Merge tag 'hwlock-v4.19' of git://

Pull hwspinlock updates from Bjorn Andersson:
 "This introduces devres helpers and an API to request a lock by name,
  then migrates the sprd SPI driver to use these"

* tag 'hwlock-v4.19' of git://
  hwspinlock: Fix incorrect return pointers
  spi: sprd: Change to use devm_hwspin_lock_request_specific()
  spi: sprd: Replace of_hwspin_lock_get_id() with of_hwspin_lock_get_id_byname()
  hwspinlock: Fix one comment mistake
  hwspinlock: Remove redundant config
  hwspinlock: Add devm_xxx() APIs to register/unregister one hwlock controller
  hwspinlock: Add devm_xxx() APIs to request/free hwlock
  hwspinlock: Add one new API to support getting a specific hwlock by the name