lib/Kconfig.debug: Add check for non-constant .{s,u}leb128 support to DWARF5

When building with a RISC-V kernel with DWARF5 debug info using clang
and the GNU assembler, several instances of the following error appear:

  /tmp/vgettimeofday-48aa35.s:2963: Error: non-constant .uleb128 is not supported

Dumping the .s file reveals these .uleb128 directives come from
.debug_loc and .debug_ranges:

          .byte   4                               # DW_LLE_offset_pair
          .uleb128 .Lfunc_begin0-.Lfunc_begin0    #   starting offset
          .uleb128 .Ltmp1-.Lfunc_begin0           #   ending offset
          .byte   1                               # Loc expr size
          .byte   90                              # DW_OP_reg10
          .byte   0                               # DW_LLE_end_of_list

          .byte   4                               # DW_RLE_offset_pair
          .uleb128 .Ltmp6-.Lfunc_begin0           #   starting offset
          .uleb128 .Ltmp27-.Lfunc_begin0          #   ending offset
          .byte   4                               # DW_RLE_offset_pair
          .uleb128 .Ltmp28-.Lfunc_begin0          #   starting offset
          .uleb128 .Ltmp30-.Lfunc_begin0          #   ending offset
          .byte   0                               # DW_RLE_end_of_list

There is an outstanding binutils issue to support a non-constant operand
to .sleb128 and .uleb128 in GAS for RISC-V but there does not appear to
be any movement on it, due to concerns over how it would work with
linker relaxation.

To avoid these build errors, prevent DWARF5 from being selected when
using clang and an assembler that does not have support for these symbol
deltas, which can be easily checked in Kconfig with as-instr plus the
small test program from the dwz test suite from the binutils issue.

Signed-off-by: Nathan Chancellor <>
Reviewed-by: Nick Desaulniers <>
Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <>
1 file changed