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b0d0c3bba90b ("ARM: dts: at91: move mmc pinctrl-names property to board dts")
b222de0242df ("ARM: dts: at91: at91sam9xx5ek: Style cleanup")
fd117bba8c1e ("ARM: dts: at91: cosino: Style cleanup")
c756f614577e ("ARM: dts: at91: ariettag25: style cleanup")
60839c530853 ("ARM: dts: at91: ariag25: Style cleanup")
6cf8f828ef08 ("ARM: dts: at91: at91sam9x5: switch to new clock bindings")
e239e0600411 ("ARM: dts: at91: at91sam9260: switch to new clock bindings")
044565558639 ("ARM: dts: add support for Laird WB45N cpu module and DVK")
67cb1e31417f ("ARM: dts: at91: cosino: use TCB0 as timers")
a4518537bff6 ("ARM: dts: at91: acme/g25: use TCB0 as timers")
ed4ced0c00f8 ("ARM: dts: at91: Remove leading 0x and 0s from bindings notation")
b3a87044464d ("Merge tag 'at91-ab-4.15-dt' of git:// into next/dt")