Merge tag 'regmap-v3.15' of git://

Pull regmap updates from Mark Brown:
 "Quite a busy release for regmap this time around, the standout changes

   - A real implementation of regmap_multi_write() and a bypassed
     version of it for use by drivers doing patch-like things with more
     open coding for surrounding startup sequences.
   - Support fast_io on bulk operations.
   - Support split device binding and map initialisation for use by
     devices required in early init (mainly system controllers).
   - Fixes for some operations on maps with strides set.
   - Export the value parsing operations to help generic code built on
     top of the API.
   - Support for MMIO regmaps with non-32 bit register sizes.

  plus a few smaller fixes"

* tag 'regmap-v3.15' of git:// (22 commits)
  regmap: mmio: Add regmap_mmio_regbits_check.
  regmap: mmio: Add support for 1/2/8 bytes wide register address.
  regmap: mmio: add regmap_mmio_{regsize, count}_check.
  regmap: cache: Don't attempt to sync non-writeable registers
  regmap: cache: Step by stride in default sync
  regmap: Fix possible sleep-in-atomic in regmap_bulk_write()
  regmap: Ensure regmap_register_patch() is compatible with fast_io
  regmap: irq: Set data pointer only on regmap_add_irq_chip success
  regmap: Implementation for regmap_multi_reg_write
  regmap: add regmap_parse_val api
  mfd: arizona: Use new regmap features for manual register patch
  regmap: Base regmap_register_patch on _regmap_multi_reg_write
  regmap: Add bypassed version of regmap_multi_reg_write
  regmap: Mark reg_defaults in regmap_multi_reg_write as const
  regmap: fix coccinelle warnings
  regmap: Check stride of register patch as we register it
  regmap: Clean up _regmap_update_bits()
  regmap: Separate regmap dev initialization
  regmap: Check readable regs in _regmap_read
  regmap: irq: Remove domain on exit