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255f6c2e74b1 ("crypto: lib/chacha20poly1305 - Set SG_MITER_ATOMIC unconditionally")
d95312a3ccc0 ("crypto: lib/chacha20poly1305 - reimplement crypt_from_sg() routine")
ed20078b7e33 ("crypto: chacha20poly1305 - import construction and selftest from Zinc")
0ed42a6f431e ("crypto: curve25519 - generic C library implementations")
66d7fb94e4ff ("crypto: blake2s - generic C library implementation and selftest")
48ea8c6ebc96 ("crypto: poly1305 - move core routines into a separate library")
5fb8ef25803e ("crypto: chacha - move existing library code into lib/crypto")
746b2e024c67 ("crypto: lib - tidy up lib/crypto Kconfig and Makefile")
b95bba5d0114 ("crypto: skcipher - rename the crypto_blkcipher module and kconfig option")
c65058b7587f ("crypto: skcipher - remove the "blkcipher" algorithm type")
f08fcced6d00 ("crypto: allwinner - Add sun8i-ss cryptographic offloader")
17513547a87a ("crypto: sun4i-ss - Move to Allwinner directory")
06f751b61329 ("crypto: allwinner - Add sun8i-ce Crypto Engine")
3914b93115af ("crypto: allwinner - Add allwinner subdirectory")
48fe583fe541 ("crypto: amlogic - Add crypto accelerator for amlogic GXL")
7f725f41f627 ("crypto: powerpc - convert SPE AES algorithms to skcipher API")
8255e65df961 ("crypto: powerpc - don't set ivsize for AES-ECB")
0d6ecb2e43d6 ("crypto: powerpc - don't unnecessarily use atomic scatterwalk")
cd5d2f845746 ("crypto: sparc/des - convert to skcipher API")
c72a26ef6b25 ("crypto: sparc/camellia - convert to skcipher API")
64db5e7439fb ("crypto: sparc/aes - convert to skcipher API")
b4d0c0aad57a ("crypto: arm - use Kconfig based compiler checks for crypto opcodes")
554c42b4efd4 ("crypto: sun4i-ss - enable pm_runtime")
70dd444ad0a0 ("crypto: sun4i-ss - simplify enable/disable of the device")
5b0fe9552336 ("crypto: algif_skcipher - Use chunksize instead of blocksize")
3e414b5bd28f ("Merge tag 'for-5.4/dm-changes' of git://")