Merge tag 'pinctrl-v3.15-1' of git://

Pull pin control bulk changes from Linus Walleij:
 "Pin control bulk changes for the v3.15 series, no new core
  functionality this time, just incremental driver updates:

   - A large refactoring of the MVEBU (Marvell) driver.

   - A large refactoring of the Tegra (nVidia) driver.

   - GPIO interrupt including soft edges support in the STi driver.

   - Misc updates to PFC (Renesas), AT91, ADI2 (Blackfin),
     pinctrl-single, sirf (CSR), msm (Qualcomm), Exynos (Samsung), sunxi
     (AllWinner), i.MX (Freescale), Baytrail"

* tag 'pinctrl-v3.15-1' of git:// (72 commits)
  pinctrl: tegra: add some missing Tegra114 entries
  pinctrl: tegra: fix some mistakes in Tegra124
  pinctrl: msm: fix up out-of-order merge conflict
  pinctrl: st: Fix error check for of_irq_to_resource usage
  pinctrl: tegra: consistency cleanup
  pinctrl: tegra: dynamically calculate function list of groups
  pinctrl: tegra: init Tegra20/30 at module_init time
  pinctrl: st: Use ARRAY_SIZE instead of raw value for number of delays
  pinctrl: st: add pinctrl support for the STiH407 SoC
  pinctrl: st: Enhance the controller to manage unavailable registers
  pinctrl: msm: Simplify msm_config_reg() and callers
  pinctrl: msm: Remove impossible WARN_ON()s
  pinctrl: msm: Replace lookup tables with math
  pinctrl: msm: Drop OF_IRQ dependency
  pinctrl: msm: Drop unused includes
  pinctrl: msm: Check for ngpios > MAX_NR_GPIO
  pinctrl: msm: Silence recursive lockdep warning
  pinctrl: mvebu: silence WARN to dev_warn
  pinctrl: msm: drop wake_irqs bitmap
  pinctrl-baytrail: add function mux checking in gpio pin request