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05b837920f49 ("media: zoran: fix sparse warnings")
83f89a8bcbc3 ("media: zoran: convert to vb2")
8cb356d4eaae ("media: zoran: remove deprecated .vidioc_g_jpegcomp")
d1d015376c13 ("media: zoran: fix some compliance test")
64868edc9618 ("media: zoran: remove test_interrupts")
10e75b6ecdb4 ("media: zoran: add vidioc_g_parm")
991a0207325c ("media: zoran: remove framebuffer support")
b8fb0a474005 ("media: zoran: disable output")
b564cb6e0bd5 ("media: zoran: Add vb_queue")
1c3629cba07c ("media: zoran: Add more check for compliance")
30a978180ae8 ("media: zoran: add stat_com buffer")
e83bf68b5827 ("media: zoran: use devm_ioremap")
845556fd8027 ("media: zoran: use pci_request_regions")
ce72671d5d2d ("media: zoran: convert irq to pci irq")
7b1f41e03784 ("media: zoran: use ZR_NORM")
886986804ad4 ("media: zoran: Use DMA coherent for stat_com")
accd0214092e ("media: zoran: remove overlay")
cd669be210b8 ("media: zoran: Use video_drvdata to get struct zoran")
109d5cc0d067 ("media: zoran: move overlay_settings out of zoran_fh")
66a9b5a82ff8 ("media: zoran: move jpg_settings out of zoran_fh")
dc5f0b5d2d06 ("media: zoran: move v4l_settings out of zoran_fh")
7847f74d3683 ("media: zoran: move buffer_size out of zoran_fh")
e2b35ed6affc ("media: zoran: use v4l2_buffer_set_timestamp")
3f2c3423627c ("media: zoran: use VFL_TYPE_VIDEO")
72b23dd24568 ("media: zoran: remove proc_fs")
daae1da762c1 ("media: zoran: convert dprintk debug")
9bb2720293a0 ("media: zoran: convert dprintk info to pci_info")
28ea0148cf52 ("media: zoran: convert dprintk warn")
b7c3b2bb9db4 ("media: zoran: convert all error dprintk to pci_err/pr_err")
c638913669bb ("media: zoran: do not forward declare zr36057_init_vfe")
5e195bbddabd ("media: zoran: fix checkpatch issue")
754f0f1ba8d9 ("media: MAINTAINERS: change maintainer of the zoran driver")
61c3b19f7b9e ("media: staging: media: Revert "media: zoran: remove deprecated driver"")
3d8a97eabef0 ("media: tegra-video: Add Tegra210 Video input driver")
8dcc1a9d90c1 ("fs: New zonefs file system")
47e4937a4a7c ("erofs: move erofs out of staging")
753a3c80b6af ("staging: erofs: remove incomplete cleancache")
57b78c9fd9ce ("staging: erofs: rename source files for better understanding")
29b24f6ca112 ("staging: erofs: update source file headers")
e786741ff1b5 ("Merge tag 'staging-5.3-rc1' of git://")