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043697f030c5 ("fs: dlm: fix dlm_local_addr memory leak")
a47666eb763c ("fs: dlm: make connection hash lockless")
aa7ab1e20882 ("fs: dlm: synchronize dlm before shutdown")
055923bf6b48 ("fs: dlm: implement tcp graceful shutdown")
ba3ab3ca68ca ("fs: dlm: change handling of reconnects")
b355516f4507 ("dlm: check if workqueues are NULL before flushing/destroying")
93eaadebe9e1 ("DLM: fix to use sk_callback_lock correctly")
8a4abb081976 ("DLM: Reanimate CF_WRITE_PENDING flag")
c7355827b27c ("DLM: fix to use sock_mutex correctly in xxx_accept_from_sock")
b2a6662932c5 ("DLM: fix race condition between dlm_send and dlm_recv")
f0fb83cb9201 ("DLM: fix double list_del()")
988419a9deab ("DLM: fix remove save_cb argument from add_sock()")
cc661fc934a0 ("DLM: Fix saving of NULL callbacks")
01da24d3fbed ("DLM: Eliminate CF_WRITE_PENDING flag")
61d9102b6212 ("DLM: Eliminate CF_CONNECT_PENDING flag")