document the last undocumented structs at dvb-file.h
libdvbv5: Convert documentation to javadoc format
Add support to generate Doxygen documentation for libdvbv5
libdvbv5: Improve doxygen format
Ignore the generate doxygen-doc directory
libdvbv5: Fix function definitions at doxygen book
libdvbv5: Properly document macros at dvb-v5-std.h
libdvbv5: fix dvb_get_pmt_pid API
libdvbv5: improve doxygen documentation
libdvbv5 doxygen: Fix a few file descriptions
libdvbv5: Fix dvb_get_pmt_pid()
libdvbv5: Provide a quality indicator for DVB-T
libdvbv5: get rid of bcd_to_int()
libdvbv5: add documentation for descriptors.h
libdvbv5: Add more data about the descriptors definition
libdvbv5 doxygen: Some improvements for dvb-scan.h and descriptors.h
v4l-utils-1.3.90 (Development snapshot)
André Roth (1):
libdvbv5: provide crc32 to c++
Anton Arbring (20):
qv4l2: clarified two strings
qv4l2: changed and removed icons
qv4l2: correctly disable two menu items
qv4l2: added user controls
qv4l2: hiding disabled GUI items
qv4l2: alignment and size mods
qv4l2: added titles and moved settings
qv4l2: hiding disabled GUI items
qv4l2: alignment and size mods
qv4l2: added titles and moved settings
qv4l2: refactoring general-tab.cpp
qv4l2: bugfix and dynamic adjustments
qv4l2: removed colon and correct rowcount
qv4l2: added icon and moved label
qv4l2: added fullscreen functionality for capture window
qv4l2: added right click menu to capturewin
qv4l2: adding fullscreen option to toolbar main window
qv4l2: removed redundant set size
qv4l2: Removed bottom layout from capturewin
qv4l2: Adding width and height scaling to the status bar
Gregor Jasny (8):
Start v4l-utils 1.3.x development
Revert "libdvbv5: Do not install libdvbv5 by default"
qv4l2: Fix typo
Fix kFreeBSD build
fixed BSDfication of V4L related headers
Disabled libdvbv5 and v4l-utils build
Hide parse_string.h content in shared library interface
Prefix exported functions with dvb_
libv4l2: Lazily allocate convert_mmap_buf
qv4l2: Clean up icon distribution list
Hans Verkuil (133):
qv4l2: add extensive colorspace support
v4l2-compliance: improve colorspace checks.
qv4l2: colorspace & opengl improvements
qv4l2: GL_RED is not supported everywhere, use GL_LUMINANCE.
qv4l2: add a 'blending' mode to test images with an alpha channel.
qv4l2: fix pixel aspect ratio calculation
qv4l2: revert most of the previous patch
qv4l2: fix compilation error if HAVE_QTGL is undefined
qv4l2: fix control range handling and broken slider disabling.
qv4l2: fix pixel aspect handling and set compose rectangle
qv4l2: add support for crop and compose
qv4l2: implement SEQ_TB/BT support for the openGL renderer
qv4l2: remove two forgotten debug printfs
qv4l2: make the destination sizeimage large enough
libv4l-mplane: copy back v4l2_buffer.m, fix type problems
libv4l-mplane: v4l2-compliance fixes
libv4l-mplane: fix compile warning
qv4l2: fix incorrect disabling of the blending mode
qv4l2: zero initial buffers
qv4l2: fix enabling/disable frame width/height/size
qv4l2: get rid of unused v4l2 class methods.
qv4l2: improve video output support, esp. multiplanar.
qv4l2: improve pixel aspect detection
v4l2-ctl: vastly improve the test pattern generator.
v4l2-ctl: add missing source chromakey support.
v4l2-ctl: the alpha flags are mutually exclusive.
v4l2-ctl: add support for generating limited range RGB
qv4l2: fix a bug in vidFieldChanged
v4l2-ctl: missing support for continuous frameintervals.
Revert "qv4l2: added titles and moved settings"
Revert "qv4l2: alignment and size mods"
Revert "qv4l2: hiding disabled GUI items"
qv4l2: fix broken handling of V4L2_VBI_INTERLACED.
qv4l2: fix sliced vbi support
qv4l2: fix height calculation when overriding pixel aspect ratio
v4l2-compliance: fix various VBI tests.
qv4l2: fix square aspect ratio handling and improve Video Aspect Ratio
qv4l2: refactor window size setting at capture start
qv4l2: reset size after changing aspect ratios or scaling mode
qv4l2: drop setSizeAdjustPolicy(QComboBox::AdjustToContents)
libv4l2rds: fix date-time handling
qv4l2: fix coverity defect
qv4l2: make tab labels more compact.
qv4l2: better handling of string controls with a step > 1
libv4l2rds: handle V4L2_RDS_BLOCK_INVALID.
libv4l2rds: Area Coverage is only partially available for RBDS
rds-ctl: print RBDS call sign.
v4l2-compliance: fix control test
v4l2-compliance: only discrete framesizes are not allowed for output
libv4lconvert: add support for extended controls
libv4lcontrol: sync control strings/flags with the kernel
v4l2-compliance: allow frequency bands of just one frequency
qv4l2: fix a confusing error message when capturing VBI.
v4l2-compliance: improved v4l helpers header, add tracing
v4l2-compliance: add v4l2_format support to cv4l-helpers.h
v4l2-compliance: fix problems with vbi streaming.
qv4l2: always do updateVidCapFormat when changing crop/compose
qv4l2: m_useGLAct is only available if HAVE_QTGL is set.
qv4l2: add new png to the list of distributed files
qv4l2: use the new toolbutton for three buttons in the general tab
contrib/freebsd/ fix syntax error.
v4l-utils: update the headers to the latest kernel version.
v4l2-ctl: add support for the motion detection event
v4l2-ctl: add support for array controls
v4l2-ctl: allow setting/getting subsets
v4l-utils: add new V4L2_CAP_EXT_PIX_FORMAT capability
v4l2-compliance: check for the presence of V4L2_CAP_EXT_PIX_FORMAT
v4l2-ctl: add support for new extended format flags field.
v4l2-compliance: also check for V4L2_CAP_EXT_PIX_FORMAT in device_caps
qv4l2: add support for new alpha-aware pixelformats.
v4l2-ctl: add support for the new alpha-aware pixelformats.
libv4lconvert: add support for new pixelformats
v4l2-ctl: fix returned pixelformats that map to fbdev
qv4l2: bypass libv4l2 when obtaining the colorspace
qv4l2: fix a coverity defect
qv4l2: add the two new png's to the EXTRA_DIST list
v4l2-compliance: fix broken priv test
qv4l2: improve full-screen handling
qv4l2: center frame and drop margins in full screen mode
qv4l2: add Q shortcut to close the video window
qv4l2: QImage could be the wrong size
v4l2-compliance: reworked the (c)v4l-helpers.h headers
qv4l2: integrate with the cv4l-helpers.h header
qv4l2: force bytesperline recalculation when changing the width.
qv4l2: add Trace IOCTLs option
qv4l2: set the new value immediately when updating a control range.
qv4l2: correctly resubscribe events after a reopen.
qv4l2: add 'Use Record Priority' option
libv4lconvert: fix RGB32 conversion
qv4l2: use new control helpers
qv4l2: hopefully fix a i386 ubuntu build error
qv4l2: honor the fullscreen setting when starting capturing
qv4l2: bug fix in re-subscribing source change events
v4l-utils: sync with latest kernel
v4l2-ctl: print new SDR buffersize format field.
v4l2-compliance: add sdr buffersize check
qv4l2: support output devices
qv4l2: fix querystd and query_dv_timings
qv4l2: fix layout issues related to stacked widgets
v4l2-ctl: upgrade to the latest version of the test pattern generator
qv4l2: add SDR visualization.
v4l2-ctl: fix csc colorbar color pre-calculation
qv4l2: add support for output video devices
v4l-utils: sync with latest kernel headers
descriptors.h: include <arpa/inet.h> for ntohs
v4l2-ctl: --clear-bitmap or --clear-clips didn't actually clear it
v4l2-ctl/qv4l2: init mv_hor/vert_mode correctly.
v4l2-ctl: the field setting of the initially queued buffer is wrong.
qv4l2: implement cropping and composing for video output.
rds-ctl: changes in the TA bit weren't detected.
libv4l2rds: DI segment order was swapped
qv4l2: use setResdOnly for disabled QLineEdit controls
qv4l2: missed one more place where QLineEdits were disabled.
(c)v4l-helpers: fix broken tests for existence of ioctls.
qv4l2: convert the last direct ioctl calls to a cv4l-helper.
libv4l-mplane: make it aware of the extended pix_format fields
qv4l2: zero m_tpgLimRGBRange when the device is closed
qv4l2: use "ADC Frequency" for SDR instead of just "Frequency"
qv4l2: fix valgrind warnings
libv4l2: valgrind fixes
qv4l2: keep the "Controls" text
v4l2-ctl/qv4l2: sync to latest vivid-tpg.c
qv4l2: correct PAL pixel aspect values
v4l2-compliance: add test for S_EDID and the E2BIG corner case
qv4l2/v4l2-ctl: add support for 14x9 video aspect ratio.
v4l2-compliance: allow EIO for control ioctls
v4l2-compliance: reset control counters
qv4l2: fix segfault when openGL is not compiled in.
qv4l2: fix audio looping
qv4l2: allow '-d1' option
v4l2-ctl/qv4l2: fix movement counter calculation
qv4l2: fix broken SDR support
qv4l2: reset bytesperline when changing pixelformat.
Marcel J.E. Mol (1):
[v4l-utils] keytable: add support for XMP IR protocol
Mauro Carvalho Chehab (13):
dvbv5-zap: Fix LNBf selection
libdvbv5: Improve debug logs while scanning PMT
dvb-file: store services even when SDT is not found
dvb-file: better store channels without SDT fix handling of ./ logs
keytable: add a way to add all protocols on raw decoders
ir-keytable: add the list of supported protocols at man page
keytable: add support for sharp and mce-kbd protocols Add a parser to help with au0828 debug
dvb-file: fix memory-deallocation bug fix I2C read payload
keytable: Mask selected protocols with the supported ones
ir-keytable.1: add XMP protocol at manpage
Ove Brynestad (15):
qv4l2: add and use storage for renderer independent frame info
qv4l2: move setFrame out of renderer specific classes
qv4l2: moved Qt scale/crop to common class
qv4l2: removed separate crop offset function
qv4l2: Made cropsize available to glengine
qv4l2: moved frame/rate count assignment to common class
qv4l2: moved crop calculation out of GL renderer
qv4l2: update common size variables at GL resize
qv4l2: moved scaling calculations from setRenderFrame
qv4l2: refactored capwin variables
qv4l2: refactor aspect size calculation
qv4l2: refactor crop size calculation
qv4l2: refactored cropSize to deliver cropped size
qv4l2: Fixed cropping bug
qv4l2: Add option to enable linear scaling filter
Reynaldo H. Verdejo Pinochet (1):
[libdvbv5] dvb-sat: add universal Ku band (extended) LNBF def
Rob Barker (1):
v4l-utils: libdvbv5: fix compilation issue
Thiago Santos (1):
v4l2grab: Add threaded producer/consumer option
Alain VOLMAT (1):
buildsystem: Fix --disable-v4l-utils option
Andreas Weber (2):
v4l2-ctl-misc.cpp: bugfix display #of readbuffers
v4l2gl/v4l2grab: fix errno assignment in while loop
André Roth (43):
libdvbv5: VCT bitmap fixup
libdvbv5: fix NIT structures
libdvbv5: implement dvb_fe_dummy for logging
libdvbv5: prefix VCT with atsc_ instead of dvb_
libdvbv5: fix missing includes
libdvbv5: cleanup dvb_nit_transport_foreach macro
libdvbv5: implement ATSC standard header
libdvbv5: implement MGT table parser
libdvbv5: implement ATSC EIT
libdvbv5: fix reading multisection tables
libdvbv5: service location descriptor support
libdvbv5: support info info log via dvb_loginfo
libdvbv5: fix asprintf compile warnings
libdvbv5: mpeg elementary stream parsers
libdvbv5: fix EIT parsing
libdvbv5: shared lib and installing headers
libdvbv5: remove header files from SOURCES in
libdvbv5: fix dvb_parse_descriptors and make dvb_desc_init private
libdvbv5: add attribute packed to structs and unions
libdvbv5: add parser for CAT
libdvbv5: add parser for ca and ca_identifier descriptors
libdvbv5: fix PMT parser
libdvbv5: cleanup printing tables and descriptors
libdvbv5: use DVB_DESC_HEADER macro in all descriptors
libdvbv5: make dvb_desc_default_init and dvb_desc_default_print private
libdvbv5: allow table parsers to get specific pointer to table struct
libdvbv5: descriptor parser return int
libdvbv5: remove unneeded includes
libdvbv5: fix lost ressource in atsc_eit
libdvbv5: add support for tables with multiple ts_id and section gaps
libdvbv5: reunite atsc_table_header and dvb_table_header
libdvbv5: fix asprintf compile warning in dvbv5-scan
libdvbv5: make crc32 public
libdvbv5: make dvb_table_filter_free public
libdvbv5: cleanup table parsers
libdvbv5: cleanup printing of tables and descriptors
libdvbv5: rename descriptor functions
libdvbv5: move table parsers to separate directory
libdvbv5: cleanup parser API
libdvbv5: short API description
libdvbv5: build dynamic libdvbv5 by default
libdvbv5: improve CRC size handling
libdvbv5: improve DVB header handling
Antonio Ospite (1):
libv4lconvert: Fix a regression when converting from Y10B
Antti Palosaari (1):
v4l2-ctl: add tuner support for SDR tuners
Baard Eirik Winther (1):
qv4l2: Add cropping option to remove pillarbox
Bård Eirik Winther (33):
qv4l2: move function ctrlEvent
qv4l2: add hotkeys for common operations
qv4l2: fix minimum size in capture win to frame size
qv4l2: add Capture menu
qv4l2: new modular capture window design
qv4l2: add OpenGL rendering
qv4l2: alter capture menu
qv4l2: new ALSA stream source code
qv4l2: fix a bug where the alsa thread never stops
qv4l2: add ALSA stream to qv4l2
qv4l2: add ALSA audio playback
qv4l2: fix YUY2 shader
qv4l2: fix black screen with opengl after capture
qv4l2: show frames option can be toggled during capture
qv4l2: add function getMargins
qv4l2: add video scaling for CaptureWin
qv4l2: add hotkey for reset scaling to frame size
qv4l2: add aspect ratio support
qv4l2: generalized opengl include guards
qv4l2: fix YUY2 shader
qv4l2: fix black screen with opengl after capture
qv4l2: show frames option can be toggled during capture
qv4l2: create function getMargins
qv4l2: add video scaling for CaptureWin
qv4l2: added resize to frame size in Capture menu
qv4l2: add hotkey for reset scaling to frame size
qv4l2: add pixel aspect ratio support for CaptureWin
qv4l2: change m_scaledFrame to m_scaledSize
qv4l2: fix missing status tips
qv4l2: fix program input parameters
qv4l2: add manpage
qv4l2: updated about window
qv4l2: fix GeneralTab layout
Gregor Jasny (22):
Start v4l-utils 1.1.x development branch
libv4lconvert: Reject too short source buffer before accessing it
buildsystem: use subdir-objects automake option as suggested by automake
buildsystem: Do not specify library version for static libs
buildsystem: Use autoconf variable for symbol visibility flag
buildsystem: Use C99 by default
libdvbv5: Fix compiler warning about signedness
libv4lconvert: Add ASUS A7M to upside down table
libdvbv5: FIx check for available adaptation field
libdvbv5; Fix typo in MPEG TS print function
v4l2-ctl: Do not leak framebuffer handle in error paths
dvbv5-zap: Close open file descriptor in error path
dvbv5-zap: Always initialize status variable
libv4lconvert: Error out if source or destination pointers are null
libv4lconvert: Gracefully handle unknown SE401 destination formats
libdvbv5: Distribute internal header, too
mediactl: Distribute internal header, too
buildsystem: Distribute files
v4l2-compliance: Distribute internal header, too
qv4l2: Distribute manpage
libdvbv5: Do not install libdvbv5 by default
Prepare for 1.2.0 release
Hans Verkuil (130):
qv4l2: fix a segfault for native 32 bpp formats
Revert "qv4l2: add aspect ratio support"
Revert "qv4l2: add hotkey for reset scaling to frame size"
Revert "qv4l2: add video scaling for CaptureWin"
Revert "qv4l2: add function getMargins"
Revert "qv4l2: show frames option can be toggled during capture"
Revert "qv4l2: fix black screen with opengl after capture"
Revert "qv4l2: fix YUY2 shader"
qv4l2: add cropping to CaptureWin and Qt render
qv4l2: call setFrame before resize to get correct frame size calculation
rds-ctl: fix segfault in list_devices()
v4l2-ctl: fix '--set-dv-bt-timings query' option.
v4l2-ctl: properly close filehandles on error
v4l-utils: sync with latest kernel.
v4l2-ctl: set b.num_planes to 1 for single plane output formats.
qv4l2: crop: take pixel aspect ratio into account.
v4l2-compliance: check for invalid m2m + overlay caps
v4l2-compliance: check that streaming will fail for overlays
v4l2-ctl: use libv4l2 wrapper for mmap as well.
qv4l2: fix broken VBI support
v4l-utils: run sync-with-kernel, add ioctl32 tests for v4l2-subdev.h
v4l2-ctl: errors during streaming setup were ignored
libv4l2rds: update the list of AFs if the number of AFs changes
libv4l2rds: rename V4L2_RDS_FLAG_STATIC_PTY to _DYNAMIC_PTY
rds-ctl: add support for dynamic/static PTY
v4l2-ctl: --all should also show multiplanar formats.
v4l2-compliance: add bytesperline sanity check for multiplanar formats.
v4l2-compliance: add streaming tests
v4l2-compliance: fix broken test for V4L2_FRMIVAL_TYPE_CONTINUOUS
v4l2-ctl: add support for fields
v4l2-compliance: fix read() test and reopen after read/write
v4l2-ctl: automatically detect single/multiplanar buffer type.
v4l2-compliance: test streaming with bogus v4l2_buffer values.
v4l2-compliance: check if USERPTR is actually supported.
v4l2-compliance: restore the initial formats after testing S_FMT
v4l2-compliance: add EXPBUF and DMABUF streaming tests.
v4l2-compliance: test for invalid dmabuf file descriptors.
qv4l2: add combobox to select the field format.
v4l2-compliance: add tests for multiplanar capture.
v4l2-compliance: fix data_offset related tests
v4l2-ctl: fix regression when setting vidcap format
v4l2-compliance: move streaming setup code to main source.
v4l2-compliance: move functions around.
v4l2-compliance: Update fixme.txt
v4l2-compliance: fix BUF_TYPE vs CAP mixup.
v4l2-compliance: obtain expbuf caps and fix radio/vbi bug
v4l2-compliance: now support all formats in the streaming tests.
v4l2-ctl: is_mplane was never set.
v4l2-compliance: add new mmap tests.
v4l-utils: fix optional args for short opts
v4l2-ctl: set timestamp for output buffers.
v4l2-ctl: add streaming between two video devices using dmabuf
v4l2-ctl: the colorspace can now be set for outputs.
v4l2-ctl: improve the overlay support
v4l2-compliance: add M2M streaming support
v4l2-compliance: fill output buffers.
v4l2-compliance: fix check for correct return code for STREAMON.
v4l2-compliance: reopen node after each streaming test.
v4l2-compliance: change one warn to info.
v4l2-compliance: lower default framecount to 60.
v4l2-compliance: bypass libv4l2 for expbuf handling.
v4l2-compliance: improve clip checking
v4l2-compliance: add tests for output buffer error checking
v4l2-ctl: skip captured buffers with flag V4L2_BUF_FLAG_ERROR
qv4l2: ignore buffers with flag V4L2_BUF_FLAG_ERROR.
sync-with-kernel should also copy fb.h
v4l-utils: ran sync-with-kernel which added the fb.h header.
qv4l2: two field related fixes
qv4l2: support top/bottom/alternate field settings.
qv4l2: add check if the shader function is available.
v4l2-compliance: check for presence of a tuner/modulator
v4l2-compliance: improve format matching code.
qv4l2: initialize comboboxes with sensible initial sizes.
qv4l2: QUERYSTD returns STD_UNKNOWN if there is no standard
qv4l2: fix frequency handling
qv4l2: disable what shouldn't be touched while streaming.
v4l2-compliance: add tests for queuing operations with invalid indices.
v4l2-compliance: more nasty evil stream I/O checks
qv4l2: fix incorrect call to s_fmt when disabling width/height
qv4l2: fix incorrect handling of fields
v4l-utils: sync with latest kernel headers.
v4l2-ctl: add support for SDR FMT
v4l2-ctl: implement list SDR buffers command
v4l2-ctl: add timestamp source support.
v4l2-compliance: add timestamp source tests.
v4l2-ctl: add missing v4l2-ctl-sdr.cpp file.
v4l2-ctl: support SDR capture streaming.
v4l2-compliance: add SDR compliance tests.
v4l2-compliance: add 1HZ support when setting the frequency.
qv4l2: add SDR support.
qv4l2: use QDoubleSpinBox for frequency inputs
v4l2-compliance: support menu controls with more than 32 items
v4l2-ctl/compliance: use the correct mmap/munmap functions.
v4l2-ctl: add support for custom bytesperline values.
qv4l2: increase max width/height to 4K resolution.
v4l2-ctl: fix printing of buffer flags
v4l-utils: sync to latest kernel headers
v4l2-ctl: add --clear-edid option.
v4l2-ctl: rename old v4l2_subdev_edid and VIDIOC_SUBDEV_G/S_EDID
v4l2-compliance: add test setting all enumerated timings.
v4l2-compliance: add G/S_EDID tests.
libv4lconvert: remove broken ALTERNATE handling
v4l2-compliance: add helper headers
v4l2-compliance: use the new cv4l-helpers.h header.
v4l2-compliance: m2m devices should have only one input and output
v4l2-compliance: test control/format/codec ioctls for all inputs/outputs
qv4l2: add support for V4L2_PIX_FMT_NV16M/61M
v4l2-compliance: fix function pointer prototype.
v4l2-compliance: add missing 'class' keyword after 'friend'
v4l2-compliance: fix 32-bit compilation for v4l_fd_init()
qv4l2: only set m_isRadio if m_isSDR is true.
qv4l2: fix modulator frequency bugs
libv4lconvert: fix a v4l2-compliance error
v4l2-compliance: don't do the global format test when using libv4l2.
sync-with-kernel: update to latest kernel headers.
libdvbv5: fix compile error
v4l2-ctl: add support V4L2_EVENT_SOURCE_CHANGE
libdvbv5: generate the correct include in dvb-v5.c
Synced with latest kernel.
Add missing v4l2-mediabus.h
Synced with latest kernel
qv4l2: fix segmentation fault when compiled without ALSA support.
v4l2-compliance: fix broken querymenu check.
qv4l2: add support for the V4L2_EVENT_SOURCE_CHANGE event.
v4l2-compliance: don't warn about missing frameintervals
v4l2-ctl: add support to try/set raw VBI formats
v4lgrab/vbi-test: remove these utilities
qv4l2-qt3: remove utility
qv4l2: fix opengl support for RGB32/BGR32.
v4l2-compliance: M2M cap + input or output caps should be an error.
Hans de Goede (6):
libv4lcontrol: Check control_flags before doing wildcard maching on upside_down
libv4lcontrol: Add Asus F3Sc with 04f2:b012 cam as upside down false positive
libv4l2: decomress-helper: close fds then wait for helper to exit
rc_keymaps: Add a keymap for the remote shipped with allwinner ba10 tv boxes
rc_keymaps: Add a keymap for the remote shipped with allwinner i12-a20 tv boxes
rc_keymaps: Add keymap for the remote shipped with the Wobo i5 tv box
Hans-Christian Egtvedt (8):
v4l2-ctl: remove unnecessary inclusion of libv4l2.h
v4l2-compliance/ctl: drop libv4l2 dependency if NO_LIBV4L2 is defined
Add static configuration file for Android builds
v4l2-ctl/dbg: include android-config.h header file if ANDROID is set
v4l2-compliance: add makefile
v4l2-ctl: add makefile
v4l2-dbg: add makefile
INSTALL: add cross compile and install procedures for Android
Lad, Prabhakar (2):
libv4l: Update the README name for libv4l
libv4l: Update the link pointing the patch for porting the application to libv4l2
Laurent Pinchart (17):
Import the media-ctl utility and libraries
media-ctl: Rename source files
media-ctl: Remove the obsolete device argument from the help text
media-ctl: Document the --links option argument
media-ctl: Always print the full help message
media-ctl: Don't install libmediactl and libv4l2subdev
media-ctl: Update copyright years
media-ctl: Fix off-by-one buffer overflow with readlink
media-ctl: Fix media device version printing
media-ctl: Add fall through comment to fix Coverity warning
media-ctl: libv4l2subdev: Add DV timings support
media-ctl: Move flags printing code to a new print_flags function
media-ctl: Add DV timings support
Update sync-with-kernel to use installed kernel headers
media-ctl: Pass a positive error value to strerror()
Revert "wip"
Martin Bugge (1):
v4l2-ctl: add EDID get and set options
Mauro Carvalho Chehab (166):
dvbv5-scan: Allow using separate adapter for FE and demux
libdvbv5: add descriptor parser for ATSC TVCT/CVCT tables
libdvbv5: fix VCT parsing
libdvbv5: Add ATSC specific descriptors
libdvbv5: add parser for ATSC service location
libdvbv5: Add support for additional descriptors at VCT table
libdvbv5: Add table ID of extra NIT/SDT tables
libdvbv5/dvb-scan: Modify to use the newer TS tables parser
libdvbv5: move DVB scan handler code to a separate file
libdvbv5: move handler code to a separate file
libdvbv5: move all tables structs to the handler data
libdvbv5: fixup parsing of PMT tables
libdvbv5: Add a parser for extension descriptors
libdvbv5/dvb-scan: handle allocation errors
libdvbv5/dvb-scan: be more verbose in debug mode
libdvbv5/dvb-scan: Fix a series of checks at buffer handling
libdvbv5/parse_string: don't free twice
libdvbv5: better handle memory errors
libdvbv5/descriptors: print descriptor number in hexadecimal
descriptors/nit: byte struct should be packed
libdvbv5/descriptors: Make easier to read/edit the descriptors table
libdvbv5: add support for ISDBT terrestrial system descriptor
libdvbv5: add parser for TS information descriptor
libdvbv5: Add descriptors for virtual channel number
libdvbv5: Add support for partial reception
libdvbv5: add suport for DVB-T2 delivery descriptor
libdvbv5: avoid playing with memory
libdvbv5/dvb-scan-table-handler:free the new table descriptors
libdvbv5: Add some missing code to free data
libdvbv5: Better handle program data
libdvbv5/dvb-fe: make valgrind happy
libdvbv5/descriptors: descriptors data should always be freed
libdvbv5/dvb-scan: fix memory leak
libdvbv5/dvb-scan-table-handler: remove free of unallocated structs
libdvbv5: produce dvb data from the new structures
libdvbv5/dvb-file: use the new descriptors for virtual channel
libdvbv5/dvb-file: fix allocation of dvb_file
libdvbv5/dvb-file: fix parameters for dvb_vchannel()
Fix desc_frequency_list descriptor
libdvbv5: add support for ATSC VCT table parsing
libdvbv5: On ATSC, only try to get SDT if VCT is not found
libdvbv5: don't leak memory on ATSC service location
dvb-fe: don't cause memory leak on open errors
dvbv5-scan: release resources on errors
libdvbv5/dvb-file: Allow using SDT for ATSC
libdvbv5/dvb-scan: avoid memory leak on table read timeout
dvb/dvbv5-zap: Fix help message
libdvbv5/dvb-scan: require PAT also for ATSC
libdvbv5/dvb-file: Fix the logic for program found check
libdvbv5/descriptors: Fix error handling routine
libdvbv5/descriptors: Fix extension descriptor handling
libdvbv5/descriptors: don't leak memory on error
libdvbv5/dvb-file: Don't leave memory leaks on channel store failure
libdvbv5: avoid nit to read out of the buffer
libdvbv5: be sure to not go past buffer on PAT parsing
libdvbv5: add multisection support for PAT table
libdvbv5: fix debug msg for Network PID
libdvbv5: don't cause crash if NIT is missing on fe-file.c
libdvbv5: Add missing dvb_dmx_stop() on error handling
libdvbv5: be sure to not go past buffer on PMT parsing
libdvbv5: be sure to not go past buffer on SDT parsing
libdvbv5: be sure to not go past buffer on VCT parsing
libdvbv5: shut up a few compilation warnings
libdvbv5: improve debug messages
libdvbv5/dvb-file: describe the service type on the logs
dvbv5-scan: move scanning code into dvb_scan_transponder()
libdvbv5: Re-add NIT transponders addition
libdvbv5: Re-add parser for ISDB-T NIT transponders addition
libdvbv5: Re-add parser for ISDB-T NIT transponders addition
libdvbv5: add support for DVB-S/S2 at NIT parser
libdvbv5: add support for DVB-T2 at NIT parser
libdvbv5: remove the remaining bits from the NIT parsers
libdvbv5: better implement the NIT parser
libdvbv5: properly handle ISDB-T partial reception
libdvbv5: get rid of dvb-scan-table-handler.[ch]
libdvbv5: handle NIT descriptors when verbose is not enabled
libdvbv5: Improve descriptor error logs
libdvbv5: Fix the size of the LCN descriptor
libdvbv5: some error handling improvements on dvb-file
libdvbv5/descriptors.c: fix two warnings
dvbv5-zap: allow using transponder frequency while in monitor mode
dvbv5-zap: make Valgrind happy
libdvbv5: clear data before setting a dmx filter
libdvbv5/dvb-demux: fix CodingStyle
dvbv5-zap: handle timeout also while in monitor mode
dvbv5-zap: exit nicely on SIGTERM/SIGINT
dvbv5-scan: handle SIGTERM/SIGINT nicely
dvbv5-zap: only handle SIGALRM if need
libdvbv5: fix extension descriptor handler
libdvbv5: fix T2 delivery descriptor handler
libdvbv5: fix dvb-scan handler for T2 descriptor
libdvbv5: fix terrestrial delivery constellation table
libdvbv5: change log level for the two nit handler messages
libdvbv5/dvb-scan: Remove dead code and add a check after realloc()
libdvbv5: don't use realloc() inside pat.c
dvbv5-scan: fix detection of duplicated freqs at the input file
libdvbv5: fix error condition on ATSC service location descriptor
libdvbv5: fix error condition on ISDBT delivery descriptor
libdvbv5: Fix other error conditions for out of memory
dvb5-zap: Better handle the MPEG TS header
libdvbv5/dvb-scan: all tables should have an specified size
libdvbv5: pack NIT table
libdvbv5: fix other error conditions for out of memory
libdvbv5: fix some out-of-bound acesses on hexdump()
libdvbv5: Simplify PAT handling
libdvbv5: simplify NIT table parser
libdvbv5: cleanup PAT table parser
libdvbv5: simplify PMT table parser
libdvbv5: simplify SDT table parser
libdvbv5: simplify VCT table parser
dvb/README: Remove some obsolete data
dvbv5-zap: fix all-pids record mode
libdvbv5: fix memory leak at ISDB partial reception handler
libdvbv5: Fix memory leak at TS info handler
dvb-fe: be a little less verbose with verbosity level 1
dvbv5-zap: on all pids mode, we can use the frequency
dvbv5-zap: fix frontend status handling
dvbv5-zap: allow using a frequency for a channel on exit after tuning
libdvbv5: Fix a warning at isdb_desc_partial_reception_free
libdvbv5: fix retrieve parameters for ISDB-T
libdvbv5/dvb-fe: Fall back to v3 if needed
libdvbv5: Only discard the services not found
dvb-fe: fix using a DVB-T file for ISDB-T
dvb: simplify the logic that sets a (compat) DTV delivery system
dvb-scan: remove ISDB-T hack from it
libdvbv5: fix get_frontend logic
Replace my email address with the new one
libdvbv5: move store/retrieve functions upper
libdvbv5: better handle ATSC/Annex B
dvb-scan: fix a print message
descriptors: be sure to not read past the buffer
vct: avoid read descriptors past the buffer
dvb-demux: add code for DVB section filter
dvb: Fix VCT handling
dvb-scan: don't handle NIT table by default on ATSC
dvb-fe: Add support for setting the LNA before tuning
dvb: add support for LNA setting at scan and zap
dvb-fe: Use a separate call to change LNA settings
Add a parser for drxj
Revert "dvb-scan: don't handle NIT table by default on ATSC"
libdvbv5: better document some MPEG TS fields
libdvbv5: reimplement the logic that gets a full section
dvbv5-zap: only start audio filtering if audio PID > 0
libdvbv5: Frequency is unsigned. use %u to print it
libdvbv5: fix ISDB-T frequency calculus on 32 bits machines
libdvbv5: move ISDB-T frq conversion to the descriptors code
libdvbv5: fix the area code size on ISDB-T
dvbv5-zap: fix usage of --record without --output
dvbv5-zap: Make dvbv5 as the default format
dvbv5-zap: better implement the --record flag
dvbv5-zap: only open the DVR interface if outputing
dvb-zap: fix --search argument
libdvbv5: Change license to LGPL v2.1
libdvbv5: Remove two warnings on 32 bits compilation
Revert "libdvbv5: Change license to LGPL v2.1"
libdvbv5: don't override a parameter when setting lna
libdvbv5: Fix the speedup scan condition
dvb-file: Fix bandwidth handling at online write function
contrib: add a parser for dib0700 parse the remaining messages on dib0700 improve parser add support to identify delays Make the delays multiple of 10ms autoflush writes Parse REQUEST_SET_I2C_PARAM parse REQUEST_GET_VERSION
Ricardo Ribalda Delgado (2):
libv4lconvert: Support for Y16 pixel format
libv4lconvert: Support for RGB32 and BGR32 format
Rob Barker (1):
libdvbv5: Find other TS in NIT pointer fix
Stefan Ringel (1):
v4l-utils: bugfix memory chunk
Thiago Santos (1):
libv4l2: release the lock before doing a DQBUF
Devin Heitmueller (1):
Don't call G_TUNER unless actually performing a tuning related call
Diego Viola (1):
Fix spelling of Qt in .desktop file (typo)
Gregor Jasny (20):
qv4l2: Silence Qt build tools invocation if silent mode is enabled
buildsystem: Do not bootstrap complete gettext for testing iconv
libdvb: Disable library installation by default
keytable: Always check if strtok return value is null
libv4lconvert: Prevent integer overflow by checking width and height
xc3082: Fix use after free in free_firmware()
libdvbv5: Fix reallocation in parse_lcn
rds-ctl: Always terminate strings properly
libdvbv5: Fix copy and paste error in parse_service()
libv4lconvert: Avoid division by 0 if gamma value is corrupted
pixfmt-test: Explicitely mention fall-through
v4l2-ctl: Do not read past end of num_planes array
libv4lconvert: Fix resource leak in sq905 error path
xc3028: Remove duplicate const
libdvbv5: Actually check for lock
libdvbv5: Free all memory in read_dvb_file error path
libdvbv5: Free all memory in parse_format_oneline error path
libdvbv5: Free tbl in dvb_read_section_with_id error paths
libdvbv5: Properly free temporary variables at end of parse_string
libdvbv5: Remove dead code in read_dvb_file.
Guy Martin (6):
libdvbv5: Remove buggy parsing of extra DTV_foo parameters
libdvbv5: Add parsing of POLARIZATION
libdvbv5: Export dvb_fe_is_satellite()
libdvbv5: Fix satellite handling and apply polarization parameter to the frontend
libdvbv5: Use a temporary copy of the dvb parameters when tuning
dvbv5-zap: Parse the LNB from the channel file
Hans Verkuil (20):
v4l2-dbg: remove unused source.
v4l2-compliance: refactor code to create invalid formats.
v4l2-compliance: improve overlay clipping tests.
v4l2-compliance: check that g_register fills the size field.
rds-ctl: fix percentage handling.
rds-ctl: support -d10 to refer to radio10.
v4l2-compliance: fix typo
v4l2-ctl: fix wrong array accesses in selection code.
v4l2-ctl: V4L2_BUF_TYPE_PRIVATE is no longer used.
Remove references to v4l2-chip-ident.h
Sync with latest 3.10.0-rc7 kernel.
libv4l2/log.c: add entry for new VIDIOC_DBG_G_CHIP_INFO ioctl.
Remove committed v4l2-chip-ident.h headers.
Sync with 3.11 kernel.
qv4l2: always update controls by default
libv4l2rds: fix coverity issues.
rds-ctl: fix coverity issues.
v4l2-dbg: fix coverity issues.
v4l2-ctl: fix coverity issues.
v4l2-ctl: (*XX).Foo -> XX->Foo
Hans de Goede (3):
libv4l2: Add logging of dqbuf timestamps to debug logging
libv4l2: Add V4L2_PERROR convenience macro
libv4l2: do not log a ton of errors on device unplug
Konke Radlow (3):
libv4l2rds: support RDS-EON and TMC-tuning info
rds-ctl: support RDS-EON and TMC-tuning info
libv4l2rds.c: moving functions to get rid of declarations
Mauro Carvalho Chehab (3):
dvbv5-zap: sort the params by the key letter
dvbv5-zap: add an option to not filter pids
parse_string: fix encodings for Taiwan
Ricardo Ribalda Delgado (1):
v4l2_compliance: -EINVAL is expected when ret is not 0
Gregor Jasny (1):
contrib: Add missing dist files for ioctl-test
André Roth (3):
libv4l-mplane: Fix compile flags to allow anonymous unions with gcc 4.5.5
libdvbv5: fix compile error
libdvbv5: fix anonymous unions on older gcc
Antonio Ospite (2):
contrib/m920x/ stricter check when extracting firmware
contrib/m920x/ silence a warning
Gregor Jasny (4):
libv4l: Add ASUS F2F with STK DC-1125 to upside down list
libv4l: Add Founder PC T14MF to upside down table
contrib: Add missing files to distribution list
Hans Petter Selasky (1):
libv4l: Don't try to access sysfs 256 times when there is no sysfs
Hans Verkuil (52):
qv4l2: add missing information for string and integer controls
qv4l2: add support for control events.
v4l2-compliance: allow EINVAL to be returned by S/TRY_FMT.
qv4l2: fix setting frequency for radio modulators
v4l-utils: sync with latest kernel.
v4l2-ctl: show used timestamp type.
v4l2-compliance: add check whether the timestamp is monotonic.
v4l-utils: fix make install problems with ln -s
v4l-utils: fix two 'dereferencing type-punned pointer' warnings
v4l2-compliance: reorganize verbosity options
ioctl-test: improve comments and add checks against ioctl num changes.
v4l2-compliance: improve read/write error reporting.
qv4l2: don't show "Query Standard" button if QUERYSTD isn't supported.
qv4l2: correctly update frame width and height for fixed resolutions.
v4l2-ctl: improve interval reporting.
v4l2-ctl: when streaming to file use bytesused instead of the full buffer.
v4l2-ctl: improve dv_timings reporting.
v4l2-ctl: support data_offset when streaming multiplanar formats.
v4l2-ctl: show buffers or key/P/B-frames when capturing.
v4l2-* utils: allow -d11 to refer to /dev/video11
v4l-utils: run sync-with-kernel.
v4l2-ctl: add support for 'COPY' timestamp and ctrl range events.
v4l2-compliance: add support for the new 'COPY' timestamp type.
v4l2-compliance: missing check on the frameinterval
v4l2-compliance: improve tests when TRY/S_FMT returns EINVAL.
qv4l2: do nothing if querystd does not detect a standard.
qv4l2: handle control range updates.
libv4l2/log.c: update list of ioctls.
v4l2-compliance: fix s_std test: ENODATA is a valid error code.
v4l2-ctl: don't produce verbose output for QBUF while streaming.
qv4l2: fix the way interlaced formats are displayed
v4l2-ctl: fix the field-per-second calculation
qv4l2/v4l2-ctl: fix the fields-per-second calculation
qv4l2/v4l2-ctl: fix rounding error in field-per-second calculation
v4l2-ctl: add the --concise option.
v4l-utils: sync with kernel, remove all references to the DV_PRESET API.
v4l-utils: sync to the latest kernel.
v4l-utils: sync-with-kernel.
v4l2-compliance: remove ChipIdent tests
v4l2-ctl: set bytesused for streaming to the output.
v4l2-compliance: fix RDS + CAP_READWRITE tests.
v4l2-compliance: really fix the RDS and V4L2_CAP_READWRITE tests
v4l2-ctl: add eos and decoder-stop support.
v4l2-ctl: use references instead of pointers.
v4l2-ctl: fix a small bug in the stream-count/skip handling.
v4l2-ctl: split off test pattern generation in a separate source.
v4l2-ctl: small improvements.
v4l2-ctl: poll/non-poll behavior fixes
v4l2-ctl: find_pixel_format couldn't handle output streams.
v4l-utils: sync with latest kernel.
v4l2-dbg: replace CHIP_IDENT with CHIP_INFO.
v4l2-ctl: introduce buffers class to simplify the streaming code
Jean Delvare (1):
dvbv5-zap: Fix build warning
Laurent Pinchart (2):
v4l2-compliance: Print invalid return codes in control tests
v4l2-compliance: Print invalid error_idx values in control tests
Mauro Carvalho Chehab (50):
ir-keytable: Add support for testing EV_ABS events
keytable: merge two identical structures into one
keytable: reorder functions to put similar code together
keytable: Add handler for EV_REL type
keytable: also print code for unknown/unhandled events
keytable: Put events in numeric order
keytable: Add the remaining other unhandled events
keytable: Make the parsing code more generic
keytable: properly print the other MSC_* event names
keytable: be clear when a value is in hexadecimal
keytable: always use hexadecimal values for scancodes
dvbv5-zap: Allow to enable FE debug
Sync with kernel, with DVB stats
dvb-fe: add support for DVBv5 stats
dvbv5-zap: use the new DVBv5 stats API
dvb-fe: Add a flag to indicate if DVBv5 stats is in use
dvb-fe: Improve BER measurements for DVBv5
dvb-fe: Allow returning BER in a float value
dvbv5-zap: better display BER
dvb-fe: Add a method to report PER
dvb: Move the core of the stats logic to dvb-fe
dvb-fe: Fix PER statistics measurement
dvb-fe: Add support for a quality measurement
dvb: Rename a few DVB statistics
dvb: Add support for retrieving pre-BER data
dvb: use a macro for the number of Kernel stats
dvb: Better name the post-BER data
dvb: add support for pre-BER measurement
dvb: if the signal vanishes, bit/block error counters should vanish
dvbv5-zap: improve status display
dvbv5-scan: use library support for stats print
dvbv5-scan: also prints signal strength on tuner fail
ioctl-test: Auto-generate the list of ioctls to test
Add DVB headers to make sync-with-kernel
ioctl-test: expand it to also test DVB frontend/demux
dvbv5-scan: Fix get_signal logic
dvb-fe: Fix check for stats property
dvb-fe: Reserve space for the other DVBv5 properties
dvbv5-zap: Only go back if is there anything to clean
dvb5-scan: Improve output to better show the status
dvbv5-scan: don't be too verbose with status
dvb-scan: Don't call dvb_fe_get_stats() twice
dvb-fe: Supress statistics if signal lock vanishes
dvbv5-scan: timeout-multiply should also affect the timeout for scan
dvbv5-zap: add traffic monitor support
dvbv5-zap: output stats to stdout on monitor mode
dvbv5-zap: Better output at monitor mode
dvbv5-zap: don't stop monitoring for buffer underrun
dvbv5-zap: better represent low_traffic data in monitor mode
dvbv5-zap: print elapsed time when buffer overflow happens
Riku Voipio (1):
v4l-utils: use openat when available
Tzu-Jung Lee (2):
v4l2-ctl: break down the streaming_set()
v4l2-ctl: initial attempt to support M2M device streaming
* Synced with latest kernel headers
* v4l2-ctl changes
* fixed bug in parse_subopt
* --list-buffers didn't work for multiplanar formats
* v4l2-compliance
* work around missing ENODATA on (k)FreeBSD
* add test whether V4L2_MEMORY_DMABUF is supported
* add the new EXPBUF ioctl
* libv4l changes
* Add a libv4l plugin for mplane handling
* v4l2-ctl changes
* load initial frames from the file as well
* add --stream-loop for streaming to an output
* zero bytesperline
* test utility changes
* Add an OpenGL test application to test utilities in contrib
* buildsystem changes
* Use udev pkgconfig file to populate installation directory
* Query Qt rcc tool location and fall back to rcc if not available
* libv4l changes
* Various Pixart JPEG fixes
* Add more notebooks to the upside down device table
* Use bytesperline instead of width (Robert Abel)
* Better luminance quantization table for Pixart JPEG (Jean-Francois Moine)
* Fix out of bounds array usage
* Prevent GCC 4.7 inlining error
* Add support for libjpeg >= v7
* Add new matching algorithm for upside down table
* Retry with another frame on JPEG header decode errors
* Improved JL2005BCD support (Theodore Kilgore)
* Set errno to EIO if getting 4 consecutive EAGAIN convert errors
* Make software autowhitebalance converge faster
* Add quirk support for forced tinyjpeg fallback
* ir-keytable changes
* Fixed file parsing errors
* Add support for Sanyo IR and RC-5-SZ protocol
* Add missing mouse buttons in shipped keytables
* libdvbv5 changes
* Initial release
* libv4l2rds and rds-ctl
* Initial release (Konke Radlow)
* qv4l2 changes
* Fix segfault when there are no inputs or outputs
* Fix endianess issues
* Add support for new timing ioctls
* Improve frequency and radio support
* Add VBI support
* Add ability to make a snapshot
* Add support to stream raw frames into a file
* buildsystem changes
* Converted buildsystem to autotools
* Made buildsystem cross compiling friendly
* Support out of tree builds
* Utils changes
* New parser for dumps of em28xx with drxk frontend
* qv4l2: Add support for bitmap controls (hverkuil)
* v4l2-ctl: add support for the new bitmask control type (hverkuil)
* v4l2-ctl: add support for the control event (hverkuil)
* v4l2-ctl: small bugfixes (hverkuil)
* v4l2-compliance: various new tests (hverkuil)
* lib_media_dev: various fixes / cleanups (hdegoede)
* libv4l changes
* Add some more laptop models to the upside down devices table (hdegoede)
* Add support for SE401 pixelformat (hdegoede)
* Software autogain tweaks (hdegoede)
* Utils changes
* Various small fixes (hverkuil, mchehab)
* qv4l2: Add support for configuring the framerate for devices which support
this like uvc cams (hdegoede)
* new parser for tcpdump / wireshark made usbmon
dumps (mchehab)
* New lib_media_dev lib, to pair audio devices with video devices
(and other combinations) for now this lives in utils and does not get
installed systemwide, as the API is not stable (mchehab)
* libv4l changes
* Add many more laptop models to the upside down devices table (hdegoede)
* Some small bugfixes (hdegoede)
* Add vicam cameras to list of cameras need sw auto gain + whitebalance
* Add support for M420 pixelformat (hdegoede)
* Add support for Y10B pixelformat (Antonio Ospite)
* Add support for JPGL pixelformat (jfmoine)
* Modified (rewrote) jpeg decompression code to use libjpeg[-turbo], for
much lower cpu load when doing jpeg decompression (hdegoede)
* Detect usb connection speed of devices (hdegoede)
* Rewrite src format selection algorithm, taking bandwidth into account and
choosing the format which will give us the lowest CPU load while still
allowing 30 fps (hdegoede)
* Intercept S_PARM and redo src format selection based on new fps setting,
potentially switching from JPG to YUYV / M420 when the app lowers the
fps, resulting in a significant lower cpu load (hdegoede)
* Utils changes:
* Various ir-keytable improvements (mchehab)
* Various cx231xx parser improvements (mchehab)
* libv4l changes
* Add a few more laptop models to the upside down devices table (hdegoede)
* Make libv4l1 compile with kernels >= 2.6.38, which no longer have the
v4l1 linux/videodev.h header (hdegoede)
* Utils changes:
* Various ir-keytable improvements (mchehab)
* Various qv4l2 fixes (hverkuil, hdegoede)
* Various v4l2-ctl fixes (hverkuil)
* Add parsers for cx231xx i2c, saa7134 pci, sn9c201 usb and generic usb
logs (mchehab)
* v4l2-compliance: lots of new tests (hverkuil)
* libv4l changes
* Add many more laptop models to the upside down devices table (hdegoede)
* Add support for 8-bits grey format (V4L2_PIX_FMT_GREY) (mchehab)
* Utils changes:
* Various v4l-keytable improvements (mchehab)
* Various qv4l2 fixes (hverkuil)
* v4l2-ctl: Added support for s/g_dv_timings (Mats Randgaard)
* libv4l changes (hdegoede):
* Add many more laptop models to the upside down devices table
* Detect short frames (and retry upto 3 times to get a non short frame)
* Support (uvc) cameras with more then 16 framesizes properly (Balint Reczey)
* libv4l1 no longer relies on the kernel v4l1 compat ioctl handling, many
thanks to Huzaifa Sidhpurwala for his work on this!
* Add support for Xirlink C-It YYVYUY
* Add support for konica yuv420 format
* Utils changes:
* Various v4l-keytable improvements (mchehab)
* Various v4l2-ctl fixes (hverkuil)
* Various qv4l2 fixes (hverkuil)
* libv4l changes (hdegoede):
* Add many more laptop models to the upside down devices table
* Some minor bugfixes
* Utils changes:
* Improve v4l-keytable to better support IR (mchehab)
* Rename v4l-keytable to ir-keytable (mchehab)
* libv4l changes (hdegoede):
* Add more laptop models to the upside down devices table
* Ignore convert errors in the first few frames of a stream
* This is the first release of v4l-utils, v4l-utils is the combination
of various v4l and dvb utilities which used to be part of v4l-dvb
mercurial kernel tree and libv4l.
* This first version is 0.7.90, as the version numbers continue were libv4l
as a standalone source archive stops.
* libv4l changes:
* Add more laptop models to the upside down devices table
* Fix Pixart JPEG ff ff ff xx markers removal, this fixes the occasional
corrupt frame we used to get (thanks to Németh Márton)
* Enable whitebalance by default on various sonixj based cams
* Enable whitebalance + gamma correction by default on all sonixb cams
* Enable gamma correction by default on pac7302 based cams
Note all history below this line only applies to libv4l and not to the utils
* Add more laptop models to the upside down devices table
* Add error checking to mr97310a decompression
* Increase mr97310a minimum clockdiv upon 3 consecutive decoding errors
* Add support for decompressing CPIA1 compressed YUV
* Speed up autogain algorithm
* Add more laptop models to the upside down devices table
* Improved mr97310a decompression
* Add support for decompressing yuv420 planar JPEG (one component per SOS,
3 SOS per frame), this is needed for w9968cf based cams
* Add support for STV0680 raw bayer data
* Add more laptop models to the upside down devices table
* Put usb id in controls shm segment name for USB devices, to better
distuingish between devices plugged into the same port
* Enable software whitebalance and autogain for mr97310a cameras
* Improvements / tweaks to software autogain algorithm
* Add more laptop models to the upside down devices table
* Makefile changes to make life easier for the Debian package (Gregor Jasny)
* Bugfix: fixup 320x240 output for pac7302 cameras
* README improvements / clarifications (Bifferos)
* Bugfix: fix reqbuf Device or Resource busy error when using v4l2_read()
* Some applications want to use jpg format if possible, so do not hide
it from the apps (do not assume it always needs conversion)
* Change controls shm segment name to include the username, as it is only
writable by the user (this means libv4l controls are per user) (Gregor Jasny)
* Add support for decompressing sn9c2028 compressed bayer (Theodore Kilgore)
* Report V4L2_FMT_FLAG_EMULATED in v4l2_fmtdesc flags for emulated formats
* Recognize disabled controls and replace with fake equivalents where
* Add support for decompressing ov511 and ov518 "JPEG", by piping data through
an external helper as I've failed to contact Mark W. McClelland to get
permission to relicense the code. If you know a working email address for
Mark W. McClelland, please let me know.
* Add tons of laptop models to the upside down devices table
* Support for rgb565 source format by Mauro Carvalho Chehab
* Many bug fixes (see the mercurial tree for details)
* Improved pac207 decompression code to also support higher compression
modes of the pac207, which enables us to use higher framerates.
Many many thanks to Bertrik Sikken for figuring the decompression out!
* Link libv4lconvert with -lm for powf by Gregor Jasny
* Fix black screen on devices with hardware gamma control
* Fix crash with devices on which we do not emulate fake controls
* Add a patch by Hans Petter Selasky <>, which should
lead to allowing use of libv4l (and the Linux webcam drivers ported
to userspace usb drivers) on FreeBSD, this is a work in progress
* Add software gamma correction
* Add software auto gain / exposure
* Add support for separate vflipping and hflipping
* Add fake controls controlling the software h- and v-flipping
* Add ability to determine upside down cams based on DMI info
* Add the capability to provide 320x240 to apps if the cam can only
do 320x232 (some zc3xx cams) by adding black borders
* Rewrite video processing code to make it easier to add more video filters
(and with little extra processing cost). As part of this the normalize
filter has been removed as it wasn't functioning satisfactory anyways
* Support V4L2_CTRL_FLAG_NEXT_CTRL for fake controls by Adam Baker
* Some makefile improvements by Gregor Jasny
* Various small bugfixes and tweaks
* The V4L2_ENABLE_ENUM_FMT_EMULATION v4l2_fd_open flag is obsolete, libv4l2
now *always* reports emulated formats through the ENUM_FMT ioctl
* As the version number shows this is a beta release of the 0.6.x series,
the big change here is the addition of video processing to libv4l
currently this only does whitebalance and normalizing (which turns out
to be useless for most cams) but the basic framework for doing video
processing, and being able to control it through fake v4l2 controls using
for example v4l2ucp is there.
The initial version of this code was written by 3 of my computer science
students: Elmar Kleijn, Sjoerd Piepenbrink and Radjnies Bhansingh
* Currently whitebalancing gets enabled based on USB-ID's and it only gets
enabled for Pixart webcam's. You can force it being enabled with other
webcams by setting the environment variable LIBV4LCONTROL_CONTROLS, this
sets a bitmask enabling certain v4l2 controls which control the video
processing set it to 15 to enable both whitebalancing and normalize. You
can then change the settings using a v4l2 control panel like v4l2ucp
* Only report / allow supported destination formats in enum_fmt / try_fmt /
g_fmt / s_fmt when processing, rotating or flipping.
* Some applications / libs (*cough* gstreamer *cough*) will not work
correctly with planar YUV formats when the width is not a multiple of 8,
so crop widths which are not a multiple of 8 to the nearest multiple of 8
when converting to planar YUV
* Add dependency generation to libv4l by: Gilles Gigan <>
* Add support to use orientation from VIDIOC_ENUMINPUT by:
Adam Baker <>
* sn9c20x cams have occasional bad jpeg frames, drop these to avoid the
flickering effect they cause, by: Brian Johnson <>
* adjust libv4l's upside down cam detection to also work with devices
which have the usb interface as parent instead of the usb device
* fix libv4l upside down detection for the new v4l minor numbering scheme
* fix reading outside of the source memory when doing yuv420->rgb conversion
* Add support for MR97310A decompression by Kyle Guinn <>
* Add support for sq905c decompression by Theodore Kilgore
* Add hm12 support for the cx2341x MPEG encoder devices by Hans Verkuil
* Add support for UYVY (for USB Apple iSight) patch by Julien BLACHE
* Remove v4lconvert_yvyu_to_yuv420 function as its functionality is
duplicate with v4lconvert_yuyv_to_yuv420
* Use Requires.private where appropiate in .pc files (patch by Gregor Jasny)
* Switch to using USB-id's instead of USB product string, as not all devices
set a unique product string. This fixes the upside down issues with
genius e-messenger 112 cams
* Add support for sn9c20x-i420 format patch by Vasily Khoruzhick
* Fix a nasty (and stupid) bug in the special try_fmt handling for UVC cams
* Add some more verbose logging of various calls when asking libv4l to log
calls to a file, to assist in (future) debugging
* Always do a s_fmt on uvc cams even if this changes nothing, as not doing
the s_fmt triggers a bug in the uvcvideo driver in kernel <= 2.6.28
(with certain cams)
* Avoid the use of try_fmt as much as possible on UVC cams, instead use the
results of the enum_framesizes ioctl. This is because:
1) try_fmt actually causes IO with UVC cams making apps which do lot of
querrying of device capabilities slow (cheese)
2) some buggy cams don't like getting lots of UVC video probes and crash
when they do
* Don't report DQBUF errors when errno is EAGAIN, this fixes flooding the
screen with errors when applications use non blocking mode
* Add support for downscaling to make apps which want low resolutions
(skype, spcaview) happy when used with cams which can only do high
resolutions (by Lukáš Karas <>).
* Add support for converting to YV12 planar (next to the already supported
YU12 / I420)
* Implement RGB/BGR24 -> YU/YV12 conversion
* When conversion requires multiple passes don't alloc the needed temporary
buffer on the stack, as some apps (ekiga) use so much stack themselves
this causes us to run out of stack space
* Add Philips SPC210NC to list of cams with upside down sensor, reported by
Rieker Flaik
* Work around some drivers (pwc) not properly reflecting what one gets after a
s_fmt in their try_fmt answer
* Check that s_fmt atleast gives us the width, height and pixelformat try_fmt
promised us, and if not disable conversion
* Only check width, height and pixelformat when checking if we are doing