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17e4aed8309f ("bcache: remove 'int n' from parameter list of bch_bucket_alloc_set()")
8792099f9ad4 ("bcache: use MAX_CACHES_PER_SET instead of magic number 8 in __bch_bucket_alloc_set")
fc2d5988b597 ("bcache: add identifier names to arguments of function definitions")
6f10f7d1b02b ("bcache: style fix to replace 'unsigned' by 'unsigned int'")
ea8c5356d390 ("bcache: set max writeback rate when I/O request is idle")
b467a6ac0b4b ("bcache: add code comments for bset.c")
b4cb6efc1af7 ("bcache: display rate debug parameters to 0 when writeback is not running")
94f71c16062e ("bcache: fix I/O significant decline while backend devices registering")
99a27d59bd7b ("bcache: simplify the calculation of the total amount of flash dirty data")
ddcf35d39797 ("block: Add and use op_stat_group() for indexing disk_stat fields.")
3f289dcb4b26 ("block: make bdev_ops->rw_page() take a REQ_OP instead of bool")
0f0709e6bfc3 ("bcache: stop bcache device when backing device is offline")
522a777566f5 ("block: consolidate struct request timestamp fields")
4bc6339a583c ("block: move blk_stat_add() to __blk_mq_end_request()")
84c7afcebed9 ("block: use ktime_get_ns() instead of sched_clock() for cfq and bfq")
544ccc8dc904 ("block: get rid of struct blk_issue_stat")
a8a45941706b ("block: pass struct request instead of struct blk_issue_stat to wbt")
934031a12980 ("block: move some wbt helpers to blk-wbt.c")
782f569774d7 ("blk-wbt: throttle discards like background writes")
8bea60901974 ("blk-wbt: pass in enum wbt_flags to get_rq_wait()")
6e916a7eb1bc ("bcache: store disk name in struct cache and struct cached_dev")
3526dd0c7832 ("Merge tag 'for-4.17/block-20180402' of git://")