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* Copyright (c) 2014-2015 Hisilicon Limited.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
* (at your option) any later version.
#ifndef __HNAE_H
#define __HNAE_H
/* Names used in this framework:
* ae handle (handle):
* a set of queues provided by AE
* ring buffer queue (rbq):
* the channel between upper layer and the AE, can do tx and rx
* ring:
* a tx or rx channel within a rbq
* ring description (desc):
* an element in the ring with packet information
* buffer:
* a memory region referred by desc with the full packet payload
* "num" means a static number set as a parameter, "count" mean a dynamic
* number set while running
* "cb" means control block
#include <linux/acpi.h>
#include <linux/delay.h>
#include <linux/device.h>
#include <linux/module.h>
#include <linux/netdevice.h>
#include <linux/notifier.h>
#include <linux/phy.h>
#include <linux/types.h>
#define HNAE_DRIVER_NAME "hns"
#define HNAE_COPYRIGHT "Copyright(c) 2015 Huawei Corporation."
#define HNAE_DRIVER_STRING "Hisilicon Network Subsystem Driver"
#define HNAE_DEFAULT_DEVICE_DESCR "Hisilicon Network Subsystem"
#ifdef DEBUG
#ifndef assert
#define assert(expr) \
do { \
if (!(expr)) { \
pr_err("Assertion failed! %s, %s, %s, line %d\n", \
#expr, __FILE__, __func__, __LINE__); \
} \
} while (0)
#ifndef assert
#define assert(expr)
#define AE_VERSION_1 ('6' << 16 | '6' << 8 | '0')
#define AE_VERSION_2 ('1' << 24 | '6' << 16 | '1' << 8 | '0')
#define AE_IS_VER1(ver) ((ver) == AE_VERSION_1)
#define AE_NAME_SIZE 16
/* some said the RX and TX RCB format should not be the same in the future. But
* it is the same now...
#define RCB_REG_BASEADDR_L 0x00 /* P660 support only 32bit accessing */
#define RCB_REG_BASEADDR_H 0x04
#define RCB_REG_BD_NUM 0x08
#define RCB_REG_BD_LEN 0x0C
#define RCB_REG_PKTLINE 0x10
#define RCB_REG_TAIL 0x18
#define RCB_REG_HEAD 0x1C
#define RCB_REG_FBDNUM 0x20
#define RCB_REG_OFFSET 0x24 /* pkt num to be handled */
#define RCB_REG_PKTNUM_RECORD 0x2C /* total pkt received */
#define HNS_RX_HEAD_SIZE 256
#define HNAE_AE_REGISTER 0x1
#define RCB_RING_NAME_LEN 16
enum hnae_led_state {
#define HNS_RX_FLAG_L3ID_IPV4 0x0
#define HNS_RX_FLAG_L3ID_IPV6 0x1
#define HNS_RX_FLAG_L4ID_UDP 0x0
#define HNS_RX_FLAG_L4ID_TCP 0x1
#define HNS_TXD_ASID_S 0
#define HNS_TXD_ASID_M (0xff << HNS_TXD_ASID_S)
#define HNS_TXD_BUFNUM_S 8
#define HNS_TXD_PORTID_S 10
#define HNS_TXD_RA_B 8
#define HNS_TXD_RI_B 9
#define HNS_TXD_L4CS_B 10
#define HNS_TXD_L3CS_B 11
#define HNS_TXD_FE_B 12
#define HNS_TXD_VLD_B 13
#define HNS_RXD_BUFNUM_S 8
#define HNS_RXD_PORTID_S 10
#define HNS_RXD_DMAC_S 13
#define HNS_RXD_DMAC_M (0x3 << HNS_RXD_DMAC_S)
#define HNS_RXD_VLAN_S 15
#define HNS_RXD_VLAN_M (0x3 << HNS_RXD_VLAN_S)
#define HNS_RXD_L3ID_S 17
#define HNS_RXD_L3ID_M (0xf << HNS_RXD_L3ID_S)
#define HNS_RXD_L4ID_S 21
#define HNS_RXD_L4ID_M (0xf << HNS_RXD_L4ID_S)
#define HNS_RXD_FE_B 25
#define HNS_RXD_FRAG_B 26
#define HNS_RXD_VLD_B 27
#define HNS_RXD_L2E_B 28
#define HNS_RXD_L3E_B 29
#define HNS_RXD_L4E_B 30
#define HNS_RXD_DROP_B 31
#define HNS_RXD_VLANID_S 8
#define HNS_RXD_VLANID_M (0xfff << HNS_RXD_VLANID_S)
#define HNS_RXD_CFI_B 20
#define HNS_RXD_PRI_S 21
#define HNS_RXD_PRI_M (0x7 << HNS_RXD_PRI_S)
#define HNS_RXD_ASID_S 24
#define HNS_RXD_ASID_M (0xff << HNS_RXD_ASID_S)
#define HNSV2_TXD_BUFNUM_S 0
#define HNSV2_TXD_PORTID_S 4
#define HNSV2_TXD_RI_B 1
#define HNSV2_TXD_L4CS_B 2
#define HNSV2_TXD_L3CS_B 3
#define HNSV2_TXD_FE_B 4
#define HNSV2_TXD_VLD_B 5
#define HNSV2_TXD_TSE_B 0
#define HNSV2_TXD_VLAN_EN_B 1
#define HNSV2_TXD_SNAP_B 2
#define HNSV2_TXD_IPV6_B 3
#define HNSV2_TXD_SCTP_B 4
/* hardware spec ring buffer format */
struct __packed hnae_desc {
__le64 addr;
union {
struct {
union {
__le16 asid_bufnum_pid;
__le16 asid;
__le16 send_size;
union {
__le32 flag_ipoffset;
struct {
__u8 bn_pid;
__u8 ra_ri_cs_fe_vld;
__u8 ip_offset;
__u8 tse_vlan_snap_v6_sctp_nth;
__le16 mss;
__u8 l4_len;
__u8 reserved1;
__le16 paylen;
__u8 vmid;
__u8 qid;
__le32 reserved2[2];
} tx;
struct {
__le32 ipoff_bnum_pid_flag;
__le16 pkt_len;
__le16 size;
union {
__le32 vlan_pri_asid;
struct {
__le16 asid;
__le16 vlan_cfi_pri;
__le32 rss_hash;
__le32 reserved_1[2];
} rx;
struct hnae_desc_cb {
dma_addr_t dma; /* dma address of this desc */
void *buf; /* cpu addr for a desc */
/* priv data for the desc, e.g. skb when use with ip stack*/
void *priv;
u16 page_offset;
u16 reuse_flag;
u16 length; /* length of the buffer */
/* desc type, used by the ring user to mark the type of the priv data */
u16 type;
#define setflags(flags, bits) ((flags) |= (bits))
#define unsetflags(flags, bits) ((flags) &= ~(bits))
/* hnae_ring->flags fields */
#define RINGF_DIR 0x1 /* TX or RX ring, set if TX */
#define is_tx_ring(ring) ((ring)->flags & RINGF_DIR)
#define is_rx_ring(ring) (!is_tx_ring(ring))
#define ring_to_dma_dir(ring) (is_tx_ring(ring) ? \
struct ring_stats {
u64 io_err_cnt;
u64 sw_err_cnt;
u64 seg_pkt_cnt;
union {
struct {
u64 tx_pkts;
u64 tx_bytes;
u64 tx_err_cnt;
u64 restart_queue;
u64 tx_busy;
struct {
u64 rx_pkts;
u64 rx_bytes;
u64 rx_err_cnt;
u64 reuse_pg_cnt;
u64 err_pkt_len;
u64 non_vld_descs;
u64 err_bd_num;
u64 l2_err;
u64 l3l4_csum_err;
struct hnae_queue;
struct hnae_ring {
u8 __iomem *io_base; /* base io address for the ring */
struct hnae_desc *desc; /* dma map address space */
struct hnae_desc_cb *desc_cb;
struct hnae_queue *q;
int irq;
char ring_name[RCB_RING_NAME_LEN];
/* statistic */
struct ring_stats stats;
dma_addr_t desc_dma_addr;
u32 buf_size; /* size for hnae_desc->addr, preset by AE */
u16 desc_num; /* total number of desc */
u16 max_desc_num_per_pkt;
u16 max_raw_data_sz_per_desc;
u16 max_pkt_size;
int next_to_use; /* idx of next spare desc */
/* idx of lastest sent desc, the ring is empty when equal to
* next_to_use
int next_to_clean;
int flags; /* ring attribute */
int irq_init_flag;
#define ring_ptr_move_fw(ring, p) \
((ring)->p = ((ring)->p + 1) % (ring)->desc_num)
#define ring_ptr_move_bw(ring, p) \
((ring)->p = ((ring)->p - 1 + (ring)->desc_num) % (ring)->desc_num)
enum hns_desc_type {
#define assert_is_ring_idx(ring, idx) \
assert((idx) >= 0 && (idx) < (ring)->desc_num)
/* the distance between [begin, end) in a ring buffer
* note: there is a unuse slot between the begin and the end
static inline int ring_dist(struct hnae_ring *ring, int begin, int end)
assert_is_ring_idx(ring, begin);
assert_is_ring_idx(ring, end);
return (end - begin + ring->desc_num) % ring->desc_num;
static inline int ring_space(struct hnae_ring *ring)
return ring->desc_num -
ring_dist(ring, ring->next_to_clean, ring->next_to_use) - 1;
static inline int is_ring_empty(struct hnae_ring *ring)
assert_is_ring_idx(ring, ring->next_to_use);
assert_is_ring_idx(ring, ring->next_to_clean);
return ring->next_to_use == ring->next_to_clean;
#define hnae_buf_size(_ring) ((_ring)->buf_size)
#define hnae_page_order(_ring) (get_order(hnae_buf_size(_ring)))
#define hnae_page_size(_ring) (PAGE_SIZE << hnae_page_order(_ring))
struct hnae_handle;
/* allocate and dma map space for hnae desc */
struct hnae_buf_ops {
int (*alloc_buffer)(struct hnae_ring *ring, struct hnae_desc_cb *cb);
void (*free_buffer)(struct hnae_ring *ring, struct hnae_desc_cb *cb);
int (*map_buffer)(struct hnae_ring *ring, struct hnae_desc_cb *cb);
void (*unmap_buffer)(struct hnae_ring *ring, struct hnae_desc_cb *cb);
struct hnae_queue {
void __iomem *io_base;
phys_addr_t phy_base;
struct hnae_ae_dev *dev; /* the device who use this queue */
struct hnae_ring rx_ring ____cacheline_internodealigned_in_smp;
struct hnae_ring tx_ring ____cacheline_internodealigned_in_smp;
struct hnae_handle *handle;
/*hnae loop mode*/
enum hnae_loop {
/*hnae port type*/
enum hnae_port_type {
/* mac media type */
enum hnae_media_type {
/* This struct defines the operation on the handle.
* get_handle(): (mandatory)
* Get a handle from AE according to its name and options.
* the AE driver should manage the space used by handle and its queues while
* the HNAE framework will allocate desc and desc_cb for all rings in the
* queues.
* put_handle():
* Release the handle.
* start():
* Enable the hardware, include all queues
* stop():
* Disable the hardware
* set_opts(): (mandatory)
* Set options to the AE
* get_opts(): (mandatory)
* Get options from the AE
* get_status():
* Get the carrier state of the back channel of the handle, 1 for ok, 0 for
* non-ok
* toggle_ring_irq(): (mandatory)
* Set the ring irq to be enabled(0) or disable(1)
* toggle_queue_status(): (mandatory)
* Set the queue to be enabled(1) or disable(0), this will not change the
* ring irq state
* adjust_link()
* adjust link status
* set_loopback()
* set loopback
* get_ring_bdnum_limit()
* get ring bd number limit
* get_pauseparam()
* get tx and rx of pause frame use
* set_autoneg()
* set auto autonegotiation of pause frame use
* get_autoneg()
* get auto autonegotiation of pause frame use
* set_pauseparam()
* set tx and rx of pause frame use
* get_coalesce_usecs()
* get usecs to delay a TX interrupt after a packet is sent
* get_rx_max_coalesced_frames()
* get Maximum number of packets to be sent before a TX interrupt.
* set_coalesce_usecs()
* set usecs to delay a TX interrupt after a packet is sent
* set_coalesce_frames()
* set Maximum number of packets to be sent before a TX interrupt.
* get_ringnum()
* get RX/TX ring number
* get_max_ringnum()
* get RX/TX ring maximum number
* get_mac_addr()
* get mac address
* set_mac_addr()
* set mac address
* set_mc_addr()
* set multicast mode
* set_mtu()
* set mtu
* update_stats()
* update Old network device statistics
* get_ethtool_stats()
* get ethtool network device statistics
* get_strings()
* get a set of strings that describe the requested objects
* get_sset_count()
* get number of strings that @get_strings will write
* update_led_status()
* update the led status
* set_led_id()
* set led id
* get_regs()
* get regs dump
* get_regs_len()
* get the len of the regs dump
struct hnae_ae_ops {
struct hnae_handle *(*get_handle)(struct hnae_ae_dev *dev,
u32 port_id);
void (*put_handle)(struct hnae_handle *handle);
void (*init_queue)(struct hnae_queue *q);
void (*fini_queue)(struct hnae_queue *q);
int (*start)(struct hnae_handle *handle);
void (*stop)(struct hnae_handle *handle);
void (*reset)(struct hnae_handle *handle);
int (*set_opts)(struct hnae_handle *handle, int type, void *opts);
int (*get_opts)(struct hnae_handle *handle, int type, void **opts);
int (*get_status)(struct hnae_handle *handle);
int (*get_info)(struct hnae_handle *handle,
u8 *auto_neg, u16 *speed, u8 *duplex);
void (*toggle_ring_irq)(struct hnae_ring *ring, u32 val);
void (*adjust_link)(struct hnae_handle *handle, int speed, int duplex);
int (*set_loopback)(struct hnae_handle *handle,
enum hnae_loop loop_mode, int en);
void (*get_ring_bdnum_limit)(struct hnae_queue *queue,
u32 *uplimit);
void (*get_pauseparam)(struct hnae_handle *handle,
u32 *auto_neg, u32 *rx_en, u32 *tx_en);
int (*set_autoneg)(struct hnae_handle *handle, u8 enable);
int (*get_autoneg)(struct hnae_handle *handle);
int (*set_pauseparam)(struct hnae_handle *handle,
u32 auto_neg, u32 rx_en, u32 tx_en);
void (*get_coalesce_usecs)(struct hnae_handle *handle,
u32 *tx_usecs, u32 *rx_usecs);
void (*get_rx_max_coalesced_frames)(struct hnae_handle *handle,
u32 *tx_frames, u32 *rx_frames);
int (*set_coalesce_usecs)(struct hnae_handle *handle, u32 timeout);
int (*set_coalesce_frames)(struct hnae_handle *handle,
u32 coalesce_frames);
void (*get_coalesce_range)(struct hnae_handle *handle,
u32 *tx_frames_low, u32 *rx_frames_low,
u32 *tx_frames_high, u32 *rx_frames_high,
u32 *tx_usecs_low, u32 *rx_usecs_low,
u32 *tx_usecs_high, u32 *rx_usecs_high);
void (*set_promisc_mode)(struct hnae_handle *handle, u32 en);
int (*get_mac_addr)(struct hnae_handle *handle, void **p);
int (*set_mac_addr)(struct hnae_handle *handle, void *p);
int (*set_mc_addr)(struct hnae_handle *handle, void *addr);
int (*set_mtu)(struct hnae_handle *handle, int new_mtu);
void (*set_tso_stats)(struct hnae_handle *handle, int enable);
void (*update_stats)(struct hnae_handle *handle,
struct net_device_stats *net_stats);
void (*get_stats)(struct hnae_handle *handle, u64 *data);
void (*get_strings)(struct hnae_handle *handle,
u32 stringset, u8 *data);
int (*get_sset_count)(struct hnae_handle *handle, int stringset);
void (*update_led_status)(struct hnae_handle *handle);
int (*set_led_id)(struct hnae_handle *handle,
enum hnae_led_state status);
void (*get_regs)(struct hnae_handle *handle, void *data);
int (*get_regs_len)(struct hnae_handle *handle);
u32 (*get_rss_key_size)(struct hnae_handle *handle);
u32 (*get_rss_indir_size)(struct hnae_handle *handle);
int (*get_rss)(struct hnae_handle *handle, u32 *indir, u8 *key,
u8 *hfunc);
int (*set_rss)(struct hnae_handle *handle, const u32 *indir,
const u8 *key, const u8 hfunc);
struct hnae_ae_dev {
struct device cls_dev; /* the class dev */
struct device *dev; /* the presented dev */
struct hnae_ae_ops *ops;
struct list_head node;
struct module *owner; /* the module who provides this dev */
int id;
char name[AE_NAME_SIZE];
struct list_head handle_list;
spinlock_t lock; /* lock to protect the handle_list */
struct hnae_handle {
struct device *owner_dev; /* the device which make use of this handle */
struct hnae_ae_dev *dev; /* the device who provides this handle */
struct phy_device *phy_dev;
phy_interface_t phy_if;
u32 if_support;
int q_num;
int vf_id;
u32 eport_id;
u32 dport_id; /* v2 tx bd should fill the dport_id */
enum hnae_port_type port_type;
enum hnae_media_type media_type;
struct list_head node; /* list to hnae_ae_dev->handle_list */
struct hnae_buf_ops *bops; /* operation for the buffer */
struct hnae_queue **qs; /* array base of all queues */
#define ring_to_dev(ring) ((ring)->q->dev->dev)
struct hnae_handle *hnae_get_handle(struct device *owner_dev,
const struct fwnode_handle *fwnode,
u32 port_id,
struct hnae_buf_ops *bops);
void hnae_put_handle(struct hnae_handle *handle);
int hnae_ae_register(struct hnae_ae_dev *dev, struct module *owner);
void hnae_ae_unregister(struct hnae_ae_dev *dev);
int hnae_register_notifier(struct notifier_block *nb);
void hnae_unregister_notifier(struct notifier_block *nb);
int hnae_reinit_handle(struct hnae_handle *handle);
#define hnae_queue_xmit(q, buf_num) writel_relaxed(buf_num, \
(q)->tx_ring.io_base + RCB_REG_TAIL)
#ifndef assert
#define assert(cond)
static inline int hnae_reserve_buffer_map(struct hnae_ring *ring,
struct hnae_desc_cb *cb)
struct hnae_buf_ops *bops = ring->q->handle->bops;
int ret;
ret = bops->alloc_buffer(ring, cb);
if (ret)
goto out;
ret = bops->map_buffer(ring, cb);
if (ret)
goto out_with_buf;
return 0;
bops->free_buffer(ring, cb);
return ret;
static inline int hnae_alloc_buffer_attach(struct hnae_ring *ring, int i)
int ret = hnae_reserve_buffer_map(ring, &ring->desc_cb[i]);
if (ret)
return ret;
ring->desc[i].addr = cpu_to_le64(ring->desc_cb[i].dma);
return 0;
static inline void hnae_buffer_detach(struct hnae_ring *ring, int i)
ring->q->handle->bops->unmap_buffer(ring, &ring->desc_cb[i]);
ring->desc[i].addr = 0;
static inline void hnae_free_buffer_detach(struct hnae_ring *ring, int i)
struct hnae_buf_ops *bops = ring->q->handle->bops;
struct hnae_desc_cb *cb = &ring->desc_cb[i];
if (!ring->desc_cb[i].dma)
hnae_buffer_detach(ring, i);
bops->free_buffer(ring, cb);
/* detach a in-used buffer and replace with a reserved one */
static inline void hnae_replace_buffer(struct hnae_ring *ring, int i,
struct hnae_desc_cb *res_cb)
struct hnae_buf_ops *bops = ring->q->handle->bops;
bops->unmap_buffer(ring, &ring->desc_cb[i]);
ring->desc_cb[i] = *res_cb;
ring->desc[i].addr = cpu_to_le64(ring->desc_cb[i].dma);
ring->desc[i].rx.ipoff_bnum_pid_flag = 0;
static inline void hnae_reuse_buffer(struct hnae_ring *ring, int i)
ring->desc_cb[i].reuse_flag = 0;
ring->desc[i].addr = cpu_to_le64(ring->desc_cb[i].dma
+ ring->desc_cb[i].page_offset);
ring->desc[i].rx.ipoff_bnum_pid_flag = 0;
#define hnae_set_field(origin, mask, shift, val) \
do { \
(origin) &= (~(mask)); \
(origin) |= ((val) << (shift)) & (mask); \
} while (0)
#define hnae_set_bit(origin, shift, val) \
hnae_set_field((origin), (0x1 << (shift)), (shift), (val))
#define hnae_get_field(origin, mask, shift) (((origin) & (mask)) >> (shift))
#define hnae_get_bit(origin, shift) \
hnae_get_field((origin), (0x1 << (shift)), (shift))