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0b6bfad4cee4 ("spi: spi-dw: Remove extraneous locking")
8225c1c9a073 ("spi: dw: Initialize n_bytes before the memory barrier")
bdbdf0f06337 ("spi: dw: Locally wait for the DMA transfers completion")
f0410bbf7d0f ("spi: dw: Return any value retrieved from the dma_transfer callback")
de4c2875a5ff ("spi: dw: Set xfer effective_speed_hz")
4fdc03a9bc47 ("spi: dw: Discard dma_width member of the dw_spi structure")
2afccbd283ae ("spi: dw: Discard static DW DMA slave structures")
0327f0b881dc ("spi: dw: Clear DMAC register when done or stopped")
a041e672cb57 ("spi: dw: Get rid of dma_inited flag")
22d48ad7bfac ("spi: dw: Add Elkhart Lake PSE DMA support")
37aa8aa68492 ("spi: dw: Add 'mfld' suffix to Intel Medfield related routines")
e79409526445 ("spi: dw: Move few headers under #ifdef CONFIG_SPI_DW_MID_DMA")
e62a15d97b0a ("spi: dw: Downgrade interrupt.h to irqreturn.h where appropriate")
0c2ce3fe4dd0 ("spi: dw: Move interrupt.h to spi-dw.h who is user of it")
c4eadee21fa9 ("spi: dw: Add update_cr0() callback to update CTRLR0")
299cb65c9dd4 ("spi: dw: Fix typo in few registers name")
33e8fd4bfbd7 ("spi: dw: remove cs_control and poll_mode members from chip_data")
ec7b3f5372e2 ("Merge tag 'spi-fix-v5.5-rc5' of git://")