Merge branch 'irq-core-for-linus' of git://

Pull irq code updates from Thomas Gleixner:
 "The irq department proudly presents:

   - Another tree wide sweep of irq infrastructure abuse.  Clear winner
     of the trainwreck engineering contest was:
         #include "../../../kernel/irq/settings.h"

   - Tree wide update of irq_set_affinity() callbacks which miss a cpu
     online check when picking a single cpu out of the affinity mask.

   - Tree wide consolidation of interrupt statistics.

   - Updates to the threaded interrupt infrastructure to allow explicit
     wakeup of the interrupt thread and a variant of synchronize_irq()
     which synchronizes only the hard interrupt handler.  Both are
     needed to replace the homebrewn thread handling in the mmc/sdhci

   - New irq chip callbacks to allow proper support for GPIO based irqs.
     The GPIO based interrupts need to request/release GPIO resources
     from request/free_irq.

   - A few new ARM interrupt chips.  No revolutionary new hardware, just
     differently wreckaged variations of the scheme.

   - Small improvments, cleanups and updates all over the place"

I was hoping that that trainwreck engineering contest was a April Fools'
joke.  But no.

* 'irq-core-for-linus' of git:// (68 commits)
  irqchip: sun7i/sun6i: Disable NMI before registering the handler
  ARM: sun7i/sun6i: dts: Fix IRQ number for sun6i NMI controller
  ARM: sun7i/sun6i: irqchip: Update the documentation
  ARM: sun7i/sun6i: dts: Add NMI irqchip support
  ARM: sun7i/sun6i: irqchip: Add irqchip driver for NMI controller
  genirq: Export symbol no_action()
  arm: omap: Fix typo in ams-delta-fiq.c
  m68k: atari: Fix the last kernel_stat.h fallout
  irqchip: sun4i: Simplify sun4i_irq_ack
  irqchip: sun4i: Use handle_fasteoi_irq for all interrupts
  genirq: procfs: Make smp_affinity values go+r
  softirq: Add linux/irq.h to make it compile again
  m68k: amiga: Add linux/irq.h to make it compile again
  irqchip: sun4i: Don't ack IRQs > 0, fix acking of IRQ 0
  irqchip: sun4i: Fix a comment about mask register initialization
  irqchip: sun4i: Fix irq 0 not working
  genirq: Add a new IRQCHIP_EOI_THREADED flag
  genirq: Document IRQCHIP_ONESHOT_SAFE flag
  ARM: sunxi: dt: Convert to the new irq controller compatibles
  irqchip: sunxi: Change compatibles