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0bdf7a2ddb7d ("io_uring: use a separate struct for timeout_remove")
61710e437f28 ("io_uring: always allow drain/link/hardlink/async sqe flags")
bfe68a221905 ("io_uring: off timeouts based only on completions")
360428f8c0cd ("io_uring: move timeouts flushing to a helper")
045189452210 ("io_uring: separate DRAIN flushing into a cold path")
56080b02ed6e ("io_uring: don't re-read sqe->off in timeout_prep()")
733f5c95e6fd ("io_uring: simplify io_timeout locking")
b55ce7320049 ("io_uring: kill already cached timeout.seq_offset")
22cad1585c6b ("io_uring: fix cached_sq_head in io_timeout()")
bebdb65e0772 ("io_uring: define and set show_fdinfo only if procfs is enabled")
2ca10259b418 ("io_uring: prune request from overflow list on flush")
5f798beaf35d ("io_uring: fix double prep iovec leak")
ff002b30181d ("io_uring: grab ->fs as part of async preparation")
faac996ccd5d ("io_uring: retry raw bdev writes if we hit -EOPNOTSUPP")
8fef80bf56a4 ("io_uring: add cleanup for openat()/statx()")
99bc4c38537d ("io_uring: fix iovec leaks")
1e95081cb5b4 ("io_uring: fix deferred req iovec leak")
1cb1edb2f5ba ("io_uring: get rid of delayed mm check")
2faf852d1be8 ("io_uring: cleanup fixed file data table references")
3e577dcd73a1 ("io_uring: put the flag changing code in the same spot")
3e69426da259 ("io_uring: punt even fadvise() WILLNEED to async context")
1a417f4e618e ("io_uring: fix sporadic double CQE entry for close")
9250f9ee194d ("io_uring: remove extra ->file check")
5d204bcfa093 ("io_uring: don't map read/write iovec potentially twice")
f0b493e6b9a8 ("io_uring: prevent potential eventfd recursion on poll")
87ce955b24c9 ("io_uring: add ->show_fdinfo() for the io_uring file descriptor")
3e4827b05d2a ("io_uring: add support for epoll_ctl(2)")
f86cd20c9454 ("io_uring: fix linked command file table usage")
cccf0ee83455 ("io_uring/io-wq: don't use static creds/mm assignments")
86a761f81ec8 ("io_uring: honor IOSQE_ASYNC for linked reqs")
6b47ee6ecab1 ("io_uring: optimise sqe-to-req flags translation")
87987898a1db ("io_uring: remove REQ_F_IO_DRAINED")
e46a7950d362 ("io_uring: file switch work needs to get flushed on exit")
b14cca0c84c7 ("io_uring: hide uring_fd in ctx")
711be0312df4 ("io_uring: optimise use of ctx->drain_next")
66f4af93da57 ("io_uring: add support for probing opcodes")
cebdb98617ae ("io_uring: add support for IORING_OP_OPENAT2")
c12cedf24e78 ("io_uring: add 'struct open_how' to the openat request context")
f2842ab5b72d ("io_uring: enable option to only trigger eventfd for async completions")
69b3e546139a ("io_uring: change io_ring_ctx bool fields into bit fields")
fddafacee287 ("io_uring: add support for send(2) and recv(2)")
c6ca97b30c47 ("io_uring: extend batch freeing to cover more cases")
8237e045983d ("io_uring: wrap multi-req freeing in struct req_batch")
2b85edfc0c90 ("io_uring: batch getting pcpu references")
c1ca757bd6f4 ("io_uring: add IORING_OP_MADVISE")
4840e418c2fc ("io_uring: add IORING_OP_FADVISE")
ba04291eb66e ("io_uring: allow use of offset == -1 to mean file position")
3a6820f2bb8a ("io_uring: add non-vectored read/write commands")
e94f141bd248 ("io_uring: improve poll completion performance")
ad3eb2c89fb2 ("io_uring: split overflow state into SQ and CQ side")