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1796164fac7e ("dt-bindings: mmc: document alias support")
f9b7989859dd ("dt-bindings: mmc: Add YAML schemas for the generic MMC options")
28f22fb755ec ("dt-bindings: mmc: Add disable-cqe-dcmd property.")
c7fddbd5db5c ("dt-bindings: mmc: Add supports-cqe property")
10a0ed7a9450 ("Documentation: mmc: addtional description for post-power-on-delay-ms")
52a70098ffb9 ("mmc: dt-bindings: Add optional cd-debounce-delay-ms")
d7e9ab3c6d76 ("mmc: Don't reference Linux-specific OF_GPIO_ACTIVE_LOW flag in DT binding")
37cb8e1f8e10 ("Merge tag 'devicetree-for-4.15' of git://")