This is the first pull request for MFD fixes for 3.8

We have some build failure fixes (twl4030, vexpress, abx500 and tps65910),
some actual runtime oops and lockup fixes (rtsx, da9052), and some more
hypothetical NULL pointers dereferences fixes for pcf50633 and max776xx.

Then we also have additional rtsx fixes for a correct switch output voltage
and clock divider correctness for rtl8411 (rtsx driver), and irqdomain fix for
db8550-prcmu, and some more cosmetic fixes for arizona and wm5102.
mfd: rtsx: Fix oops when rtsx_pci_sdmmc is not probed

If rtsx_pci_sdmmc is not probed, function pointer pcr->slots[].card_event
will point to NULL, and thus rtsx_pci_card_detect will reference a NULL
Check card_event pointer before referencing it can avoid kernel panic.

Signed-off-by: Wei WANG <>
Signed-off-by: Samuel Ortiz <>
1 file changed