Merge tag 'regulator-v3.15' of git://

Pull regulator updates from Mark Brown:
 "This release has lots and lots of small cleanups and fixes in the
  regulator subsystem, mainly cleaning up some bad patterns that got
  duplicated in DT code, but otherwise very little of note outside of
  the scope of the relevant drivers:

   - Support for configuration of the initial state for gpio regulators
     with multi-voltage support.
   - Support for calling regulator_set_voltage() on fixed regulators.
   - New drivers for Broadcom BCM590xx, Freescale pfuze200, Samsung
     S2MPA01 & S2MPS11/4, some PWM controlled regulators found on some
     ST boards and TI TPS65218"

* tag 'regulator-v3.15' of git:// (154 commits)
  regulator: aat2870: Use regulator_map_voltage_ascend
  regulator: st-pwm: Convert to get_voltage_sel
  regulator: Add new driver for ST's PWM controlled voltage regulators
  regulator: bcm590xx: Remove **rdev from struct bcm590xx_reg
  regulator: bcm590xx: Make the modalias matches the driver name
  regulator: s5m8767: Convert to use regulator_[enable|disable|is_enabled]_regmap
  regulator: db8500-prcmu: Set 1.8V as a fixed voltage for vsmps2
  regulator: s2mps11: Add missing of_node_put
  regulator: s2mps11: Use of_get_child_by_name
  Documentation: mfd: s2mps11: Document support for S2MPS14
  regulator: s2mps11: Add set_suspend_disable for S2MPS14
  regulator: s2mps11: Add support for S2MPS14 regulators
  regulator: max8660: Fix brace alignment
  regulator: dbx500: use seq_puts() instead of seq_printf()
  regulator: dbx500-prcmu: Silence checkpatch warnings
  regulator: anatop: Remove checking control_reg in [set|get]_voltage_sel
  regulator: max8952: Silence checkpatch warning
  regulator: max8925: Silence checkpatch warning
  regulator: max8660: Silence checkpatch warnings
  regulator: arizona-ldo1: Correct default regulator init_data