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* We currently keep the inode in the exports struct. This is
a bad idea with directories that are intended to be used as
a mount point. Must store the file name instead and do a
lookup when getfh is called. Yuck!
Even yuckier: what do we do about exports matching when we
can't keep the inode number?
* stating a file on remote cdrom returns st_blocks == 0 for some
* Should allow multiple exports per dev if one of the directories
isn't a subdir of the other.
* On some occasions, an EAGAIN reported by the transport layer
will be propagated to the VFS.
* Some operations do not seem to release the inode properly, so
unmounting the device fails.
* Handle portmap registration in a separate thread. portmap may
not be running when we try to mount the first NFS volume (esp.
when mounting /usr).
* Does not inform rpc.statd when hosts no longer require
monitoring; hosts are incorrectly monitored until next system
* Export handling is reported to do odd things at times.