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73aa5b7c9411 ("ARM: dts: iwg22d-sodimm: Fix dt nodes sorting")
99ae78f1fc3a ("ARM: dts: iwg22d-sodimm: Enable touchscreen")
7f61dff1ed91 ("ARM: dts: iwg22d-sodimm: Enable LCD panel")
8a481af10e6a ("ARM: dts: renesas: Group tuples in regulator-gpio states properties")
9eb36b945b5c ("ARM: dts: iwg23s-sbc: Add uSD and eMMC support")
01a12d4975fb ("ARM: dts: iwg23s-sbc: Add pinctl support for scif1")
f922fb5af158 ("ARM: dts: iwg23s-sbc: Add support for iWave G23S-SBC based on RZ/G1C")
56bac953b150 ("ARM: dts: marzen: Add SDHI0 VCCQ Regulator")
3838ef590119 ("ARM: dts: iwg22d-sodimm: Sound PIO support")
55e37da0309a ("ARM: dts: iwg22d-sodimm: Enable SGTL5000 audio codec")
805a5263f421 ("ARM: dts: iwg22d-sodimm: Add can0 support to carrier board")
97b94d256d43 ("ARM: dts: iwg22d-sodimm-dbhd-ca: Add HDMI video output")
b73ae2bdd83a ("ARM: dts: iwg22d-sodimm: Enable HS-USB")
738a368d558f ("ARM: dts: iwg22d-sodimm: sort dt nodes")
ea03afbeb80e ("ARM: dts: iwg22d-sodimm-dbhd-ca: Add device tree for HDMI DB")
c7a5ddfbf171 ("ARM: dts: iwg22d: Add /dev/ttySC5 support")
4c1d14ce4a03 ("ARM: dts: iwg22d: Use /dev/ttySC3 as debug console")
aea3c9d97261 ("ARM: dts: iwg22d-sodimm: Enable USB PHY")
bc058f6f03e4 ("ARM: dts: iwg22d-sodimm: Enable internal PCI")
4f0b2563c4c0 ("ARM: dts: iwg20d-q7: Rework DT architecture")
ec301d261d5a ("ARM: dts: iwg22d: Enable SDHI0 controller")
51be0086e6d2 ("ARM: dts: iwg20d-q7: Enable USB PHY")
35a8eeeac89c ("ARM: dts: iwg20d-q7: Enable internal PCI")
d6ee805325b1 ("ARM: dts: iwg22d-sodimm: Add Ethernet AVB support")
67dbb081815e ("ARM: dts: iwg22d-sodimm: Add pinctl support for scif4")
e0e63658c2f2 ("ARM: dts: iwg20d-q7: Add RTC support")
f9c1e87e77ca ("ARM: dts: iwg20d-q7: Add chosen node")
a59eb272a4ea ("ARM: dts: iwg22d-sodimm: Add support for iWave G22D-SODIMM board")
029efb3a03c5 ("ARM: dts: iwg20d-q7: Add SDHI1 support")