This pull request contains updates for UBI and UBIFS

	- Use bitmap API to allocate bitmaps
	- New attach mode, disable_fm, to attach without fastmap
        - Fixes for various typos in comments

	- Fix for a deadlock when setting xattrs for encrypted file
	- Fix for an assertion failures when truncating encrypted files
        - Fixes for various typos in comments
ubi: fastmap: Add fastmap control support for 'UBI_IOCATT' ioctl

[1] suggests that fastmap is suitable for large flash devices. Module
parameter 'fm_autoconvert' is a coarse grained switch to enable all
ubi devices to generate fastmap, which may turn on fastmap even for
small flash devices.

This patch imports a new field 'disable_fm' in struct 'ubi_attach_req'
to support following situations by ioctl 'UBI_IOCATT'.
 [old functions]
 A. Disable 'fm_autoconvert': Disbable fastmap for all ubi devices
 B. Enable 'fm_autoconvert': Enable fastmap for all ubi devices
 [new function]
 C. Enable 'fm_autoconvert', set 'disable_fm' for given device: Don't
    create new fastmap and do full scan (existed fastmap will be
    destroyed) for the given ubi device.

A simple test case in [2].


Signed-off-by: Zhihao Cheng <>
Signed-off-by: Richard Weinberger <>
4 files changed