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2aede0e417db ("io_uring: stash ctx task reference for SQPOLL")
6b7898eb180d ("io_uring: fix imbalanced sqo_mm accounting")
f74441e6311a ("io_uring: account locked memory before potential error case")
d1719f70d0a5 ("io_uring: don't touch 'ctx' after installing file descriptor")
cbcf72148da4 ("io_uring: return locked and pinned page accounting")
5dbcad51f784 ("io_uring: don't miscount pinned memory")
b2edc0a77fac ("io_uring: don't burn CPU for iopoll on exit")
9dedd5630156 ("io_uring: partially inline io_iopoll_getevents()")
8eb06d7e8dd8 ("io_uring: fix missing ->mm on exit")
c40f63790ec9 ("io_uring: use task_work for links if possible")
a1d7c393c471 ("io_uring: enable READ/WRITE to use deferred completions")
f13fad7ba41c ("io_uring: pass down completion state on the issue side")
e1e16097e265 ("io_uring: provide generic io_req_complete() helper")
d3cac64c498c ("io_uring: fix NULL-mm for linked reqs")
bcf5a06304d6 ("io_uring: support true async buffered reads, if file provides it")
b63534c41e20 ("io_uring: re-issue block requests that failed because of resources")
4503b7676a2e ("io_uring: catch -EIO from buffered issue request failure")
ac8691c415e0 ("io_uring: always plug for any number of IOs")
2e0464d48f32 ("io_uring: separate reporting of ring pages from registered pages")
309758254ea6 ("io_uring: report pinned memory usage")
aad5d8da1b30 ("io_uring: rename ctx->account_mem field")
a087e2b51992 ("io_uring: add wrappers for memory accounting")
56952e91acc9 ("io_uring: reap poll completions while waiting for refs to drop on exit")
9d8426a09195 ("io_uring: acquire 'mm' for task_work for SQPOLL")
4dd2824d6d59 ("io_uring: lazy get task")
b961f8dc8976 ("Merge tag 'io_uring-5.8-2020-06-11' of git://")