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31ae403513be ("mmc: Set PROBE_PREFER_ASYNCHRONOUS for drivers that are newer than 5.4")
43611afb6c17 ("mmc: sdhci-of-sparx5: Add Sparx5 SoC eMMC driver")
f8884711f78f ("mmc: owl-mmc: Get rid of of_match_ptr() macro")
a5a944d24cbc ("mmc: host: add Coldfire esdhc support")
e4bf1b0970ef ("mmc: host: meson-mx-sdhc: new driver for the Amlogic Meson SDHC host")
ff65ffe46d28 ("mmc: Add Actions Semi Owl SoCs SD/MMC driver")
dd79b7e36703 ("mmc: sdhci-milbeaut: add Milbeaut SD controller driver")
41fd4caeb00b ("mmc: sdhci_am654: Add Initial Support for AM654 SDHCI driver")
06b23ca021c4 ("mmc: sdhci-of-arasan: Add a single data structure to incorporate pdata and soc_ctl_map")
e438cf49b305 ("mmc: sdhci-of-dwcmshc: add SDHCI OF Synopsys DWC MSHC driver")
84362d79f436 ("mmc: sdhci-of-arasan: Add CQHCI support for arasan,sdhci-5.1")
ed80a13bb4c4 ("mmc: meson-mx-sdio: Add a driver for the Amlogic Meson8 and Meson8b SoCs")
7d326930d352 ("mmc: sdhci-omap: Add OMAP SDHCI driver")