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This is the Linux kernel NFS daemon 1.4.7. It is based on linux-nfs
0.4.22. It is tested on Linux/alpha and Linux/x86 running glibc 2.1.1.
WARNING: The NFS servers in Linux 2.2 to 2.2.11 are not compatible with
other NFS client implemenations. If you plan to use Linux 2.2.x as an
NFS server for non-Linux NFS clients, you should apply the patches
enlosed here.
linux-2.2.7-sunrpc.patch, nfsd-2.2.7-2.lockd.patch, nfsd-2.2.7-3.patch
and nfsd-2.2.7-nfsfh.patch are required for Linux 2.2.7 to 2.2.11.
For other kernel versions, they have to be applied by hand if they are
still needed.
For Linux 2.2.7 to 2.2.10, nfsd-2.2.7-1.lock.patch is also required.
I made my knfsd package available only because I use it and noone else
seems to maintain it. But I don't have much time to really work on it.
I will only fix bugs in the NFS utilities and serious kernel NFS bugs
which I can duplcate easily. If you have any kernel NFS server problem,
please report it to the Linux kernel mailing list. If it can be
reproduced with Linux NFS server and client in less than 5 minutes, you
can also send me a copy in addition to sending it to the Linux kernel
mailing list. I may take a look when I have time. However I will collect
kernel NFS related patches. Contributions are more than welcome.
The NFS lock only works with lockd. Please make sure the portmapper,
portmap, is started before mounting NFS.
Changes from knfsd 1.4.6:
1. Fix a typo in knfslock.init.
2. A new kernel patch, nfsd-2.2.7-1.lock.patch, to fix some NFS lock
Changes from knfsd 1.4.5:
1. Rename /var/lib/nfs/xtab.export to /var/lib/nfs/etab.
Changes from knfsd 1.4.4:
1. Try to fix mountd performance problem by introducing
/var/lib/nfs/xtab.export. That is
a. "exportfs" reads from /var/lib/nfs/xtab and writes to
b. "mountd" reads from /var/lib/nfs/xtab.export and writes to
The idea is "mountd" doesn't have to read /var/lib/nfs/xtab, which
is very expensive.
Changes from knfsd 1.4.3:
1. nfsd-2.2.7-nfsfh.patch, a new kernel patch for filehandle.
2. nfsd-2.2.7-2.lockd.patch, a new patch for lockd.
3. Misc bug fixes.
Changes from knfsd 1.4.2:
1. A mountd patch so that the syslog reports unknown requests, and also
reports *what* is being (un)mounted, from Piete Brooks
2. Fix knfsd.init for restart.
3. Add knfslock.init.
4. knfsd-compat.spec is removed.
5. nfsd-2.2.7-lockd.patch, a patch to start lockd independent of
nfs and nfsd.
Changes from knfsd 1.4.1:
1. Resolve symlink for umount from (Piete
2. Fix knfsd.init for statd.
Changes from knfsd 1.4:
1. nfsd-2.2.7-3.patch. This is the only patch you need for Linux 2.2.7
to 2.2.10.
2. Remove
3. Statd update by Jeff Uphoff <>.
4. netgroups patch from Peter Breitenlohner <>.
5. Add option checking to exportfs.
Changes from knfsd 1.3.3b:
1. Add linux-2.2.7-sunrpc.patch for a SMP bug in sunrpc.
2. Add --port/-P to nfsd/mountd, by Jeff Johnson <>.
3. Add nfsd.8, mountd.8 and, by Olaf Kirch
4. Update by Olaf Kirch <>.
5. Statd fix by Jeff Uphoff <>.
6. Remove knfsd-nok.patch.
Changes from knfsd 1.3.3a:
1. Fix stdin/stdout/stdout handling in mountd.
2. nfsd-2.2.7-mknod.patch. A patch for mknod.
3. nfsd-2.2.7-quota.patch. A patch for quota.
Changes from knfsd 1.3.3:
1. Fix hostname matching for wildcard, subnet and netgroup.
Changes from knfsd 1.3.2:
1. Modified mountd to allow clients without IP address to hostname map.
Changes from knfsd 1.3.1a:
1. nfsd-2.2.5-3.patch. This is the only patch you need for Linux 2.2.5.
Changes from knfsd 1.3.1:
1. A patch for knfsd.spec from Markus Linnala <>.
Changes from knfsd 1.3a:
1. nfsd-2.2.8-1.patch. This is the only patch you need for Linux 2.2.8.
2. nfsd-2.2.7-2.patch. This is the only patch you need for Linux 2.2.7.
Changes from knfsd 1.3:
1. Adding "--no-nfs-version 3" to mountd in knfsd.init from RedHat 6.0.
Changes from knfsd 1.2.2a:
1. Updated knfsd.init from RedHat 6.0.
2. nfsd-2.2.7-1.patch. This is the only patch you need for Linux 2.2.7.
3. Misc updates from RedHat 6.0.
Changes from knfsd 1.2.2:
1. Make the default NFS server kernel thread to 8 in the rc script.
Changes from knfsd 1.2:
1. Moved knfsd.spec to knfsd-compat.spec.
2. Update knfsd.spec from knfsd-981204-3.src.rpm.
3. Fix the squash_[ug]id parsing in /etc/exports from Anders
Hammarquist <>.
4. nfsd-2.2.5-file.patch to clear the bogus bit for MKDIR and SYMLINK.
5. nfsd-2.2.5-1.patch. A NFS patch based on nfsd-2.2.3-1.patch for
Linux 2.2.5.
Changes from knfsd 1.1:
1. Remove
2. locks-2.2.3.diff. A patch for file lock.
3. nfsd-2.2.3-1.patch. A NFS patch by "G. Allen Morris III"
Changes from knfsd 1.0:
1. Handle broken /var/lib/nfs/rmtab.
2. Handle lower/upper cases in wildcard hostnames in /etc/exports.
Changes from knfsd-981204:
1. Modify etc/rc.nfsd to check /var/lib/nfs/rmtab during startup.
2. Add knfsd.spec for RedHat 5. Need nfs-server-2.2beta37-1.1.src.rpm
and initscripts-3.78.1-2.src.rpm.
3. Add support for "make install prefix=...".
Changes from knfsd-981122:
1. Modify etc/rc.nfsd and etc/rc.nfsfs to handle statd during shutdown.
2. Remove maximum knfsd count checking.
3. Clean up mountd.
4. cache-2.1.131-1.patch from G. Allen Morris III (
5. lock-2.1.131.diff. A nfsd lock patch for Linux 2.1.131.
Changes from knfsd-981113:
1. procfs-2.1.127.patch from G. Allen Morris III (
2. Modify etc/rc.nfsd and etc/rc.nfsfs to better handle statd.
3. Fix the sub-mounted directories.
Changes from knfsd-981022:
1. Fix buffer overruns from Peter Benie <>.
2. Fix hostname matching.
3. Correctly handle dupilcations in /etc/exports.
4. Add -F flag to statd.
5. nfsd-2.1.127-5.patch from G. Allen Morris III (
Changes from knfsd-981014:
1. lock-2.1.1xx.diff. A nfsd lock patch.
2. nullproc-2.1.1xx.diff. Allow any clients to call the nfsd NULL proc.
3. Add etc/rc.nfsfs to handle statd.
3. Update etc/rc.nfsd to handle statd.
4. nfsd-2.1.125-2.patch from G. Allen Morris III (
5. Fix inet_ntoa usage in statd.
Changes from knfsd-981010:
1. Check client aliases when matching for wildcard client hostnames.
2. Fix memory leak in mountd.
3. Fix filename in nfsd-2.1.125-1.patch.
Changes from knfsd-980930:
1. nfsd-2.1.125-1.patch from G. Allen Morris III ( and me.
2. Fix the hostent bugs in mountd and statd.
3. Remove "kexportfs -au" for "rc.nfsd stop".
Changes from knfsd-980925:
1. socket-2.1.1xx.diff for creating socket on NFS client.
2. There is a knsfd root_squash patch for Linux 2.1.1xx,
root-2.1.1xx.diff. It is only tested on linux 2.1.123.
It also fixes the server side 0711 mode bug.
3. sunrpc-2.1.123-1.patch from Bill Hawes <>.
4. nfsd-2.1.122-3.patch from G. Allen Morris III (
5. Various buffer overrun changes.
6. Fix mountd to check the duplicated entry in rmtab.
7. Change exportfs to ignore warnings for "-r".
8. Fix showmount -e.
Changes from knfsd-980922:
1. nfsd-2.1.121-4.patch from G. Allen Morris III (
2. Make async as default for export. It matches the user space NFS
Changes from knfsd-980920:
1. Add NFS mount version flags to mountd. Change rc.nfsd to disable
NFS V3 for mountd.
2. Fix client hostname.
3. rc.nfsd runs kexportfs with -r instead of -a for restart and reload.
Changes from knfsd-980915:
1. There is a knsfd quota patch for Linux 2.1.1xx, quota-2.1.1xx.diff.
It is only tested on linux 2.1.122.
2. The submount pathname is removed from the xtab file.
3. rc.nfsd runs kexportfs with -r instead of -a for start.
4. Fix kshowmount -e.
5. Fix hostname matching.
6. Fix compiling on libc 5.
Changes from knfsd-980910:
1. nfsd-2.1.121-3.patch from G. Allen Morris III (
2. A new flag, -r, for exportfs.
3. Don't put an entry in xtab if kernel rejects it.
4. Use the official hostname when checking if 2 hostnames are the same.
5. Allow submounts.
It is available at
You have to apply the patch, locks-2.2.3.diff, to the Linux kernel
first. It fixes quite some file lock bugs. That patch is against Linux
2.2.3. If your kernel is different, you have to apply it by hand.
nfsd-2.2.3-1.patch is a new knfsd patch against linux 2.2.3 from
"G. Allen Morris III" ( It works for me on x86 and alpha.
It is needed for the none-Linux NFS clients. You can get Allen's
current patch from
nfsd-2.2.7-3.patch is based on nfsd-2.2.3-1.patch for Linux 2.2.7. If
you use Linux 2.2.7, you should apply nfsd-2.2.7-3.patch instead of
nfsd-2.2.3-1.patch. Please don't use any other patches included here
for Linux 2.2.7. For other kernel versions, you may have to apply it
by hand.
nfsd-2.2.7-2.lockd.patch is also necessary to start lockd independent
of nfs and nfsd.
To compile, just do
# ./configure
# make
Makefile will try to determine which C library you are using and compile
this package accordingly.
# make install
will install the knfsd binaries. You have to install a knfs start up
script by hand. There is a new rc.nfsd in etc. I use it for both the
user-space nfsd and the kernel nfsd.
There is one RPM spec file, knfs.spec, which is for a Linux system
based on Linux 2.2 without support for Linux 2.0. You also need
knfsd-1.4.6.tar.gz to create the knfsd RPMs.