Merge branch 'release' of git://

This includes initial support for the recently published ACPI 5.0 spec.
In particular, support for the "hardware-reduced" bit that eliminates
the dependency on legacy hardware.

APEI has patches resulting from testing on real hardware.

Plus other random fixes.

* 'release' of git:// (52 commits)
  acpi/apei/einj: Add extensions to EINJ from rev 5.0 of acpi spec
  intel_idle: Split up and provide per CPU initialization func
  ACPI processor: Remove unneeded variable passed by acpi_processor_hotadd_init V2
  ACPI processor: Remove unneeded cpuidle_unregister_driver call
  intel idle: Make idle driver more robust
  intel_idle: Fix a cast to pointer from integer of different size warning in intel_idle
  ACPI: kernel-parameters.txt : Add intel_idle.max_cstate
  intel_idle: remove redundant local_irq_disable() call
  ACPI processor: Fix error path, also remove sysdev link
  ACPI: processor: fix acpi_get_cpuid for UP processor
  intel_idle: fix API misuse
  ACPI APEI: Convert atomicio routines
  ACPI: Export interfaces for ioremapping/iounmapping ACPI registers
  ACPI: Fix possible alignment issues with GAS 'address' references
  ACPI, ia64: Use SRAT table rev to use 8bit or 16/32bit PXM fields (ia64)
  ACPI, x86: Use SRAT table rev to use 8bit or 32bit PXM fields (x86/x86-64)
  ACPI: Store SRAT table revision
  ACPI, APEI, Resolve false conflict between ACPI NVS and APEI
  ACPI, Record ACPI NVS regions
  ACPI, APEI, EINJ, Refine the fix of resource conflict