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Pull umount fix from Al Viro:
 "Brown paperbag time: dumb braino in the series that went into 5.7
  broke the 'don't step into ->d_weak_revalidate() when umount(2) looks
  the victim up' behaviour.

  Spotted only now - saw

        if (!err && unlikely(nd->flags & LOOKUP_MOUNTPOINT)) {
                err = handle_lookup_down(nd);
                nd->flags &= ~LOOKUP_JUMPED; // no d_weak_revalidate(), please...

  and went "why do we clear that flag here - nothing below that point is
  going to check it anyway" / "wait a minute, what is it doing *after*
  complete_walk() (which is where we check that flag and call
  ->d_weak_revalidate())" / "how could that possibly _not_ break?",
  followed by reproducing the breakage and verifying that the obvious
  fix of that braino does, indeed, fix it.

  The reproducer is (assuming that $DIR exists and is exported r/w to

      mkdir $DIR/a
      mkdir /tmp/foo
      mount --bind /tmp/foo /tmp/foo
      mkdir /tmp/foo/a
      mkdir /tmp/foo/b
      mount -t nfs4 localhost:$DIR/a /tmp/foo/a
      mount -t nfs4 localhost:$DIR /tmp/foo/b
      rmdir /tmp/foo/b/a
      umount /tmp/foo/b
      umount /tmp/foo/a
      umount -l /tmp/foo      # will get everything under /tmp/foo, no matter what

  Correct behaviour is successful umount; broken kernels (5.7-rc1 and
  later) get

      umount.nfs4: /tmp/foo/a: Stale file handle

  Note that bind mount is there to be able to recover - on broken
  kernels we'd get stuck with impossible-to-umount filesystem if not for

  FWIW, that braino had been posted for review back then, at least
  twice. Unfortunately, the call of complete_walk() was outside of diff
  context, so the bogosity hadn't been immediately obvious from the
  patch alone ;-/"

* 'fixes' of git://
  LOOKUP_MOUNTPOINT: we are cleaning "jumped" flag too late