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3a15679b9311 ("crypto: caam/qi - add support for XTS with 16B IV")
62b9a6690926 ("crypto: caam/qi - add support for more XTS key lengths")
83e8aa912138 ("crypto: caam/qi - add fallback for XTS with more than 8B IV")
da6a66853a38 ("crypto: caam - silence .setkey in case of bad key length")
b8aa7dc5c753 ("crypto: drivers - set the flag CRYPTO_ALG_ALLOCATES_MEMORY")
a85211f36f3d ("crypto: qat - fallback for xts with 192 bit keys")
5fb8b70d206f ("crypto: qat - remove unused field in skcipher ctx")
b185a68710e0 ("crypto: qat - validate xts key")
528f776df67c ("crypto: qat - allow xts requests not multiple of block")
10b4f09491bf ("crypto: marvell - add the Virtual Function driver for CPT")
d9110b0b01ff ("crypto: marvell - add support for OCTEON TX CPT engine")
4d96f7d48131 ("crypto: xilinx - Add Xilinx AES driver")
2f072d75d1ab ("crypto: hisilicon - Add aead support on SEC2")
473a0f9662d4 ("crypto: hisilicon - redefine skcipher initiation")
b9c8d897a0c6 ("crypto: hisilicon - Add branch prediction macro")
310ea0ac7207 ("crypto: hisilicon - Add callback error check")
d6de2a594377 ("crypto: hisilicon - Adjust some inner logic")
7c7d902aa405 ("crypto: hisilicon - Update QP resources of SEC V2")
a181647c06c2 ("crypto: hisilicon - Update some names on SEC V2")
a718cfce062e ("crypto: hisilicon - fix print/comment of SEC V2")
e3419426f2ca ("Merge git://")