1) Dragos Improves RX page pool, and provides some fixes to his previous series:
 1.1) Fix releasing page_pool for striding RQ and legacy RQ nonlinear case
 1.2) Hook NAPIs to page pools to gain more performance.

2) From Roi, Some cleanups to TC and eswitch modules.

3) Maher migrates vnic diagnostic counters reporting from debugfs to a
    dedicated devlink health reporter

Maher Says:
 net/mlx5: Expose vnic diagnostic counters using devlink

Currently, vnic diagnostic counters are exposed through the following

$ ls /sys/kernel/debug/mlx5/0000:08:00.0/esw/vf_0/vnic_diag/

The current design does not allow the hypervisor to view the diagnostic
counters of its VFs, in case the VFs get bound to a VM. In other words,
the counters are not exposed for representor interfaces.
Furthermore, the debugfs design is inconvenient future-wise, in case more
counters need to be reported by the driver in the future.

As these counters pertain to vNIC health, it is more appropriate to
utilize the devlink health reporter to expose them.

Thus, this patchest includes the following changes:

* Drop the current vnic diagnostic counters debugfs interface.
* Add a vnic devlink health reporter for PFs/VFs core devices, which
  when diagnosed will dump vnic diagnostic counter values that are
  queried from FW.
* Add a vnic devlink health reporter for the representor interface, which
  serves the same purpose listed in the previous point, in addition to
  allowing the hypervisor to view its VFs diagnostic counters, even when
  the VFs are bounded to external VMs.

Example of devlink health reporter usage is:
$devlink health diagnose pci/0000:08:00.0 reporter vnic
 vNIC env counters:
    total_error_queues: 0 send_queue_priority_update_flow: 0
    comp_eq_overrun: 0 async_eq_overrun: 0 cq_overrun: 0
    invalid_command: 0 quota_exceeded_command: 0
    nic_receive_steering_discard: 0


4) SW steering fixes and improvements

Yevgeny Kliteynik Says:
These short patch series are just small fixes / improvements for
SW steering:

 - Patch 1: Fix dumping of legacy modify_hdr in debug dump to
   align to what is expected by parser
 - Patch 2: Have separate threshold for ICM sync per ICM type
 - Patch 3: Add more info to the steering debug dump - Linux
   version and device name
 - Patch 4: Keep track of number of buddies that are currently
   in use per domain per buddy type

net/mlx5: Update op_mode to op_mod for port selection

To be consistent with the other enum keys use OP_MOD
instead of OP_MODE.

Signed-off-by: Roi Dayan <>
Reviewed-by: Maor Dickman <>
Signed-off-by: Saeed Mahameed <>
2 files changed