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673085f450b2 ("ARM: s3c24xx: move iis pinctrl config into boards")
83d74e354200 ("ASoC: samsung: rx1950: turn into platform driver")
e26a2abcc246 ("ASoC: samsung: neo1973: turn into platform driver")
9666e27f90b9 ("ASoC: samsung: h1940: turn into platform driver")
d2951dfa070d ("mmc: s3cmci: Use the slot GPIO descriptor")
4bac3cc22559 ("ARM: s3c24xx: Correct SD card write protect detection on Mini2440")
511038fa6689 ("ARM: s3c24xx: Consistently use tab for indenting member assignments")
e728e4f20100 ("ARM: s3c24xx: formatting cleanup in mach-mini2440.c")
9b00bc7b901f ("spi: spi-gpio: Rewrite to use GPIO descriptors")