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2394984fee73 ("media: staging: media: atomisp: Fix bool-related style issues")
641c2292bf19 ("media: atomisp: get rid of version-dependent globals")
929e2a61d672 ("media: atomisp: get rid of some unused code")
4b28ded7634c ("media: atomisp: move global stuff into a common header")
a6154805d073 ("media: atomisp: remove non-used 32-bits consts at system_local")
ecf1b4ca9711 ("media: atomisp: get rid of some unused static vars")
0a4b8c457b04 ("media: atomisp: simplify IRQ ifdef logic")
90240017891a ("media: atomisp: do some cleanup at irq_local.h")
f5fbb83feba2 ("media: atomisp: add SPDX headers")
a86b4936ba68 ("media: atomisp: get rid of an error abstraction layer")
41022d35ddf2 ("media: atomisp: get rid of non-Linux error codes")
abbd669dbfbb ("media: atomisp: do another round of coding style cleanup")
1a16d5453978 ("media: atomisp: remove some trivial wrappers from compat css20")
ebf89d12cae2 ("media: atomisp: Clean up if block in sh_css_sp_init_stage")
9955d906f280 ("media: atomisp: remove kvmalloc/kvcalloc abstractions")
d61ba1a2e295 ("media: atomisp: improve warning for IRQ enable function")
08fef4fa947b ("media: atomisp: get rid of memory_access.c")
100e89894b3b ("media: atomisp: change the type returned by mmgr alloc")
dc50fa18af51 ("media: atomisp: get rid of unused memory_realloc code")
5472b4db3f09 ("media: atomisp: get rid of mmgr_load and mmgr_store")
b92d99aec5d6 ("media: atomisp: go one step further to drop ia_css_memory_access.c")
86df6ff2422a ("media: atomisp: reduce abstraction at ia_css_memory_access")
4fba2916f6a5 ("media: atomisp: get rid of the hrt/hive_isp_css_mm_hrt abstraction layer")
2323994338e7 ("media: atomisp: simplify hive_isp_css_mm_hrt wrapper")
02ab76491bdc ("media: atomisp: fix a handful of spelling mistakes")
c01d5546773e ("media: atomisp: partially get rid of one abstraction layer")
bdfdd9e7df0a ("media: atomisp: make it use dbg_level to control debug level")
6b3a422b7364 ("media: atomisp: get rid of some old broken debug code")
171b7bd66ab8 ("media: atomisp: improve debug messages for set format")
aaebb6547610 ("media: atomisp: reduce debug printk rate when IRQs are received")
8ef6b8a67b01 ("media: atomisp: get rid of hmm_vm.c")
7b53e162f258 ("media: atomisp: fix pipeline initialization code")
27333dadef57 ("media: atomisp: adjust some code at sh_css that could be broken")
58d6ccc264ed ("media: atomisp: don't produce errs for ignored IRQs")
cf3cd3b05ea9 ("media: atomisp: print IRQ when debugging")
c03496b3bd92 ("media: atomisp: add a notice about possible leak resources")
eda1310b4087 ("media: atomisp: turn on camera before setting it")
1d6e5c3040c1 ("media: atomisp: change the code to properly wait for sensor")
b4dc4e139beb ("media: atomisp: add support for different PMIC configurations")
0741bf667f3c ("media: atomisp: move atomisp_gmin_platform.c to pci/ dir")
93e24ec6bfe6 ("media: atomisp: detect the PMIC type")
09d87466655d ("media: atomisp: reduce the risk of a race condition")
d03f2e248c41 ("media: atomisp: print the type of PMIC that will be used")
85df8457b31c ("media: atomisp: better display DMI and EFI found entries")
0d64e9420583 ("media: atomisp: Add some ACPI detection info")
33c24f8f5a27 ("media: atomisp: relax firmware version detection criteria")
ca133c395f2f ("media: atomisp: improve device detection code")
9b7632e8fe7f ("media: atomisp: fix clock rate frequency setting")
f770e91a7b64 ("media: atomisp: limit the name of the firmware file")
8568fe630066 ("media: atomisp: print a better message when fw version is wrong")