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#ifndef __SHMEM_FS_H
#define __SHMEM_FS_H
/* inode in-kernel data */
#define SHMEM_NR_DIRECT 16
* A swap entry has to fit into a "unsigned long", as
* the entry is hidden in the "index" field of the
* swapper address space.
* We have to move it here, since not every user of fs.h is including
* mm.h, but mm.h is including fs.h via sched .h :-/
typedef struct {
unsigned long val;
} swp_entry_t;
struct shmem_inode_info {
spinlock_t lock;
unsigned long next_index;
swp_entry_t i_direct[SHMEM_NR_DIRECT]; /* for the first blocks */
void **i_indirect; /* indirect blocks */
unsigned long map_direct[SHMEM_NR_DIRECT];
void **map_indirect;
unsigned long swapped; /* data pages assigned to swap */
unsigned long flags;
struct list_head list;
struct inode *inode;
struct shmem_sb_info {
unsigned long max_blocks; /* How many blocks are allowed */
unsigned long free_blocks; /* How many are left for allocation */
unsigned long max_inodes; /* How many inodes are allowed */
unsigned long free_inodes; /* How many are left for allocation */
spinlock_t stat_lock;
#define SHMEM_I(inode) (&inode->u.shmem_i)