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i2c-velleman driver
This is a driver for i2c-hw access for Velleman K9000 and other adapters.
Useful links
Velleman K8000 Howto:
K8000 and K8005 libraries
The project has lead to new libs for the Velleman K8000 and K8005..
LIBK8000 v1.99.1 and LIBK8005 v0.21
With these libs you can control the K8000 and K8005 with the original
simple commands which are in the original Velleman software.
Like SetIOchannel, ReadADchannel, SendStepCCWFull and many more.
Via i2c kernel device /dev/velleman
The libs can be found on
The Velleman K8000 interface card on
The Velleman K8005 steppermotorcard on