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0256b0aa8019 ("selinux: fix error handling bugs in security_load_policy()")
69ea651c40f7 ("selinux: fix allocation failure check on newpolicy->sidtab")
c7c556f1e81b ("selinux: refactor changing booleans")
02a52c5c8c3b ("selinux: move policy commit after updating selinuxfs")
461698026ffa ("selinux: encapsulate policy state, refactor policy load")
225621c9348d ("selinux: move context hashing under sidtab")
50077289804c ("selinux: hash context structure directly")
e3e0b582c321 ("selinux: remove unused initial SIDs and improve handling")
89d4d7c88d2b ("selinux: generalize evaluate_cond_node()")
60abd3181db2 ("selinux: convert cond_list to array")
06c2efe2cf3a ("selinux: simplify evaluate_cond_node()")
4b36cb773a81 ("selinux: move status variables out of selinux_ss")
dd89b9d9f37d ("selinux: do not allocate ancillary buffer on first load")
65cddd50980b ("selinux: treat atomic flags more carefully")
fe49c7e4f85a ("selinux: move ibpkeys code under CONFIG_SECURITY_INFINIBAND.")
15b590a81fcd ("selinux: ensure the policy has been loaded before reading the sidtab stats")
5c108d4e18f8 ("selinux: randomize layout of key structures")
d97bd23c2d7d ("selinux: cache the SID -> context string translation")
66f8e2f03c02 ("selinux: sidtab reverse lookup hash table")
3e3e24b42043 ("selinux: allow labeling before policy is loaded")
116f21bb967f ("selinux: avoid atomic_t usage in sidtab")
9e0cfe28fa32 ("selinux: remove useless assignments")
acdf52d97f82 ("selinux: convert to kvmalloc")
3ac96c30ccfa ("Merge tag 'selinux-pr-20190305' of git://")