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592bbe9c505d ("powerpc/uaccess: Don't use "m<>" constraint with GCC 4.9")
fcf1f26895a4 ("powerpc/uaccess: Add pre-update addressing to __put_user_asm_goto()")
2f279eeb68b8 ("powerpc/uaccess: Add pre-update addressing to __get_user_asm() and __put_user_asm()")
c20beffeec3c ("powerpc/uaccess: Use flexible addressing with __put_user()/__get_user()")
e2a8b49e7955 ("powerpc/uaccess: Don't use "m<>" constraint")
334710b1496a ("powerpc/uaccess: Implement unsafe_put_user() using 'asm goto'")
d02f6b7dab82 ("powerpc/uaccess: Evaluate macro arguments once, before user access is allowed")
5cd623333e7c ("powerpc: Implement user_access_begin and friends")
de78a9c42a79 ("powerpc: Add a framework for Kernel Userspace Access Protection")
0fb1c25ab523 ("powerpc: Add skeleton for Kernel Userspace Execution Prevention")
69795cabe4cf ("powerpc: Add framework for Kernel Userspace Protection")
96d4f267e40f ("Remove 'type' argument from access_ok() function")
889bb74302e5 ("Merge tag 'nds32-for-linus-4.21' of git://")