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481f6ccf399b ("firmware: arm_scmi: Add SCMI device for system power protocol")
9c5c463f2adf ("firmware: arm_scmi: Add names to scmi devices created")
ee7a9c9f67c5 ("firmware: arm_scmi: Add support for multiple device per protocol")
8305e90a894f ("firmware: arm_scmi: Avoid double free in error flow")
ec42ac6d1ea3 ("firmware: arm_scmi: improve exit paths and code readability")
bc40081d9825 ("firmware: arm_scmi: probe and initialise all the supported protocols")
933c504424a2 ("firmware: arm_scmi: add scmi protocol bus to enumerate protocol devices")
b6f20ff8bd94 ("firmware: arm_scmi: add common infrastructure and support for base protocol")
aa4f886f3893 ("firmware: arm_scmi: add basic driver infrastructure for SCMI")