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aff7e5038c85 ("ARM: dts: am437x: switch to new cpsw switch drv")
2de00450c012 ("ARM: dts: am437x: fix networking on boards with ksz9031 phy")
dab2da84d5db ("ARM: dts: am4372: switch to use phy-gmii-sel")
d95adfd45853 ("ARM: dts: am437x: Move l4 child devices to probe them with ti-sysc")
21c0607cc40d ("ARM: dts: am437x: Add l4 interconnect hierarchy and ti-sysc data")
23298c33f9b3 ("ARM: dts: am43xx: convert to use new clkctrl layout")
a35f408eba76 ("Merge commit 'ce32d59ee2cd036f6e8a6ed17a06a0b0bec5c67c' into omap-for-v4.21/dt-ti-sysc")