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155bd9d1abd6 ("drbd: remove ->this_bdev")
74f94454099e ("drbd: don't set ->bd_contains")
21cf86614504 ("writeback: remove bdi->congested_fn")
8c911f3d4c07 ("writeback: remove struct bdi_writeback_congested")
492d76b21566 ("writeback: remove {set,clear}_wb_congested")
987a0ef88bf7 ("bcache: stop setting ->queuedata")
a91b2014fc31 ("bcache: remove a duplicate ->make_request_fn assignment")
3d745ea5b095 ("block: simplify queue allocation")
ff27668ce809 ("bcache: pass the make_request methods to blk_queue_make_request")
581e26004a09 ("block: move block layer internals out of include/linux/genhd.h")
6005771c17db ("block: mark part_in_flight and part_in_flight_rw static")
2b8bd423614c ("block/diskstats: more accurate approximation of io_ticks for slow disks")
387048bf67ee ("block: merge partition-generic.c and check.c")
3f4fc59c1321 ("block: move the various x86 Unix label formats out of genhd.h")
3f1b95ef81b7 ("block: declare all partition detection routines in check.h")
ffa9ed647aa4 ("block: remove warn_no_part")
74cc979c3c7f ("block: cleanup how md_autodetect_dev is called")
1a9fba3a77a5 ("block: unexport read_dev_sector and put_dev_sector")
f17c21c1ecb8 ("block: remove alloc_part_info and free_part_info")
3ad5cee5cd00 ("block: move sysfs methods shared by disks and partitions to genhd.c")
5cbd28e3cef1 ("block: move disk_name and related helpers out of partition-generic.c")
ea3edd4dc230 ("block: remove __bdevname")
e598a72faeb5 ("block/genhd: Notify udev about capacity change")
776e49e8ddb5 ("Merge tag 'for-5.6/dm-fixes' of git://")