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25d85ffca16a ("crypto: sun8i-ce - fix comparison of integer expressions of different signedness")
06f751b61329 ("crypto: allwinner - Add sun8i-ce Crypto Engine")
3914b93115af ("crypto: allwinner - Add allwinner subdirectory")
50e761516f2b ("media: platform: Add Cedrus VPU decoder driver")
51b8dc5163d2 ("media: staging: atomisp: Remove driver")
6522aa1b19dd ("media: atomisp-mt9m114: comment out unused stuff")
357486eca885 ("media: atomisp-mt9m114: remove dead data")
0015b19070ed ("media: atomisp-gc0310: return errors at gc0310_init()")
e5c0680fd2c4 ("media: atomisp: ov2680: don't declare unused vars")
db01f7ccfa6d ("media: staging: atomisp: Comment out several unused sensor resolutions")
d8a665c93803 ("media: staging: atomisp-gc2235: don't fill an unused var")
746d60e90e07 ("media: atomisp: ov2680.h: fix identation")
8196b8323239 ("media: staging: atomisp: reenable warnings for I2C")
313c5197c584 ("media: staging: atomisp: get rid of __KERNEL macros")
22457cb2de13 ("media: atomisp: fix misleading addr information")
0de3d73b93d3 ("media: staging: atomisp: Using module_pci_driver")
e6c023aff1d5 ("media: atomisp: fix spelling mistake: "diregard" -> "disregard"")
ca33f8f61a6e ("media: atomisp: get rid of a warning")
ad4222a0e296 ("media: atomisp: compat32: fix __user annotations")
f224cbec5778 ("media: staging: atomisp: add missing include")
158dff0e2f60 ("media: atomisp: compat32: use get_user() before referencing user data")
e935dbfc9ff8 ("media: atomisp: remove an impossible condition")
65c116737344 ("media: staging: atomisp: fix string comparation logic")
90d53d199ae1 ("media: atomisp: fix __user annotations")
3204043fcf11 ("media: staging: atomisp: don't declare the same vars as both private and public")
27210585097b ("media: staging: atomisp: fix number conversion")
0116b8df1c9e ("media: staging: atomisp: stop duplicating input format types")
f1581b444e8d ("media: staging: atomisp: get rid of an unused var")
fd418c8a5985 ("media: staging: atomisp: stop mixing enum types")
ddbd758f87b7 ("media: staging: atomisp: get rid of some static warnings")
517ac8c02b84 ("media: staging: atomisp: use %p to print pointers")
83d019bbb0ed ("media: staging: atomisp: remove an useless check")
dc9f65cf9aea ("media: staging: atomisp: avoid a warning if 32 bits build")
8b1a2468cf8a ("media: staging: atomisp: don't access a NULL var")
6dfc6a3f66fb ("media: staging: atomisp: Get rid of *[ch]")
319dbc1b4ba9 ("media: staging: atomisp: get rid of an unused function")
849267dfe0de ("media: staging: atomisp: remove unused set_pd_base()")
f10127cd63b3 ("media: staging: atomisp: fix endianess issues")
c3a9880f53c4 ("media: staging: atomisp: add a missing include")
b2fc77bc1bcb ("media: staging: atomisp: get rid of stupid statements")
893311298a96 ("media: staging: atomisp: declare static vars as such")
a0891a6e8ea6 ("media: staging: atomisp: don't use var before check")
5e95db4cf73f ("media: staging: atomisp: do some coding style improvements")
57e6b6f2303e ("media: atomisp_fops.c: disable atomisp_compat_ioctl32")
06ed2a6d60c7 ("media: staging: media: atomisp: Remove inclusion of non-existing directories")
6dc9a2568f84 ("media: atomisp: convert default struct values to use compound-literals with designated initializers")
01b610594fee ("media: staging: media: remove remains of VIDEO_ATOMISP_OV8858")
b0e84815a805 ("media: staging: atomisp: remove redundant assignments to various variables")
a9b539a6fbb9 ("media: staging: media: atomisp: remove pointless string copy")
f87c6898abb2 ("media: drivers: staging: media: atomisp: pci: atomisp2: css2400: fix misspellings")