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66d90f6ecee7 ("firmware: arm_scmi: Enable building as a single module")
a8803055127a ("firmware: arm_scmi: Add system power protocol support")
585dfab3fb80 ("firmware: arm_scmi: Add base notifications support")
469ca1822d64 ("firmware: arm_scmi: Add reset notifications support")
128e3e9311a9 ("firmware: arm_scmi: Add sensor notifications support")
fb5086dc4746 ("firmware: arm_scmi: Add perf notifications support")
e27077bc04d5 ("firmware: arm_scmi: Add power notifications support")
1fc2dd1864c2 ("firmware: arm_scmi: Add notification protocol-registration")
d76428237784 ("firmware: arm_scmi: Use HAVE_ARM_SMCCC_DISCOVERY instead of ARM_PSCI_FW")
828f3e18e1cb ("Merge tag 'arm-drivers-5.8' of git://")