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23f370c74858 ("spi: atmel: Exposing effective spi speed")
57e313771044 ("spi: atmel: Improve and fix GPIO CS usage")
60086e23e64f ("spi: atmel: Remove useless private field")
585d18f7ebd1 ("spi: atmel: Configure GPIO per CS instead of by controller")
7cbb16b2122c ("spi: atmel: Fix CS high support")
4d8672d17450 ("spi: atmel: Remove and fix erroneous comments")
6c613f68aabf ("spi: core,atmel: convert `word_delay_usecs` -> `word_delay` for spi_device")
84593a131c3a ("spi: sprd: convert transfer word delay to spi_delay struct")
329f0dac4cad ("spi: make `cs_change_delay` the first user of the `spi_delay` logic")
b2c98153f45f ("spi: introduce spi_delay struct as "value + unit" & spi_delay_exec()")
6b3f236a9985 ("spi: move `cs_change_delay` backwards compat logic outside switch")
dca39af8831e ("iio: imu: adis: Add support for SPI transfer cs_change_delay")
d5864e5bed96 ("spi: core: allow defining time that cs is deasserted as a multiple of SCK")
0ff2de8bb163 ("spi: core: allow defining time that cs is deasserted")
f1ca9992ced7 ("spi: add a method for configuring CS timing")
473a78a7bbeb ("spi-atmel: support inter-word delay")
b7bb367afa4b ("spi: support inter-word delay requirement for devices")
efc92fbb8760 ("spi: atmel: Convert to use CS GPIO descriptors")
f3186dd87669 ("spi: Optionally use GPIO descriptors for CS GPIOs")
810923f3bf06 ("spi: Deal with slaves that return from transfer_one() unfinished")
25972d0c33de ("spi: Make GPIO CSs honour the SPI_NO_CS flag")
5039563e7c25 ("spi: Add driver_override SPI device attribute")
71388b215697 ("spi: always use software fallback for SPI_CS_WORD when using cs_gio")
926369667732 ("Merge tag 'spi-cs-word' into spi-4.20")