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8fae67585090 ("soc: renesas: Use ARM32/ARM64 for menu description")
464d9b349be6 ("soc: renesas: Align driver description titles")
b88fc411e0e9 ("soc: renesas: Add Renesas R8A774E1 config option")
f446ade0952a ("soc: renesas: rcar-sysc: Add r8a774e1 support")
cdc8abe763c9 ("soc: renesas: Add Renesas R8A7742 config option")
5b9fa9cbe654 ("soc: renesas: rcar-sysc: Add R8A7742 support")
4ff27112282e ("soc: renesas: Remove ARCH_R8A7795")
b925adfceb52 ("soc: renesas: Add ARCH_R8A7795[01] for existing R-Car H3")
24240845c871 ("soc: renesas: Remove ARCH_R8A7796")
bdde3d3ec934 ("soc: renesas: rcar-sysc: Add R8A77961 support")
cadadde21007 ("soc: renesas: Add ARCH_R8A77961 for new R-Car M3-W+")
39e57e14d7ea ("soc: renesas: Add ARCH_R8A77960 for existing R-Car M3-W")
f79edb17b618 ("soc: renesas: Rename SYSC_R8A7796 to SYSC_R8A77960")
6655c568ced0 ("soc: renesas: rcar-sysc: Add r8a774b1 support")
d634055c4b0f ("soc: renesas: Add Renesas R8A774B1 config option")
5a6cf826b37c ("soc: renesas: r8a7796-sysc: Fix power request conflicts")
0e0c4db2fa09 ("soc: renesas: r8a7795-sysc: Fix power request conflicts")
2eced4607a1e ("soc: renesas: Enable ARM_ERRATA_754322 for affected Cortex-A9")
2ed29e15e4b2 ("ARM: shmobile: R-Mobile: Move pm-rmobile to drivers/soc/renesas/")
062887bf5ef7 ("ARM: shmobile: Move SoC Kconfig symbols to drivers/soc/renesas/")
fa43948f6736 ("arm64: renesas: Move SoC Kconfig symbols to drivers/soc/renesas/")
79aac4b9b208 ("ARM: shmobile: Hide ARCH_RZN1 to improve consistency")
94cf946b8c19 ("ARM: shmobile: Restrict TWD support to SoCs that have it")
af3a03cded07 ("ARM: shmobile: Restrict SCU support to SoCs that have it")
4b42745211af ("Merge tag 'armsoc-soc' of git://")