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Release 0.4.11
* Added async writes.
* Fixed bug where two rpciod's would be started when insmod'ing
both nfs.o and nfsd.o.
Release 0.4.12
* Fixed compile problem after renaming some debug macros.
* Improved readdir cache, which can now hold up to 16 (configurable)
readdir replies.
* Fixed async write bug(s)
* client file locking now does at least lock/unlock without
crashing the machine
* Started to work on NFS swapping
* nfs_get_super no longer requires the file handle passed by
mount but does a straight xprt_create_proto().
* TCP reconnect should work now (not yet tested for long disconnect
periods, but it does work if you kill and restart nfsd).
Release 0.4.13
* More writeback bugs removed.
* Added a modified (and ansified) tirpc rpcgen to get rid of all
the warnings in files generated from *.x descriptions. That old Sun
code is a real mess.
* Cleaned up nfsd export handling a bit. All syscalls now
take dev/ino rather than the pathname.
* Added sysctl interface to set/get debug flags (see tools/rpcdebug).
* Cleaned up Makefiles.
* (experimental) Gathered writes for nfsd (use the wdelay option in
* Fixed silly bug in nfs_readdir (the in-place decoding of readdir
replies requires a temporary buffer).
* Fixed readdir bug in nfsd (long directories were truncated).
Release 0.4.14
* Upgraded to kernel 2.0.23
* Fixed bug in rpcdebug
* readdir still didn't work right in nfsd. Argh!
* nfsd would refuse to create symlinks with slashes in them:-)
* nfsd's RPC reply cache should now work again.
* Heavily modified rpc.statd for more robust callback/notify handling
Release 0.4.17
* Upgraded to kernel 2.1.14
* Got lockd working with HPUX in most areas.
Release 0.4.19
* RPC server UDP sockets now receive the sk_buff directly rather
than going through sock->ops->recvmsg.
Also got rid of all those cli/sti's and replaced them with
disable_bh/enable_bh calls.
* Fixed a bug in nfsd's handling of rename and friends.
Release 0.4.20
* Some bugfixes, esp in the writeback code
* Avoid some unnecessary cli/sti pairs
* Added nhfsstone
Release 0.4.21
* Minor bugfixes
* Moved to post-2.1.16 module handling code
Release 0.4.22
* Fixed a bug that made rpcinfo -u host nlockmgr provoke a kernel
* Upgraded to mount-2.6b
* Added NFSv3 support to mountd and nfsd
* Made sure it compiles with glibc2.