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This package contains a greatly revised NFS implementation for Linux
along with the necessary daemons and utilities. There are still several
features missing that I'd want to include, and there are some recent
improvements to the Linux NFS kernel client not reflected here (notably
the attrtimeo fix).
This thing has become much too large for me to handle all alone anymore.
Originally, I had planned to have most of the NFS implementation running
stably by August, so I could start to concentrate more on other jobs that
are currently in the queue (like updating the NAG). As it turned out, it
was much more work than I anticipated, and I fell short of my time goal.
I'm therefore looking for volunteers who would like to work with me on
finishing this package. Otherwise, this project could end up rusting in
the corner of some FTP site...
Ideally, I would want to hand over parts of the source tree to other
hackers to maintain/enhance/etc. But that's not a requirement; if you
feel you don't have that much time, you can also contribute by picking
up one of the loose ends and finish what needs to be done (take a look
at the TODO file...) And then, you can also be plainly a tester.
There's currently a mailing list for lockd development at NRAO
( --- mail to
subscribe). If Jeff agress, we could turn this into a general linux-nfs
mailing list.
Hope this covers about what I wanted to say,
support/ Support libraries for user-space programs
support/nfs Generic library for nfsd utilities
support/export Manipulation of /etc/exports and /var/lib/nfs/{xtab,rmtab}
utils/ Code for various user-space programs.
utils/exportfs Management of nfsd export table.
utils/mount Modified mount command to support NFS over TCP.
utils/mountd New rpc.mountd for kernel nfsd.
utils/nfsd New nfsd (just starts kernel nfsd).
utils/nfsstat Pretty-print NFS stats from /proc/net/rpc/nfs*
utils/rquotad Marco van Wieringen's rquotad
utils/showmount Rick Sladkey's showmount client
utils/statd Jeff Uphoff's rpc.statd.
tools/ Support tools for developers/debuggers/testers
tools/rpcdebug This one sets/gets the debug flags for each of the kernel