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10ed16662da9 ("block: add a bdget_part helper")
1008fe6dc36d ("block: remove the all_bdevs list")
47b5e00322a3 ("block: remove the unused bd_private field from struct block_device")
621c1f42945e ("block: move struct block_device to blk_types.h")
3f1266f1f82d ("block: move block-related definitions out of fs.h")
dd0dca223e09 ("block: simplify sb_is_blkdev_sb")
764b23bd9af8 ("block: mark bd_finish_claiming static")
b818f09e46f9 ("tty/sysrq: emergency_thaw_all does not depend on CONFIG_BLOCK")
3373a3461aa1 ("block: make function 'kill_bdev' static")
bce159d73409 ("Merge tag 'for-5.8/drivers-2020-06-01' of git://")