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Significant changes for nfs-utils 1.1.0 - March/April 2007
- rpc.lockd is gone. One 3 old kernel releases need it.
- rpc.rquotad is gone. Use the one from the 'quota' package.
Everone else does.
- /sbin/{u,}mount.nfs{,4} are now installed so 'mount' will
use these to mount nfs filesystems instead of internal code.
+ mount.nfs will check for 'statd' to be running when mounting
a filesystem which requires it. If it is not running it will
run "/usr/sbin/start-statd" to try to start it.
If statd is not running and cannot be started, mount.nfs will
refuse to mount the filesystem and will suggest the 'nolock'
- Substantial changes to statd
+ The 'notify' process that must happen at boot has been split
into a separate program "sm-notify". It ensures that it
only runs once even if you restart statd. This is correct
+ statd stores state in the files in /var/lib/nfs/sm/ so that
if you kill and restart it, it will restore that state and
continue working correctly.
+ statd makes more use of DNS lookup and should handle
multi-homed peers better. In particular, files in
/var/lib/nfs/sm/ are named with the Full Qualified Domain Name
if available.
- If you export a directory as 'crossmnt', all filesystems
mounted beneath are automatically exported with the same
options (unless explicitly exported with different options).
- subtree_check is no-longer the default. The default is now
- By default the system 'rpcgen' is used while building
nfs-utils rather than the internal one.
- Exportfs will warn if you try to export a filesystem that does
not support NFS export.
- Comprehensive notes on startup dependencies have been added
to the README file.
- Mount and statd now listen on a non-privileged port by default.
For maximum safety an upgrade to portmap-6.0 is recommended.
- This release should work with MIT Kerberos and Heimdal 0.8.1 and later.
- A new option, -n, was added to rpc.gssd which specifies that
accesses by root should not use 'machine credentials' when
accessing NFS file systems mounted with Kerberos. Using this
option allows the root user to access the NFS space using any
Kerberos principal, rather than always using the machine
credentials. However, its use also requires that root manually
authenticate before attempting a mount with Kerberos.
When rpc.gssd uses machine credentials, the selection algorithm has
been changed. Instead of simply using the first "nfs/*" key in the
keytab, the keytab is now searched for keys in the following
defined order: