This is the MFD pull request for the 3.9 merge window.

No new drivers this time, but a bunch of fairly big cleanups:

- Roger Quadros worked on a OMAP USBHS and TLL platform data consolidation,
  OMAP5 support and clock management code cleanup.

- The first step of a major sync for the ab8500 driver from Lee Jones. In
  particular, the debugfs and the sysct interfaces got extended and improved.

- Peter Ujfalusi sent a nice patchset for cleaning and fixing the twl-core
  driver, with a much needed module id lookup code improvement.

- The regular wm5102 and arizona cleanups and fixes from Mark Brown.

- Laxman Dewangan extended the palmas APIs in order to implement the palmas
  GPIO and rt drivers.

- Laxman also added DT support for the tps65090 driver.

- The Intel SCH and ICH drivers got a couple fixes from Aaron Sierra and
  Darren Hart.

- Linus Walleij patchset for the ab8500 driver allowed ab8500 and ab9540 based
  devices to switch to the new abx500 pin-ctrl driver.

- The max8925 now has device tree and irqdomain support thanks to Qing Xu.

- The recently added rtsx driver got a few cleanups and fixes for a better
  card detection code path and now also supports the RTS5227 chipset, thanks
  to Wei Wang and Roger Tseng.
mfd: lpc_ich: Use devres API to allocate private data

And fix a kzalloc argument inversion bug while converting to devres.

Signed-off-by: Aaron Sierra <>
Signed-off-by: Samuel Ortiz <>
1 file changed