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8d0e21012743 ("powerpc/mce: Avoid nmi_enter/exit in real mode on pseries hash")
abd106fb437a ("powerpc/64s: machine check do not trace real-mode handler")
116ac378bb3f ("powerpc/64s: machine check interrupt update NMI accounting")
efbc4303b255 ("powerpc/pseries: Handle UE event for memcpy_mcsafe")
9ca766f9891d ("powerpc/64s/pseries: machine check convert to use common event code")
895e3dceeb97 ("powerpc/mce: Handle UE event for memcpy_mcsafe")
50dbabe06a6e ("powerpc/powernv/mce: Print additional information about MCE error.")
cda6618d060b ("powerpc/powernv/mce: Print correct severity for MCE error.")
d6e8a1508506 ("powerpc/powernv/mce: Reduce MCE console logs to lesser lines.")
7f177f9810ad ("powerpc/pseries: hwpoison the pages upon hitting UE")
c9d8dda42372 ("powerpc/pseries/mce: Improve array initialization.")
6f845ebec270 ("powerpc/pseries/mce: Fix misleading print for TLB mutlihit")
c05772018491 ("powerpc/64s: Better printing of machine check info for guest MCEs")
884dfb722db8 ("KVM: PPC: Book3S HV: Simplify machine check handling")
685f7e4f1614 ("Merge tag 'powerpc-4.20-1' of git://")