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21b55dbc0653 ("io_uring: add IOURING_REGISTER_RESTRICTIONS opcode")
9d4a75efa200 ("io_uring: use an enumeration for io_uring_register(2) opcodes")
0f158b4cf20e ("io_uring: name sq thread and ref completions")
ef4ff581102a ("io_uring: move all request init code in one place")
dea3b49c7fb0 ("io_uring: keep all sqe->flags in req->flags")
1d4240cc9e7b ("io_uring: early submission req fail code")
bf9c2f1cdcc7 ("io_uring: track mm through current->mm")
dccc587f6c07 ("io_uring: remove obsolete @mm_fault")
85faa7b8346e ("io_uring: punt final io_ring_ctx wait-and-free to workqueue")
9c280f908711 ("io_uring: don't read user-shared sqe flags twice")
0553b8bda870 ("io_uring: remove req init from io_get_req()")
b1e50e549b13 ("io_uring: alloc req only after getting sqe")
709b302faddf ("io_uring: simplify io_get_sqring")
48bdd849e967 ("io_uring: fix ctx refcounting in io_submit_sqes()")
3537b6a7c654 ("io_uring: grab task reference for poll requests")
e59cd88028db ("Merge tag 'for-5.7/io_uring-2020-03-29' of git://")